YADP: Our New Hire was a Walk-On!


there’s a new kitten in our house!

And the thing is, even though we didn’t pick her and even though we didn’t even see her coming, she just walked right into our lives and has taken right over!

We saw her sibling first. He/she was running along the white side line on NC 801. My husband thought it was a squirrel and swerved to the left to miss her, but then on the centerline ahead we saw what we now knew was a kitten darting back and forth in confusion. After slowing to a stop I sprang from the car, scooped it up and then we headed back to find the first one we saw, but with no luck.

I tried my best to find her a good home. I posted cute pictures of her on FaceBook but got no bites. I called all the local vets to see if anyone had reported missing a cute kitten, but no one was. We cruised the side streets looking for any “Missing Kitten” signs, but saw none.

But here’s the deal… with every day that passed I could feel myself getting more and more attached to this little cutie. How could i resist?

She’s literally the sweetest little kitten I’ve ever met! The big question was… how would the “boys” feel about a little tagalong sister?

Joba was totally disinterested. He’s thirteen years old now and seems totally unamused by her antics, but Pippin was the big surprise. He not only seemed fascinated by her but was SO interested that we jokingly started calling him “the babysitter”, because wherever the kitten was he was always within a few feet of her… just watching!

Eventually it seemed there even a few maternal instincts starting to show up! (see the video below)

And of course once she started showing an interest in the “business of sewing” I knew we HAD to make her a permanent member of our family! The only question that remained was…

What should we name her?

And believe it or it was a REALLY difficult decision for us! We’ve never had a female pet of any kind and nothing we thought of really seemed to suit her sweet yet fiesty personallity! But finally, after living with us for over two weeks, we settled on the name Tabitha! It may get shortened to Tab, TabbieCat, Tabster or some other variation at times but she seems pleased with it!

So… all that’s left now is one last video.

She sure is fun to play with! She’s a complete distraction for at least half the day it seems, and I don’t know who’s enjoying her the most, me… or Pippin!

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

What do you think of our new hire? You’ll be seeing a lot more of her, especially on our various social media outlets! And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.


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  1. I think both you and Tabitha are lucky to have each other! I miss having cats; my husband is extremely allergic.

  2. Linda A Collins

    She looks like employee of the month to me!
    Pippin’s reaction is funny. We adopted 2 kittens in April 2017 and then added another in June last year. One of the 2 older ones, Nala, had the same reaction as Pippin. From the moment we put the “new kid” down she was right by her side. Escorted her around. Showed her the litter box, food dish etc. and just generally acted like the Welcome Wagon Lady.
    I love cats, they always surprise you.
    Enjoy your new little girl. She’s beautiful.

  3. Had I lived closer I would have been knocking on your door to take on the lovely Tabitha as one of my own. Things happen for a reason (we are told) but this most serendipitous crossing of paths has most certainly resulted in a lost kitten finding not only a loving home but gainful employment! Enjoy the kitten hood.

  4. You don’t get to pick your cat. Cats choose their humans! And she has chosen you!!!!! I can’t wait to see more of Tabitha and her interactions with both Joba and Pippin. You never know, Joba may be secretly admiring her 🙂

  5. If anyone can win over Joba, I’m sure that Tabitha will. She’s adorable and Pippin is so sweet. I love how your kitties help in your business!

  6. So Sweet that Pippin’s grooming her. Can’t wait to see them playing together in a future video. 🙂

  7. Tabitha is adorable. I wish I wasn’t so allergic to cats or I’d have one.

  8. Love to read your “cat tales” She’s sure is a cutie. I have a 10 year old cat & she’s lovable but no longer plays like a kitten. Nothing like a kitten for cheap entertainment!

  9. In my opinion she is the more beautiful cat with her silver/grey and white markings. And her eyes! Wow. So, so pretty. What a story.
    So glad you found her. Thank you for sharing, it has really brought me joy this morning. I loved seeing her playing.

  10. Soooooo adorable. Glad you have her. Glad everyone is getting along. Too bad you couldn’t find the others.
    Take care.

  11. Soooo, you are an ol’ softie too! That’s how most of mine have moved in, although I’m convinced that in invisible cat language there is a sign posted on my back door, “Ol’ softie, soft bed, good eats”.

    My kittens are 4 yrs old now. I miss the little kid mischief.

  12. Jackie Van Buren

    Thanks so much for saving her. She is a cutie. Have saved a few myself!

  13. I have 9 from 14 to 4. Way too many. However in the circumstances you found Tabitha I would have had 10, So grateful you saved her. She’s a gorgeous doll.. Females add interest to a house!

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