“Wrap It Up”- A FUN Piecing Tutorial!



the Wrapsody sample we showed you (at left and in a recent post) had a very unique pieced exterior we created with a selected group of fabrics from Pat Sloan’s new line called, One For You, One For Me“. And you might remember that we promised to work up some pictorial instructions if there appeared to be enough interest and here’s the deal….


The response was overwhelmingly positive!

And here’s the fun thing! This piecing method requires absolutely NO pattern pieces, it’s a fantastic way to eat into that your stash AND, it requires very little planning! It will obviously work well for the exterior of our Wrapsody pattern, but you know what? It would also work well with other bag patterns as well.

So if your ready to give it a try, or if you just want to check it out,
just click HERE or the image below to download your copy!


So… there you have it!

Enjoy the piecing tutorial and remember,
if would actually just tickle me to death to see a picture of anything you make using it!


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  1. Dwen Heminway

    Why didn’t I think of that?! Such a simple way to use up scraps & still have something unique. Thanx for sharing. Still looking forward to the release of the Wrapsody .

  2. Love the way we use scraps

  3. Thanks for giving the pattern on the Wrapsody. Looks very tempting to start right now. Yes, wish I could, but it has to wait a couple of days.
    Looing forward to reading the pattern 🙂
    Thanks a lot, Love it.
    Best regards, Grethe.

    • Well you are most welcomed Grethe- but its not actually the Wrapsody pattern as I’m sure you will notice. It’s only the tutorial for creating the pieced exterior treatment. 🙂