So, after spending the past few days in my studio,
I just have one thing to say…


I’ve decorated a bit to make it feel more like home.
Come on in… I’ll show you!

Even Jeter & Joba are feeling a little more comfortable. Of course, they aren’t sleeping in here yet. They don’t even much close their eyes. (Because they have to be on guard just in case one of those construction guys comes back!) But they do sit and keep me company. Jeter especially likes the window seat area…

Joba prefers making small modifications to my pattern templates, as you can see. He pretty much stays on my writing table because he’s afraid of that big yellow stuffed cat on the window seat. Who knows why…..

But seriously, I do love the new space. It’s bright, roomy, and everything is at my fingertips. And the best part is, everything to do with the business is in this area. No more dragging heavy boxes up and down stairs throughout the day, which leaves me more time to do what I love best!

I feel like I’ll be very productive here. The 2nd prototype of the new design is completed and all the preliminary drawings are done. There’s good energy in this room and it’s rubbing off on ME!

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  1. After your new pattern is complete, you’re going to have to get a window seat cushion done lickety-split. Actually, I find that yellow cat frightening too :-). Perhaps if you rub it with some catnip?

  2. That’s a terrific suggestion, Meredith! I’m going to try that!

  3. I am sooooo jealous of your new studio! When we return from overseas, I’m going to steal some of your ideas.

  4. Looking like home down there!
    Have fun!

  5. after all the great cabinets and drawers now you need a great sewing chair!! The one you have looks so very uncomfortable. you will be so surprised at how big of a difference it makes to have a great chair! Treat yourself you back deserves it. You will have more energy too and not tire as fast.

  6. You are so RIGHT, and actually, I have two chairs ordered, and not a moment too soon. This temporary chair is driving me crazy!

  7. I just found your blog, love your work so beautiful. OMG your work are is to die for, may you enjoy much productivity.


  8. Yay!!! It seems to be everything you wanted and more!