What Makes YOU Lose Interest in a Blog?


Not long ago I read an article online that indicated that it’s growing more and more difficult to maintain a following on a Blog. It included a poll in an attempt to find out why folks were abandoning Blogs that at one time were incredibly popular.

Thankfully, I really haven’t noticed a drop-off in activity or interaction on this Blog and to be honest, the poll in question was being conducted on a business Blog, and not even a sewing business Blog at that, so the results that were presented might not even be applicable for our industry.

So I thought….why not conduct a poll of our own? What better to find out what would be most likely to drive readers in OUR demographic away from our Blog (because I certainly do NOT want to be doing ANY of those things!)  And with that in mind, we created a short little poll which we would LOVE for you to participate in, and we’ll share the results in a future post….


Thanks a bunch for participating!

We’ll share the results as well as our thoughts about what the results reveal REAL soon! But in the meantime, I’d love to know if you’ve recently walked away from a Blog that you used to love?  Remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave them in the space provided below.

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10 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. How can we do the poll? This one is closed.

    • Sorry about that Dayna— That’s enough to make you lose interest in a Blog, no? 🙂 It’s all fixed now though!

  2. I only routinely follow one blog, and I follow it because I personally know the contributors. I prefer to follow people on Facebook, since I mostly do social media on my phone.

  3. I’ve read about blogs being dead a few times. But I don’t agree with it. I think blog owners get burned out writing blogs. And I can totally understand that. I wonder if the people writing these stories have an interest in instagram or whatever other social service they are saying is taking over? Personally I don’t like instagram or twitter. I have unfollowed a few blogs. One was because the owner kept posting political things that were opposite in what I believe in and the other was because the blogs were abandoned.

  4. With so many ways to find info online, it feels to me like being in rush hour traffic 24/7. I think social media has edged out reading blogs, being a faster way to share things. (As email virtually replaced handwritten letters.) Our time can easily be dominated by trying to keep up with all of this that we have little time left for our sewing, etc. Perhaps having robots to do all our daily work, we may have some hope in getting to complete all those UFO projects!

  5. I’ve never followed many blogs and the few that I have (besides yours) seem to have been abandoned. It’s an interesting survey and the results will be interesting. Yours is the blog I follow faithfully. In my opinion, yours is just right! It is interesting, informational, a sharing format, has beautiful photos, you don’t get caught up in politics, and it’s on a topic that interests me.

    • Thanks Beth! Based on the results I’m seeing so far though, its looking like I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by advertising and popups.

      • Yes, I really like that you do not have popups and ads that cover part of the content of the blog. Very annoying!

  6. I got disgusted with one blog after it was taken over by some company and made it too difficult to see quilt patterns etc. Tried to unsubscribe and gave up-just put it in spam mail.

  7. I only follow a few blogs and/or newsletters. I like the ones with lots of great photos and not too many lines of text. I want to check something out then get on to the next thing on my list. If they get too wordy, I just scan and move along.