Tight Curves Ahead- A Video-torial


I know there’s several of you out there who would do almost ANYTHING to avoid sewing thru a tight curve. And when I say tight curves, I’m not talking about slow bending curves, oh NO! I’m talking about curves that are of greater than 90 degrees!

Those can be tough for anyone, that’s for SURE!

But, there’s is a little trick that can make the procedure a whole lot easier… dare I say FUN? And of course the easiest way to teach this little trick is to SHOW you in a video! And remember, there’s TWO ways you can download the video and watch. You can…

  • copy and paste this URL into your browser,  https://vimeo.com/71065078 ,  OR…
  • simply scroll down and watch it on this post! (please remember that if you are receiving this post via email, you’ll need to use the first option (above)  in order to view this video)

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

Got any questions or comments for us?

Or maybe you have some “curve tricks” of your own to share?    🙂
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  1. Thank you! That’s a wonderful tip! That will definitely help me get more consistent good results. By the way, love the tutorial on the Cosmo Convertible strap configurations and I LOVE that bag and that fabric. Where can I find it, please?

  2. Where can I find this tutorial on the straps? Thank you!

    • That’s coming in a future post Jessica. (Diane jumped the gun on that one!)
      No problem, it’ll be posted soon.
      (I’m glad you’re excited to see it though!)

  3. Excellent video Kathy. I just learned something new today. —Denise Stahl

  4. You are awesome! Love your accent and jokes! Thanks for the video xx