This Changes EVERYTHING!

So…. in a recent post we gave you a sneak peek at the new website we’ve been working on for over 17 months. Not continuously of course. But a lot! Seriously… a LOT!!!

But here’s the deal…
And for us, this changes EVERYTHING!
Now what exactly do we mean when we say that our new website changes EVERYTHING?
Well…maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration… because here’s a few things that as far as I know will NOT be changed by our new website:

  1. it will NOT help you regrow hair.
  2. it will NOT make you 10 years younger.
  3. and it will NOT bring disco back. (much as I wish it would)

But seriously, there are LOTS of things that are changing, so let me take a few minutes of your time and take you on a quick tour.

Here’s a screenshot of our new homepage. We’ve got a totally new, modern and clean look.  The opening picture is actually a slider rotating right now between six shots.
At the very top of our NEW home page and ALL of our pages for that matter,  are the dynamic menus.  Hovering over menu items often eveals MORE choices.  In this frame, we hovered over “Goodies” to reveal FIVE more choices,  and then hovered over “Handbag of the Month” to reveal SIX YEARS worth of monthly winners,  so let’s go ahead and click on the “2013 Winners” page and see what that page looks like!
So here we are and there’s a cool feature here that I want to point out to you.  The blue arrow here is pointing to a little “i” in a black circle and you need to know that anytime you  hover over this symbol, you will always be provided with further info about the pictured item. All you  need do is hover the “i” as we have done for the February 2013 winner and the hidden info is revealed!
Now, going back to the “Home” page, I want to show you that under the “Products” tab on the top menu,  you’ll find all of our various products listed. But if you look just a little lower (under the Studio Kat), you’ll  also find a quick link here for our “Patterns“, “Freebies” and “Notions” (our most popular destinations).  Continuing down the page under the bar, you’ll find quick links to our social venues, our “Newsletter”  (including the archive), the “RSS Feed” for our Blog, and to our “FaceBook” connection.
Our new “Patterns” page presents all of our current pattern offerings in alphabetical order.  Clicking on any picture will take you to that pattern’s page, so let’s go ahead and click on  the “Uptown Saddlebag” page and check that out!
The red arrow is pointing to the featured Uptown Saddlebag, but guess what? Inside the red circle  are thumbnails of seven more “Uptown’s” and if you want to see a larger version of any of these thumbnails,  all you need do is click on it, and it will magically become the featured picture!  Pretty cool, huh?
And should you decide you want to buy this pattern, you’ll find the various purchase options to the  right of the thumbnails. In this case, there’s actually THREE! You can purchase the “Pattern“,  the “Pattern + Notions Kit“, or the “Notions ONLY Kit“. Let’s buy the “Notions Only Kit” shall we?
And here’s a BIG change for us. We’ve got our own shopping cart on our site now! Isn’t that cool?  But look! We must’ve hit the wrong key, because we have an Uptown Saddlebag pattern in our cart  along with the “Notions ONLY Kit“.  But that’s no biggie. We’ll just change the 1 to a zero and
Update our cart (in the green circle). Then we can either continue shopping or we can leave the website entirely and go to the secure checkout area for payment.
So here we are in the secure payment area, and if you were wondering, “when can I choose my  notions options?” Wonder no more, because here’s where those choices can be made. Not only that…  you can STILL update your cart here, and you can still go back to the website and continue shopping if you like.
So let’s go back to the “Uptown Saddlebag” page because there’s still more I want to show you.  If you continue scrolling down the page, you’ll see additional pictures detailing some of the  bag’s features and LOOK! there’s that little “i” graphic again, so don’t forget to hover over it to find out MORE! Next come the color pictorial helps which are all live links. Just hover over  the file you want (it will turn purple), then click on it!
Continuing further down the pattern page, you’ll find links to areas of special interest pertaining  to this design, in this case a link to the embroidery design used in one of our samples. And under that  is a feature I REALLY love! It’s similar to a two-drawer file box. If you click on the “Fabric Needs” tab, you’ll be shown all the various fabrics recommended for this project.
If on the other hand if you click on the “Other Supplies Needed” tab, the list will immediately change to  reveal all the notions, zippers and other supplies recommended for this bag. And finally, underneath this area  is a section that many of you have requested. This section will be given an idea of which other of our products are useful in conjunction with this design. Just clink on an item here, and immediately you can get more info about that particular product complete with purchase links.
And finally, at the very bottom of each and every page (in the orange circle) is information of interest to our Wholesalers, as well a few other non-product related pages.


And as we conclude out quickie tour, I’d like to show you that the link to our “Blog” is also found in  menu bar at the top of the page. Here’s the big change where our Blog is concerned though! Our Blog is  no longer residing on a separate and distinct website. As you can see above, our Blog looks like its part of our website and that’s because it IS part of our website now. I took this screenshot prior to migrating all  of our previous posts, but if you click on that link now, you will have full access to our Blog without  ever having to leave our site. I think you’ll also enjoy how easy it is to navigate among our old posts and to find information that you may have missed along the way.
So….that concludes our basic tour. 
I would love for you all to actually visit our new site, and in order to encourage you to do that, 

Let’s have a “Treasure Hunt”!

 And Here’s the info you need to play along with us-

1) There is a FIVE-digit Coupon Code hidden on our website.  
2) You can use the coupon to get 25% off your entire order.       
3) The code is easy to see because it’s the ONLY thing you’ll see in large, bold, RED letters.
4) The coupon code is hidden on ONE of the FIVE pages listed below.                 
and 5) The coupon expires at midnight on 6/2/13 so you better get started!            
  • the Handbag of the Month” page
  • the “Carolina CarryAll” page
  • the Frequently Asked Questionspage (aka “FAQ“)
  • the “AeroPac page (one of our Free Patterns“)
  •  the “Zippers” page (one of our “Notions“)       

(I’m sure you’ve noticed that none of these pages are hotlinked, so that means you’ll need to navigate thru the website to find the secret code!) Bwa-ha-ha!

  So…Happy Hunting
and enjoy your discount!
And, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions 
or especially if you have difficulty navigating thru the new site. 
You are also welcomed to leave your comments and/or questions in the comment box below.


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  1. It looks very nice. I always enjoy seeing bags made up with several different fabrics. Sometimes it gives the bag a whole new look and helps me to decide if it’s the one for me!

  2. WOW! Your new look is so awesome. I can’t wait to look at all the nice features.

  3. Sandy Tomezik

    There seems to be an error on the page to buy multiple patterns. At the top of the page the price of a setoff all patterns is $226, and where you click to order, the price is $270. Also, when I click on the button to purchase all the patterns, it doesn’t show up in my cart. Can you help? Thanks.


    • Thanks so much for letting me know this Sandy. I think I have that little glitch fixed up now! Sorry for the inconvenience! 🙂

  4. congrats on the new look…love it !!!!!! would love it even more if I could buy the downloadable pdf patterns for the bags instead of the snail mail route tho !!!!!!

  5. Love the new look! As a programmer myself, I completely understand the amount of effort involved in implementing such a large task. So these items are just info to look into: The last three photos aren’t showing on the slideshow on the Home page; Tried to leave a note on the Contact page and it wouldn’t work. Great job and continue your fabulous work!

    • Thanks Dianna-
      I really appreciate you letting me know about these two glitches and especially for your kind words. Thanks to you, they are fixed!

  6. Wow!! Nice site. Looking forward to seeing new things.