The “Vinylized” Porta-Pockets Pictorial

So… in a previous post, we showed you the extraordinary results we achieved using a brand new iron-on vinyl product called Slicker by Sew Lazy, on our Porta-Pockets Purse Insert. But you know what? I was in the middle of working on that sample when I got an email from my sales rep at Brewer Sewing & Quilting, inquiring if I would be willing to test THEIR new iron-on vinyl product, called Heat n Bond by Thermoweb.

And since I was already in a testing “frame of mind”, I said SURE! Send it on! I kinda wanted to make the large version of the Porta-Pockets anyway (to go with the small version I showed you last time) because I’d like to replace my traveling Porta-Pockets samples which are looking a little worn, so this would be a true head-to-head test.

As it turns out, this Heat n Bond product actually comes in two finishes, Glossy and Matte. I chose to test the Glossy so I could directly compare it to my other test sample, and here’s the deal… It too was VERY easy to apply and use. There really were no discernable differences between the two. Both products behaved pretty much the same way.

Both products produced a liquid-look exterior and believe it or not, both products are very comparably priced. It does appear that Slicker by Sew Lazy is a whole lot easier to find. As a matter of fact, the only online place I could find Heat n Bond was Walmart, and I hate like heck even giving you that link, because I’m just not a Walmart girl. I’m not really sure why the Heat n Bond is so hard to find. It could be that Slicker came out earlier and got a jump on the market, but I know for certain that it’s only been out about a  month, so I really don’t think so. It also could be that Joan Hawley (of Sew Lazy) has just done a lot better job of marketing and promoting Slicker, and that’s FAR more likely.

So… I mentioned that if there was enough interest, I would make a little pictorial guide sharing a few tips and tricks for working with iron-on vinyl in general and the Porta-Pockets Purse Insert in specific. And here it is!

Just click HERE to download it!

So how about it? Does anyone have any plans to try this product in the coming weeks?
   I would love to find the time to work up some Christmas placemats! 


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  1. I am looking forward to trying the Sew Lazy slick stuff. Thanks for the tutorial. I just love your patterns and posts. Love Lazy Girl, too. Keep up the inspiration. Thanks

  2. Thanks for writing Jane and I would love to hear how it goes and see your final project! Have fun!

  3. I got both the matte and the glossy from some time ago and found them both very easy to use.

  4. First I have to send for the item as no one carries it around here 🙁 I would like to try this as I am in the process of making a Porta-Pocket for myself.

  5. I have heard the is carrying one or both of these products! 🙂