The Stiletto & Pressing Tool



Last Fall at Quilt Market in Houston Annie Unrein (of gave me one of her products to try. She didn’t ask me to review it or anything… she just thought I might like it and I’m here to tell you that I DID!

It’s ByAnnie’s Stiletto & Pressing Tool and now I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

Here’s a few of the things I enjoy most about it!



The stiletto makes it possible to hold pieces in place easily and I especially enjoy this benefit when I’m attaching bindings. I find that I can keep the tip of the stiletto in place on the fabric almost until my needle reaches the stiletto tip. It’s impossible for me to keep my fingers in place that long and the few times I’ve tried, I’ve lived to regret it!


Another thing I like is that the point of the stiletto is sand ground which means it has a roughed- up texture. This prevents the point from sliding off the fabric and really helps you grab, pull, and hold pieces in place.

So… if binding and piecing is something you find yourself doing regularly, I feel certain you’ll enjoy using ByAnnie’s Stiletto & Pressing Tool. And you can find out even more about this fantastic tool by clicking HERE!


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

If you’re familiar with Annie’s cool stiletto tool and have an endorsement you’d like to add, or if you have another question or comment you’d like to leave, please feel free to do so in the space provided below.


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8 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. Have had others, but Annie’s Stiletto tops them all. Have had mine for a few months & use it constantly 🙂

  2. I have a stiletto that my Dad made for me years ago-probably 50-and it is my favorite sewing tool! He saw me sewing one day and realized I needed something to help hold /push under the presser foot. He was a machinist by trade and came home the next day with a gadget to do so. Thanks for reminding me of such a great Dad and his helpful accomplishments!
    Always love your emails.

  3. Tommie O'Sullivan

    Years ago I bought myself a stiletto just because I wanted one. I really didn’t know why. I had seen all of the TV sewing stars using one. Well, it didn’t take long for me to wonder how I ever lived without it. Simply amazing tool. I now have one beside every sewing machine!

  4. I keep looking at this tool wondering will I use it. is it something else to add to my sewin box or will it be out and being used on each project.. It does look like it has a lot of great uses, size wize, texture and non rolling, and good quality wood. not plastic. I may bite the bullet an give a go..

  5. Connie Johnson

    I ordered the stiletto from ByAnnie. It looks like an improvement over any other brands I have used. I will report back my findings. But I have been using other brand stilettos for years, would not sew without one. I always get compliments on my sewing and the stiletto is part of my arsenal. I also use it to hold things when I am pressing….pressing is another secret of sewing…

    • You got that right! Pressing is such an easy, quick and much over-looked way to make almost any project look more professional! 🙂