The 2013 Purse Insert of the YEAR Contest

Congratulations to Diane Rhodes of Monroeville, PA!
Shes the winner of our annual “April 2013 “Handbag of the Month” contest!
Her intricately pieced Guardian was simply fantastic and she wins a $25 virtual gift certificate PLUS a permanent place of honor on our website.
Honorable mention goes to Maenad Widdershins of Normandy Park, WA.  If you voted for her embroidered Quattro, then you’ll get another chance to vote for it in December when we hold our annual “Battle of the 2nds”,  PLUS… Lucille will receive a 20% discount coupon along with all the other non-winners from our April contest!
BUT… this month 
we’re trying something new & exciting!
Over the years, MANY folks have asked us why we don’t have a “Purse Insert ONLY” contest? The general feeling has been that the Handbags with their beautifully embellished exteriors hold an inherent advantage over the Purse Inserts. And you know what, I can’t argue with that, and considering that our purse inserts are our best-selling patterns, we’re finally going to honor all of these requests and hold our very first “Purse Insert of the Year” contest!
 So… let’s get this party started, shall we? 
First of all-
Here’s a bright & beautiful Encore Purse Insert by Tamsyn Mihalus of E Lansing, MI
An Asian-style Porta-Pockets Purse Insert by Sharon Anderson of Alberta, Canada
A passionately purple Encore Purse Insert by Patti Kish of Aurora, CO
A wild & wonderful Porta-Pockets Purse Insert by Celeste
A personalized Encore Purse Insert by Phyllis Muscolino of Newburg, MD
A fine-feathered Porta-Pockets Purse Insert by Linda Boothman of Othello, WA
A perfectly purple Porta-PocketsPLUS Purse Insert by Dawn King of Hamilton, NJ
A purple-print Porta-PocketsPLUS Purse Insert by Maria Boyle of Farmington, NY
A Purplely Leopard-inspired Porta-Pockets Purse Insert by Shawn Tripet of Spring Farm, MN


So there you have it…
It’s gonna be tough, but you can only vote for ONE purse insert!
Are you ready to cast a vote for YOUR favorite now?
Click here to vote.

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5 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. Wow, this is a tough one. So many really pretty inserts to choose from. A big ‘Well Done’ to all the entrants! Mary B in Winston Salem

  2. The purse inserts up for votes are way to pretty to be inside another bag. Maybe you need to come up with a plain see thru for em!

  3. wonderful. I must make one for my purse too.
    this sure really encourage all of us