The HipBag Hybrid Video


since the HipBag Hybrid will be releasing in just a few short days, (after we return from Orlando),  I thought is was about time that I show you the introductory video I created for it. Many of you might remember from previous cycles of the Purse Pattern Chronicles, that I generally include a little QR code on our pattern covers and other promotional materials so that no matter where our customers are, they can watch a quick little introductory video about the pattern they are considering, (if they have a smart phone that is).

In the past I have used the video setting on my camera for the taping and then Corel Video Studio for the editing, but this time I used the video function on my Samsung phone and you know what?

I liked using my phone WAY better!

For one thing, the sound quality was vastly superior to that of my camera. I had to all but YELL to get a decent volume on camera-shot videos, but with my phone I could use my normal speaking voice, which ultimately produces a much more natural sound. The editing function however was pretty “bare-bones” but here’s the deal… I have yet to master anything other than the basic stuff in Corel Video Studio anyway, as a matter of fact, I almost think the phone editing function might have been a little bit more user friendly, so there ya go!
So other than the use of my phone, my video session was pretty much true to the norm (which you can read about by clicking HERE.)

So with that… Here’s THREE ways to view our latest video, “Introducing the HipBag Hybrid“.

A) You can click on this link

B) YoHipBagQRu can use your smart phone with a QR Reader app and scan this code. (There’s LOTS of FREE QR Code reader apps available on the Internet. Just download one, scan the code and you’ll be watching this video and many others in no time!)…. or

C) Click the “play” button on the embedded video BELOW. (FYI- If you are receiving this post via your email inbox, this option will NOT work for you.)

And now… its YOUR turn!

Did you see anything surprising in the video? And remember, we actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below!
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  1. The link in A is to the Wrapsody video.

  2. You amaze me with all the various things you do on your own. Great job! I can’t wait to purchase the pattern (even though I do not know when I will have time to sew again, I’ll keep it aside, find the perfect fabric, then make it when I can). This will be perfect for our many visits to Six Flags Great Adventure (or if we move to San Antonio which may happen, Six Flags Fiesta).

  3. I love the versatility of this bag! You are amazing!

  4. Hi Kathy, I really love your videos. Pictures are great but cannot quite do justice to the genious of the bag designs. You’ve done it again, Girl! Knocked it out of the park!

  5. I have the exact fabric you show on the bag . Could you tell me how you did the design on the front flap . Thanks , Linda

    • You will find the pattern pieces INSIDE the package so that you can duplicate this look? How fun? right?

  6. I cannot believe you made that video on your phone – its great. When you did the demo for the walker straps, it dawned on me I have a lovely carved oriental handle that would work with those straps – voila – another way to carry it. Can’t wait.