The Cutest Guy in Chattanooga


I met this cute guy last week in Chattanooga.

I was strolling thru the aisles of the AQS show when I saw something that stopped me COLD!

They were gorgeous… they were gleaming… and they were colorful! And here’s the deal… they had somewhat of a vintage look, yet such a modern finish! (My favorite was the shiny purple one at the back of this photo above.)

They LOOKED new, but were they?

So what’s this got to do with the cutest guy in Chattanooga?


Turns out these machines were in his booth and his name is Delbert Godsy (of Calico Cupboard) and his claim to fame is that he collects, refurbishes, and sells Singer Featherweights… and not just any Singer featherweights, oh no!!!  Delbert told me he’s constantly on the lookout for old machines on eBay. Some of the machines he finds are so far gone that most repair guys would declare them only fit for the trash. They’ve been left in hot attics for years or subjected to any number of other abuses.

But somehow… who knows how… Delbert gets them in perfect working order. He said he’s yet to see a machine he couldn’t coax back into service, and once he does then the REAL magic happens. He repaints them in some VERY cool colors. And take it from someone who loves a “tricked-out” sewing machine, I doubt these beauties were any prettier when they first came of the box years and years ago!
delbert3For example, he painted the orange one in the photograph above the exact shade of “Tennessee” orange.

I had a long talk with Delbert on Saturday, the last day of the AQS show in Chattanooga and thoroughly enjoyed my time with him! Evidently he used to do all these shows with his wife and I bet they were a really good team, but he lost her a few years back and now he’s on his own, which is no small feat since he’s 94 years old! (Remind me not to complain about my sore knee at the end of the day!)

And not only does Delbert restore vintage sewing machines, he’s also an accomplished quilter and seamstress himself! He made the vest you see in one of the pictures above and come on…. is there ANYTHING sexier on a guy than a perfectly pieced vest that he made himself???? Delbert also has a toy sewing machine museum located in Mountain View, Missouri featuring over 400 toy sewing machines! I would LOVE to go there!

So… next time your in the neighborhood of Mountain View, Missouri, (or maybe at a quilt show near you?) you might want to stop in and see if you can’t meet this adorable guy!

And now it’s YOUR turn!

If you acquired one of Delbert’s rejuvenated featherweights, would you use it for sewing or strictly for display? And most important of all, what color would you want it to be (because according to Delbert… he can paint it ANY color you want!)

And don’t forget, we actually LOVE questions and comments too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it via FaceBook or Twitter!

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  1. Oh I would want that pretty yellow one!! I do have my own machine decorated a bit. Nothing is more boring to look at than a sewing machine. Back in the day they were so pretty, with all the fancy scroll work etc. So I fancied mine up a bit. Will have to take a few pics to send you. I also found on utube a woman that paints them and oh my goodness they are just fantastic.

    • I would Love to see it! I’ve dabbled a bit in sewing machine decorating as well but Delbert took it to a whole ‘nuther level! 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. I really want to buy red or white feather weight!!!
    Pls let me know ok!! I don’t have feather weight 🙁

    • Maria— please note that I do not refurbish or sell these machines. I would suggest you contact Delbert if you are seriously interested in one of his wonderful machines.

  3. Sheila Palkowitsh

    I would love to have one of these refurbished machines, not only for display but I would love to sew with it! It would have to be the beautiful purple color and I would be in heaven!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I would pick red or hot pink & yes, I would use it!!

  5. I met him years ago when his wife was still in the booth with him. He has set up in Paducah for some time. Loved his knowledge of Featherweights, we own one and always liked his insights.

  6. love them all…Love ….

  7. I would love to have a red or a white one, but black is also beautiful. And I really would sew with such a beauty…

  8. I love the Orange one! They are all lovely,although turning down the green one would be hard too!

  9. I would love a purple one. I would definitely sew on it and it would be my traveling companion!

  10. OMG! I LOVE LOVE them all! Talk about a piece of art that I could have front and center in my livingroom and be able to use it also.

  11. I would go for Penn State blue. And I would use it. My 1932 Singer won’t last forever!

  12. would love the purple one! Love to use it. Imagine taking it along to your quilting group! Wow!

  13. Can I have more than one? LOL! It’s a toss up between the lime green & pink. (Mind you as I type this I realize I’m wearing my scrub top that is white with lime green & pink dots (ha, ha!) thanks for sharing this great story with us!!!

  14. Mr Delbert has been around a long time. His wife was a really sweet lady. He is really fantastic with Featherweight. And yes, he is a super nice guy !

  15. I have a yellow one(not from Delbert) I use it all the time. It makes even the gloomiest day seem full of sunshine. You should treat your self to one. (I don’ think it would sew enough layers to make one of your GREAT bags though)

  16. I would love one of these. It would be hard to choose a color though… I’m thinking the pink would be high on my list. I would use it all the time.

  17. I would love to own one and yes, I would use it for sewing, especially to take to a class.

  18. I would love to meet him and purchase one of his machines–maybe in an aqua? I’d use it for piecing quilts or other lightweight work.

  19. Loved your article on the “cutest guy”. The machines are great, and I would like the purple or a lime green.

  20. Delbert is my kind of man! Good for him.

    If I got one of those machines I’d definitely use it…I’m just like that. Things are made to be used.

    Color, I’m loving the buttery yellow even though green is usually my favorite color. I’d have to see them in person. They look stunning and fun!

    Thanks for the intro, I may have to go to Missouri.

  21. Sewist. Men prefer sewist. Thank you! Great machines btw!

  22. I want it in purple or sky blue & I would sew with it-frequently!
    Thanks for sharing-they are all beautiful!!!

  23. I don’t suppose he has a website ? Haha I would love to buy one!!!

  24. I want the red one! And I would sew with it.

  25. I sew all the time on my 1906 White Family Rotary (treadle) but it – along with its enclosed cabinet – weighs too much to haul around with me. I would love to have a Featherweight that I could take along with me! (I’d have to get used to the electricity!) I think I would opt for turquoise or purple. So festive! 🙂

  26. Just thought I’d let you know that anybody that wants to may get in touch with Delbert by e-mail.
    His store is only open Mon. & Tue. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
    He has trouble hearing on the phone so is best to do the e-mail thing.

  27. I have known Delbert for at least 20 years. He and his wife would be at the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee every year. His wife was a wonderful Lady and a beautiful quilter. I love Delbert and have volunteered to help in his booth for several years now. He is as nice to work with as he is a nice man. He has shared his Featherweight knowledge with my husband who now helps in the booth at Pigeon Forge. Please e-mail him if you need anything or want a machine. He will respond. He is doing a few shows this year. He is a wonderful caring man but some of his jokes are “groaners”. I critique them when we are in the booth.

  28. I bought a purple one last week from Delbert at the aqs show in Des Moines. He is adorable and I will be doing lots of sewing on my new machine.

  29. Four years ago I bought a red Featherweight. It was a gift to myself to honor my fortieth wedding anniversary, my last anniversary because my husband passed away that year. I named “her” Ruby-Dooby-Doo: ruby for the gemstone for the fortieth anniversary and “Dooby-Doo” because she is a Singer, don’t ya know?