The Booth Awards (Fall 2012)

I really wish each and every one of you could have the opportunity to walk the floor of the 
International Quilt Market. I love to stroll the convention floor when it’s quiet, long before the 
doors open for customers, so I can check out new products and study the various displays and 
evaluate the marketing approaches.
As you probably know, the Quilt Market gives out awards for the booths they determine to be 
“Best” in various areas, but I don’t always agree with those results, so this year we’re going to 
start a new tradition and present to you our “Top TEN Quilt Market Booths” for Fall 2013.
(listed in no particular order) 

One trend I noticed at this Market was an increase in the number of clothing pattern
vendors (for both women AND children). This was the 1st Market for Sew Liberated who 
was showing FIVE new patterns for women and what’s REALLY remarkable is that this little
 pattern company actually scored the official award for the “Best Single Booth” from the Quilt market. This is a pretty bold and creative display for a newbie, don’t you think?
Starry Night Hollow
I don’t know if this is a first Market for these girls or not, but it’s the 1st time I have noticed
them at any rate. They displayed some cool looking quilts but I have to admit that what
I enjoyed most were they’re funny Halloween gags AND their Starry Night Hollow 
“Calendar Men”, one of which they brought with them as you can see!

Riley Blake is a perennial favorite for me, displaying both quilt designs AND clothing patterns.
Her booth is completely different EVERY season and all of her samples are color-coordinated. 
And all I can say about that is WOW!

This neat little display was set up within the Michael Miller booth area.
Patty was debuting her new fabric line, Les Amis. Looks inviting, doesn’t it?
Gloria Cosmos Collection by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller fabrics
Laura Gunn also set up her booth within the confines of the Michael Miller area and
I love the color palette of this particular collections. I also loved walking on this 
lovely white carpet. Gosh it felt good on my feet!
Here’s yet another clothing designer (primarily clothing for little girls), and yet another vendor
 who changes her display dramatically with each Market. I like this color palette for girls.
It’s refreshing to see a bold color with those pastels!
Yet another designer of clothing, but notice that there are some patterns for boy’s clothing
in this collection which is refreshing and fun to see.
Specializing in all types of clothing patterns and even a few bag patterns. I loved the look 
of the booth. It kinda reminded me of some sort of oasis but I wonder how effective it was at 
getting customers to come within the confines of the inner area?
Of course the big companies have the resources and personnel to really put together extraordinary displays and Moda went ALL OUT this year using a “painting” theme. It was colorful AND creative.
Please note the paint cans on top of the structures! 
Dianne Springer is one of the most creative individuals I know. She has several interesting patterns  on her site but what Dianne is most interested in right now is her fabric line which she is trying to market independently (which is really hard). I’ve seen samples of this line and I love, love, LOVE it, so I’m pulling for her to pull this off and succeed!
So… there you have it….
my top ten displays from the Fall 2012 Quilt Market and what I’d love to know now is, 
which of these ten booths would be most likely to lure you in?

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  1. The first booth posted, Sew Liberated, would lure me in a flash. It’s calm, quiet, uncluttered, and down-home-ish.

  2. The “Sew Liberated” is my favorite

  3. Starry Night Hollow, or Moda!

  4. Barbara In Muncie

    Sew Liberated! Hands down favorite! Starry Night Studio looked too busy and confusing for me, and I’d really hesitate to walk into Serendipity Studio’s, even though it looked great.

  5. Riley Blake, Green Bee Sewing Patterns and Marie Madeline Studio. A lot has to do with the color of fabrics used for their displays. At least for me.

  6. I like Riley Blake’s display — such a small space, but lots to see without having to worry about tripping over something. The Starry Night display makes me dizzy and a bit nauseous Sew Liberated and Les Amis are attractive and “Inviting” but not very informative. If I were interested in girls’ clothing, Marie Madeline Studio would draw me in. I think I am too pragmatic to “get” some of the booth designs; if I were a quilt shop owner, I wouldn’t be spending my time trying to figure out a booth’s “message.” There’s too much else to see and do.

  7. #1 Sew Liberated! I love Meg McElwee’s style, I’ve followed her blog for years and am currently taking her ‘sewing with knits’ class on Crafty! 2nd would be Serendipity Studios, love the curtains! 3rd, Le Amis – the tree is cool and pulls me in. Last, Starry Night Hollow for the sheer ‘in your faceness’ of it – every square inch is covered and of course the nakie man wrapped in a quilt would be a perfect photo op!