StudioUpdate- closet space!

So…the carpet is down and I love the way it looks. Joba’s still a little on edge in the new studio as you can see, but we’re all getting more comfortable everyday. This weekend, we were cleared to start loading things into the closets.

I had this secret fear that they wouldn’t be big enough. How crummy would that be if I couldn’t fit everything in there right off the bat?

But as you can see, that fear was unfounded. All of our current pattern components easily fit on the these 2 sets of shelves, leaving plenty of room for expansion (and MORE new patterns) on the set of shelves that will be on the right (out of your view). It sure was a lot of work hauling all of this stuff down 2 flights of stairs, but it helps knowing that at the end of this process, there shouldnt be anymore up and down stairs to deal with. It’s going to be so great having everything on a bottom floor at last!

The countertops are being installed today, along with my shelves and my sewing tables! Yippee! Soon …. very soon…..

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  1. I love it! The carpet looks great!

  2. Your space is so beautiful. I am green with envy. I would love to have a space dedicated to designing my bags and making them. I am making do with the kitchen table right now.

  3. Even packed with all your stuff it is light and open! I would never leave if I had a room like that! Congrats!

  4. I must have done something wrong when I tried to comment earlier today but will try again. I love your new space. It looks wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful blog. My cat, Bob, and I enjoy every one of your posts! 🙂