Studio Update

You know the finish line is in sight when the carpet starts going down, so today was a REALLY exciting day!

We chose to use carpet squares so we could add a little pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room. Until today, NO ONE has seen this carpet but me and the hubster and I must say, I just LOVE it! What do YOU think?

The little fella thats putting it down says he’ll be finished tomorrow, and that means that the cabinet folks can come install the counter tops and the shelves on Monday and then we can MOVE IN!! Woo-Hoo!!!

In the meantime though, the part I have been dreading the worst needed to get started. What would that be? Moving the computers and setting up the office systems from an upstairs functionality to a downstairs functionality. It was enough to give me cold chills.

Lucky for me there’s a computer G-E-N-I-U-S in the family, (a la Wiley Coyote). Here’s my brilliant son-in-law taking on the imposing task of re-configuring and moving all the old and a few new components to their temporary location right outside the new studio. This way all I have to do, is unplug (one at a time, and VERY carefully of course) the items and move them 20 feet or so into their new permanent home. Surely I can do this… (I hope). Thanks a bunch Steve, you are the greatest!

Meanwhile, here’s my daughter, the sweet mother-to-be, brushing up on a little knitting! She’s doing just fine, as is my little grandson, who I now know the name of! (I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but I have been cleared to let at least let you know that his name will begin with the letter “C”.) In this case, “C” is NOT for cookie, but it’s still good enough for me! I’ll just refer to him as ‘Little C’ in the meantime.

Enjoy your New Year, but be safe.
2010 is going to be epic!

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  1. CONGRATS, Kathy – your studio is really awesome!
    you are so lucky to have a computer wiz in the family! and your daughter is adorable! SUCH a cute little knitter-mom-2b!
    I can hardly wait to see the pics of your little “C” grandbaby!

  2. I like the carpet!! And squares are so easy to replace if somehow one gets damaged. (We spill lots of stuff at our house.)

    So excited to know your grandson has a name! 😉

  3. The carpet is also a good color/design to camoflauge cat barf…always a good idea!