Spring Market 2013- MY Booth Favorites


In our last post I showed you the award-winning booths at this year’s Spring Quilt Market, but now I want to show you the booths that turned out to be my personal favorites!


Aardvark Quilts

Pam Goeke puts a warning on her website that the “colors can be intoxicating” and she’s right!  She is totally FEARLESS when it comes to combining color and various prints and the overall effect is mesmerizing! I found myself smiling each and every time I walked by her booth!


Amanda Murphy

Not only is Amanda Murphy is a fellow North Carolinian, but she also makes her home in Charlotte, which is where my daughter and her family reside. (I wish I had noticed that Amanda was displaying at this Market, because I’ve always wanted to meet up with her.) I’ve always felt that Amanda’s work has a definite feminine feel, probably because she tends to work in pastels. I like the fact that she combines her colors in less than usual ways.


Donna Cherry Designs

I’m not sure if this was Donna’s 1st time at Market or not, but it was definitely the 1st time that I have noticed her work, and believe me, these pictures absolutely do NOT do it justice. And get this, according to the website, she LOVES teaching and inspiring folks to make their own landscape quilts, saying that her patterns are designed for the quilter who wants to make an original landscape quilt but doesn’t know quite where to start.


Abbey Lane Quilts

I included a picture of this booth for primarily one reason, and here it is… I ADORE the little cat face on the orange/black quilt just to the right of center. Is that cute or what?  I almost want to buy the pattern just to get this cat head!  🙂


Puffin & Company

I’ve admired and highlighted Puffin & Co. in other Market posts because of their unique products, but this time I’m mentioning them for a different reason, and that would be that we actually got to know Diane Zielinsky and her sister Linda over dinner on Saturday night. We decided to eat at Pastini Pastaria and since it was quite crowded, we were placed at one of those little tables for two that practically but right up to the adjoining table. Most times I hate this, but it was actually quite fortuitous because we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Diane and Linda and they were fabulous dinner companions!  🙂


Purple Daisies LLC

And of course the color just pulled me into this booth! Gotta love that use of purple!  But seriously, once I was inside, I fell in love with the red quilt on the left.    🙂


Tula Pink

Tula Pink  (yes that’s her real name) designs fabric for Free Spirit and its a nice looking fabric line, but i gotta say that the main reason I’m showing you this picture is because of that INCREDIBLE butterfly quilt. OMG! It was a show-stopper!  🙂


Sue Spargo

It’s always great to find out that you have fun and interesting neighbors at Market, and this year we lucked up BIG time! Sue, Kelly and Cathy were our “across-the-aisle” neighbors and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. I’ve admired Sue’s work for years and it sure was nice to meet her and besides, their booth provided excellent scenery from our vantage point! 🙂

So…There you have it.

Those were MY favorites… which one was YOURS?

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I wish we had met too – let me know if you are ever in NC!

    • You are most welcomed! I’m an admirer of your work. We live north of you in Advance. I know your busy as we are, but at the very least I’m going to look you up in Houston! 🙂

  2. The butterfly quilt really is amazing. And when I increased the size of the picture to get a closer look at it, I realized that several of Tula Pink’s other quilts appealed to me as well, especially the six pointed star quilt. Mary B in W-S

  3. Kat, I have to say that while the booth winners were lovely, most did not seem to offer a come hither and look approach to the individual consumer. A booth that beckons me to come in and stay is one where I would part with my cash. BTW, I love Puffin Co. Products.

  4. I’m much more impressed with your choices for great booths. I’m sure there were “reasons” the others won, but I am impressed with the Tula Pink Butterfly myself. WOW! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love that butterfly quilt. Do you know if there is a pattern available for it?

    • That’s a really good question Susan. I heard thru the grapevine that there was a pattern coming soon. (probably for the Fall Market). You might keep an eye on Tula’s site or her Blog because I’m sure that’s the first place she’ll make an announcement like that! 🙂