Spring Quilt Market 2013- Booth Award Winners

So…. In keeping with tradition, it’s time to show you who the Booth award winners were at Spring Market 2013. Just as an aside, over the course of ELEVEN (can you believe that?) Quilt Markets, I’ve learned that the fabric folks have a distinct advantage in capturing the booth awards and there’s a couple of really good reasons for that.

  1. They are primarily debuting and showcasing their brand new fabric collection. Some of them are taking orders for fabric at the Quilt Market, while others are promoting their line for the fabric house that’s carrying their line. Sometimes in fact, their booth is actually set up within the confines of the multiple booth area of that particular fabric house.
  2. Because they’re really only promoting/selling one main product (the new line), they generally try to use their booth area to create the “mood” or “inspiration” that they feel their fabric line conveys.
More about this later but for now, here’s this years winners...
Michael Miller Fabrics (a perennial favorite), won 1st place this year in the
Multiple Booth category. This swan boat was a favorite photo spot among
the attendees as you can imagine!
Moda Fabrics (Michael Miller’s main competition), won 2nd place in the Multiple
Booth category.  I’ve noticed that Moda typically  incorporates color gradients
in their booth decorations and that’s something I’m particularly drawn to.
I can’t imagine the time it takes to create totally new booth accessories TWICE per year!
Pat Bravo won 1st place in the Single Booth Category. Pat was highlighting
her “Carnaby Street” collection for Art Gallery Fabrics, and she was obviously going for a
British/psychedelic 60’s feel in her booth. It was very eye-catching!
Kanvas Fabrics won 1st place in the Double Booth category featuring
fabric from Maria Kalinowski’s Floral Philosophy collection. I didn’t particularly
agree with this win. I guess I just didn’t like those red and pink tissue flowers
hanging down all over the place. It did catch your eye though….
Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish, was part of a two-way tie for 2nd place
for her “Delighted” collection which she created for Riley Blake Designs. Once I
learned Amanda’s last name, then her business name suddenly made perfect sense, no?
Sharing a piece of that 2nd place prize was Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies
with her “Technicolor” collection she designed for Michael Miller Fabrics.
Emily set her booth up to look like a modern day movie theatre.
Heather Baily won 1st place in the category of Creativity featuring her
Fresh Cut” collection which she designed for Free Spirit Fabrics.
Mo Bedell won the Best New Exhibitor award featuring “Full Moon Lagoon“.
Mo is designing for Andover Fabrics and this is her very 1st fabric line.
And finally, Designer Studio was the winner of the Merchandising award.
Now I gotta tell ya, I could NOT figure out who in the world the Designer Studio was,
but after a good deal of googling, I found out that this REALLY is a collection of
several Moda designers sharing the space with no walls in between.

With this in mind, many folks have asked me what it would take for us to win an award, and in actuality, this is something we don’t even strive for. When we set up our booth at Quilt Market, our purpose is clear. We want to interact with our fan base, and we also want to conduct POS business in a 10ft X 10ft space. Most times these goals are at odds with contending for a themed display, but I’m OK with that, and I think the attendees enjoy visiting both types of booths!

So… now that you’ve seen all the winners, 
I’d love to hear your comments. 
What did you see that you loved?
And did anything surprise you about these displays?
We actually LOVE comments,
so we invite you to leave yours in the space provided below!
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  1. LOVE that Blue Lagoon fabric with its color! Thanks for all the pics. Wish I could have gotten “permission” to go. Hubby thinks he rules the place!

    • It really is a visual feast for anyone who loves to sew. I’ll never forget the first time I walked onto the floor of Market. Pure Heaven! 🙂

  2. I really liked all the pictures from assorted bloggers of Heather Baily’s booth. I enjoyed seeing her embroidered wall in various stages of completion.

  3. I love the Quilted Fish exhibit. Love the colors…it makes me happy to look at all the colors! But then there is the giant embroidered bird from Heather Baily! Being from Portland, we love when someone puts a bird on it!!

  4. Hi!
    It was so nice to meet you in person at Market!
    I coincide with your assessment about fabric companies being able to create a more simple, graphic booth.
    I was showing so much stuff that I was more worried about fitting it all in, much less get a ‘prize!’
    I’m with you about the tissue flowers. Are those fireproof? I’m always careful about that, as per the contract. I’m surprised they would let that company keep those up…

    • As far as i can tell, it always seems like it requires a lot of “props” to win an award, and those generally don’t fit too well in a box or a trunk! hahaha! 🙂