Setting the Tables

 At last count, I have over 200 handbags in my closets, all samples of various patterns. So when it’s time to pack up for Market, it’s no easy task, figuring out which bags to take and how to arrange the display tables.

When we’re in Houston, we’ll have one eight ft. by 2ft table and one 6ft by 2 ft table, and even if I had two tables like that, I don’t have anywhere in the house to set then up, so……

I outline the ‘footprint’ of the tables on my studio floor with masking tape and then proceed to place everything within the outline, as if it were a table top. .

I try to rotate the bags I take, because it’s amazing how folks react sometimes, to an older design, in a colorway they haven’t seen before. This year I tried to choose bags that were primarily green, gold and brown. Because there’s no table cover or draping on these tables, you can clearly see which bags are elevated on boxes, or hung from wreath holders (of varying heights). Once I’m satisfied, I diagram the complete set up, so that when we get to Houston, I can duplicate this exact look. It’s really amazing how much time this saves (having decided where everything goes), especially when it’s late in the day and we’re hot, tired, hungry… or ALL OF THE ABOVE!

It’s a long & tedious process, and lucky for me, I had two little helpers this year.

On the other hand, that all ended when Joba (my ever-present critic) discovered a new sleepy spot that was too hard to resist…

and Canaan proved to be FAR more adept at dismantling it all, which came in handy when I was finished.

So what do you think? Check back towards the end of the month when I should have pictures of the REAL thing on the Market floor in Houston!

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  1. You are so clever–of course that’s stating the obvious!

  2. Beautiful bags, thank-you for sharing the pics.