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One of my favorite things about attending quilt shows & conferences is to walk amongst the amazing display quilts. To be able to admire the creativity & workmanship up close (without touching of course) is a real priviledge and I always come away totally inspired.

And here’s the deal… In the eight years we’ve been displaying at Quilt Markets, Festivals and Conferences, I would have to say that the collection of quilts that was assembled for this year’s Road to California show was in my opinion, the most impressive I have ever seen, and with that in mind, I’d like to share with you now, the really BIG winners from that show (acknowledging right up front that my pictures don’t begin to do them justice).


This year’s winner of the Marie White Masterpiece award and a $7500 cash prize is “Ewe Are My Sunshine” created by Janet Stone of Overland Park, KS, who says this is number 15 in her ongoing series of alphabet quilts.

Road2CaInnovativeThis year’s winner of the Outstanding Innovative Quilt award and a $5000 cash prize is “Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Third Season” created by Sharon Schlotzhauer of Monument, CO, who says she designed this piece to emphasize color, texture, layering and movement.

Road2CaDirectorsChoiceThis year’s winner of the Director’s Choice award and a $5000 cash prize is “Song of the Sea” created by Kathy McNeill of Tulalip, WA, who said she created an “Art Nouveau Diva” with 321 suckers (made with YoYo’s).


This year’s winner of the Best use of Color award and a $1500 cash prize is “Technicolor Deco” created by Shirley Gisi of Colorado Springs, CO, who says she drew inspiration from Art Deco, Mayan artifacts and traditional quilt squares.

Road2CaBestofShowAnd finally… pictured above is the winner of Best of Show and a $10,000 cash prize is “Silk Road Sampler” created by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, TX, who recalled a spice bazaar in Istanbul where a vendor had so many ornate pillows of various colors & designs that she likened it to viewing an applique sampler.

And having said that, I just want to add that this quilt was absolutely mind-boggling! It had such incredible detail and true-life texture that I honestly felt that I was looking at a store display, not a wall quilt. Below you’ll find a closeup of this spectacular piece which truly is one of the most amazing works of fabric art I’ve ever seen.  🙂


So there you have it!

These were the really BIG winners at this year’s Road to California Quilters Conference, but to be clear, there were SO many other beautiful entries and I honestly can’t imagine HOW the judges ever chose! Please stay tuned for our next post in this series where I’ll share with you some of the quilts that impressed me the most! And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave them in the space provided below.

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  1. I am *floored* by the Silk Road Sampler – honestly, I thought I was looking at a photo for a good half minute! And by the way, I enjoy your quilt show highlights very much. Thank you for sharing, and please keep it up!

  2. The “Silk Road Sampler” is probably the most incredible work of art I’ve ever seen! I wish I had that much patience, skill, and artistic talent! I’m blown away by it. Thanks for sharing!!!