Quilt Market 2017- Show Highlights


as you might suspect, the two weeks that we spend in Houston each year for the Quilt Market & Festival is ultra-important for us. Black Friday may fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving for most businesses, but our Black Friday typically occurs sometime in between these two shows! But you know what? It’s not ALL seriousness! We still manage to have a little bit of fun along the way. And with that, let me show you some of the highlights from these shows!

The construction in and around the GR Brown Convention Center has been challenging to deal with for the last 2 years but at long last it’s finished and the results are amazing. This picture was taken from the new walkway connecting the new Marriott Marquis to the convention center and shows about 2/3 of the building. In a word, its a MONSTER!

This year we stayed in one of the many new hotels downtown and were able to take advantage of the covered walkway to the GR Brown every day. This felt WAY safer to us and the view out of our window (above) wasn’t half bad either!

Here’s the way our booth (#1600) looked just before the opening bell for the Quilt Market. I got this picture from one of the port holes on the 2nd floor looking out toward the booths on row 24. And even though this view of the floor may look impressive, keep in mind what this picture doesn’t show and that would be the 1st 15 rows of booths (or roughly 2/3 of the display floor)!

Now that the lobby of the GR Brown is completed, the “Sneek Peek” area is in a very advantageous spot and here’s the way my little display looked.The whole idea behind these small display boxes is to showcase your newest items in way that makes customers want to see MORE!

And as luck would have it, there was a World Series going on ACROSS THE STREET when we got to Houston! That’s right, our hotel was THAT close. Now you probably don’t know this, but attending a World Series game is an item on my bucket list so I found this VERY exciting… until we found out that the cheapest seats available were $650 each in the “Standing Room Only” section! WHAT???

Needless to say, we opted out of that deal, but when we found out that Minute Maid Park was giving away FREE tickets to watch the away games inside the park we jumped all over that and since I figure this is most likely as close as I will ever get to a seat at a World Series game, I’m giving this a “half-check” on my bucket list!  🙂  At any rate, we enjoyed it!

And here’s the bags I made for Paula Nadelstern’s booth in her new fabric line, “Wonderlust”! She took them to her Schoolhouse sessions and it tickled me that she liked them so much!  🙂

and then there was Halloween, which conveniently fell in-between Quilt Market & Festival, but also during the World Series and I think its safe to say that I’ve not seen too many cities go as ALL OUT for Halloween as Houston does! Here we have a “ghost-lined” walkway leading to the GR Brown! To say Houston was “hopping” while we were there would be a gross understatement!  🙂

And of course it wasn’t ALL work. One of the best part of these shows is catching up with old friends and making new ones. i was glad to FINALLY get to meet Anna Cosentino (at left), a VERY well-known pattern designer from Brazil and her friend Fabia Mendonca, a 1st time quilt award winner from Brazil. We were neighbors with Anna’s son Ricardo (in Paducah, KY) so this was a fun meeting!

And of course we picked up a whole new set of neighbors for the Quilt Festival, one of which was Stitchin’ Heaven of Mineola, TX and yes, they actually featured a full-sized Longhorn steer in their booth as a photo-op for their visitors. But seriously, they were fun & entertaining neighbors to have next door and we enjoyed getting to know them!

And I’m pleased to report that these shows (particularly the Quilt Festival) were quite successful for us, the best we’ve had in over 5 years which was a pleasant surprise. But as usual, these two weeks) passed by in a flash and before we knew it, we were packed up and ready to bid Houston farewell until we meet up again next Fall.


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

We’re always on the lookout for a great show to add to our schedule, so if you have a suggestion for us (particularly if its an east coast show), I’d love for you to share the details with us below. And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to also leave either or both in the space provided below.

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  1. I got to go for the weekend about 10 years ago. It is at the top of my Bucket List to attend for the full week when I retire. I want to sit in on some of the classes and not rush to try and take it all in, in just 2 days. Awesome place to be and such amazing talent in the world. Loved your pictures.

  2. I lived in Houston for four years. Quilt market was great. My kids were in school so I could never spend as much time as I wanted, and couldn’t take classes, but the vendors were something. It took me four hours to walk all the vendors, take notes on where I would spend all my funds, and then shop. It took another 4 hours just to walk through the quilt display. It’s huge.