Purse Pattern Chronicles- Sketching the Vision

OK- so I’m inspired… what next?
The whole idea is to translate a visual inspiration (Ruffles) so it can be incorporated into a handbag component. I’ve seen ruffles used in handbags before, but I wanted to incorporate them in a new and exciting way. But first I like to take stock of my priorities & objectives for this bag.

First and foremost-
I want this bag to be reasonably large, but not as big as the Lollapalooza. (The dimensions I have in mind are listed.) I want it to comfortably accomodate either the larger PortaPockets Insert or the Encore Purse Insert, which accomplishes two things for me…
a) the purse inserts are my best-selling patterns, so why not build on that momentum? and
b) I can avoid designing tons of interior options into this bag, since instead, it will be my recommendation that the interior be organized with one of the Inserts. This also keeps the overall price and weight of the pattern down.

I want to incorporate two rows of ruffles (facing upward) along the top of the bag, but I’d like for the soft effect of these ruffles to carry downward into the body of the bag, for a soft overall drape.

Since I like to be able to place my phone in an outside pocket so I can hear it better, I’m thinking that I’d like to have some hidden storage in between the two ruffled layers. (like a secret pocket) I do not want to have a visible exterior pocket on this bag, as it would interfere with the soft drape and overall effect.

I want to use strap loops and hardware again. I liked the way this worked out in the Boho Baguette. They’re lightweight and they contribute to a bag that looks good whether its handing on the bag of a chair, or sitting on the floor next to a desk.

The bottom should be squarish, to accomodate either purse insert, but the soft draping effect from the ruffles should conceal this squarishness (I hope).

So there you have it- My next task will be to draw out the first set of templates according to these dimensions and see how the components play out. Experience tells me I won’t get everything I want, and that some of the dimensions might not work, but the only way to know is to try it. Stay tuned to see how many of these objectives become reality in a finished product, our new purse pattern. And speaking of which… this new pattern is as of yet, without a name. If you have any brilliant ideas, I’d love to hear them, and as always, if you have any comments pro or con, do share them!

2 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. I like the premise, and the idea of an “outside” pocket to better hear the cell phone.

    How about Ruffles A Go Go?

  2. I like it! Stylish and cool. can’t wait to see it “real.”