Purse Insert of the Year: 2015

PIOY2015Congratulations to Tracy Prima Williams of Sequim, WA!
Shes the winner of our annual “February 2015 “Handbag of the Month” contest! Her fantastic Gadabout made a big impression on our voters and we’ll be rewarding her with a $25 virtual gift certificate PLUS a permanent place of honor in our HOM” archive.
Honorable mention goes to Lies Bos-Varkevisser of the Netherlands , our 2nd place finisher.  (Click HERE to see her gorgeous Wrapsody.)  Lies will receive a 40% discount coupon as will all of our other entrants from our February contest!
BUT… this month, it’s time for our 3rd Annual “Purse Insert of the Year” contest! That means that the winner will be chosen from amongst ALL of the Purse Insert entries we’ve received during the past calendar year.

So without further ado, here’s this year’s candidates!

(And don’t forget, if you click on any individual picture, you’ll be shown a LARGER view!)

Insert15-1Heidi Degenkolb of Portage, MI created her Porta-Pockets Purse Insert (the large version) in exclusively red fabrics and it came out adorable, don’t you think?
And this Porta-Pockets Purse Insert (also a large version) was created by Chrystina Power. It’s almost too pretty to hide inside a purse, no?
Insert15-3Gretchen McClain has her Porta-PocketsPLUS Purse Insert loaded and ready to organize! Insert15-3bShe chose Velcro to connect her individual units together (at left) for use in her larger bags, but she can disconnect them anytime to use them as stand-alone units!Great job Gretchen!
Insert15-4And here’s the bold and graphic Encore Purse Insert that Betsy Bucsanyi created. She said she made this beauty up in one day and now all her friends want one too! Insert15-4bAnd here’s her matching set of CashKeepers (pattern now retired).
And I think its a pretty safe bet that Judy McCaulley is a “cat lover” and the fabric she chose looks great on the large version of her Porta-Pockets Purse Insert!
Insert15-6And Sharon Anderson used some of my all-time favorite fabric in the construction of her large Porta-Pockets Purse Insert. Its from the Lumina collection by Peggy Toole. Insert15-6b
Insert15-6cNow she’ll be “beautifully organized”!
Insert15-7And finally here’s Georgia Segura‘s version of our Porta-Pockets Purse Insert. She made up the large version in an African print to match the  Lollapalooza she made for our February “HOM” contest.

So…there you have it!

Are you ready to vote now!

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  1. Sharon Anderson, <3 your insert, and LOVE your fabric choices!! It's a temptation for me to make one, and I haven't made any purse of any shape/form in my life!

  2. How can I possibly choose? They are all beautiful!

    I wish I’d found your site before the cash keeper was retired!