Purse Evolution- Free-Form Embellishing

(The 15th installment in the Purse Evolution series)

So if you’ve got all your supplies, let’s get started embellishing this bag! The Lollapalooza pattern piece we’ll be working with is ~13″ tall, so let’s make all of our strips at least 14.5″ long, and since we want them to be 3″ wide at the widest part (at the bottom), use your roller blade to cut at least 14 strips (in various colors) that are 14.5″ X 3″.

1) Align the bottom edge of your 1st strip with the ruled line on your cutting mat. Since we’re going to shave a “graduated 3/4″ off of each side, line the bottom right corner up on a 3/4″ grid line. (in this case, 19 3/4”, see photo at right.)

2) Now place your ruler diagonally across your fabric so that the edge is even with the bottom corner of your fabric strip, AND crosses the top edge of your strip, 3/4″ from the edge (on the 19″ line). Hold your ruler down firmly and cut away this diagonal wedge, which is a point at the bottom and 3/4″ wide at the top.

3) Now shift your fabric strip so that the left bottom corner is aligned at the 17 1/4″ mark. (see photo at right)

4) As was done in step 2, place your ruler diagonally across your fabric so that the edge is even with the bottom left corner, AND crosses the top edge of your fabric 3/4″ from the left edge (on the 18″ line). Hold your ruler done firmly and cut this wedge of fabric away. (see photo at left)
5) Here’s how your finished piece should look. (at right) You’ll need a total of at least thirteen of these fabric wedges for EACH side of the Lollapalooza. Please do not obcess about making these all exactly the same size. It really doesn’t matter, and i swear no one will notice. Actually, I think slight variations add a bit to the charm of the overall look.

6) Once you’ve got your pieces all cut, you can begin sewing them together along the side edges with a 1/4″ seam. I press all seams open and I also regularly check my work with the pattern piece. You can always make little adjustments in how you sew the pieces together, if you have too much or too little fabric visible above or below the pattern piece.

For other projects- It’s easy to change your measurements and make wedges that are wider or skinnier, or with a more or less pronounced angle, for a totally different look. That’s what I did to achieve the various exteriors I’ve created so far for the Lollapalooza Bag!

I hope you all have fun with this method. I’ll probably be uploading a more detailed “Kat Trick” on my website later on, but hopefully this will make enough sense so you can get started creating a cool bag exterior of your own, right away!

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  1. Thank you! This is a BIG help! Carole, Nazareth PA

  2. Thank you for steering me to your blog. Love it, Love it….

  3. I just received my pattern in the mail today!! So I’m back here checking out this installment for the lollapalooza. I had another pattern in mind, but after much deliberation I will do this one first. Thanks for this kat trick!!

  4. Thank you so much for the strip directions. I absolutely love that look and want to make one for my future daughter-in-law for Christmas who loves purses

  5. Thanks so much for your help.
    I think your bags are fabulous..