Purse Evolution- A Good Collaboration

(The 16th installment in the Purse Evolution series)

Many of you know that I have a long-standing working relationship with Susa Glenn of Susa Glenn Designs. Susa is an independent embroidery designer and I think her work is some of the best currently available. Once I was satisfied that the exterior of this new design wasn’t going to change anymore, I contacted Susa to see if she was interested in collaborating once again, and I was thrilled to find out that she was.

Here’s the interesting part. I usually give Susa very little lead info going into the project. I generally send her one picture to just give her some semblance of the sillohouette. I like for her to go into the project with pretty much a blank slate, choosing her own color palette, and the embroidery she feels best fits the bag. So it’s always a complete surprise when the embroidered fabric arrives in the mail. This may in fact be my favorite aspect of this partnership, the fact that the exterior choices for this bag is totally out of my hands.

It’s become fairly obvious over the course of making several hundred handbags in the past few years, that I naturally gravitate toward certain colors & patterns. I have found it very difficult to “go against the grain” and choose something out of this comfort zone. It’s no wonder then, that when I open this package from Susa, and get my first look at her creation, that my first reaction is always delighted surprise.

It’s also no surprise that the bags I’ve created for the Trifecta & the Boho Baguette, (pictured below), using the exteriors that Susa has chosen & designed have produced some of my most successful advertising campaigns to date. I think this Lollapalooza bag will be no exception because the embroidered exterior gives the Lollapalooza a whole different feel than the pieced exteriors I’ve made so far. It seem to have a more sophisticated look, which may appeal to an entirely different type of customer.

I’ve still got a few more bags I want to make, using the wonderful fabrics I found this week at Mary Jo’s. Then comes the hard part- choosing ONE of these bags to display on the cover of the pattern, which could be difficult this time. If you had to choose between the bags you’ve seen so far, which one wouold YOU choose?

4 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. The Lollapalooza is a great style. Even though they are all beautiful, if you are asking which of these that you have made should be a pattern cover I vote for the red and black one.

  2. The gold one with Susa’s embroidery is sew-phisticated. Definitely will appeal to many!

  3. This one is absolutely awesome. Just love it. I’d have to set it in my livingroom just for show.

  4. I just love the version with the embroidery. I’ll get this purse, and the embroidery designs the minute they are available!!!