Zipper Sale!

with 30″ closed bottom zippers!


Sorry Folks!

The zippers are SOLD OUT!

So… The factory made a big error and sent us 30″ closed bottom zippers in stead of the size we wanted! And here’s the deal… the 30″ closed bottom zipper is not a popular size to begin with. As a matter of fact we were considering removing it from our product list once we sold the last one and not we have even MORE to move out!


Starting today and until they are gone, you can pick up as many of these 30″ style zips as you want for the bargain price of $1.75 each!
Now… you might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to buy such an unpopularly sized zipper?”… and the answer is really quite simple if you take a look at the price break-down on our more popular zipper lengths below!

10″ closed bottom zip=$3.50         14″ closed bottom zip=$3.75         20″ closed bottom zip=$4.25

Every 30″ sale zipper you buy can be shortened to ANY length you need, saving you BIG time, so NOW would be a perfect time to stock up for future projects!

FYI- Please utilize the drop-down box in upper right-hand column to enjoy this discounted price. There’s no need for a coupon code. The price you see in the dropdown box has already been marked down for you AND there’s is no limit to the number of zippers you can purchase during this sale… but when they’re gone, they’re GONE!