the Porta-Pockets Purse Insert

It’s like having a TOOLBELT
INSIDE your Handbag!

Check out what a Porta-Pockets Purse Insert can do for you!

  • It organizes your personal items making them easily portable between purses.
  • It saves you time! Now its easy to change to a different handbag every day!
  • All of your daily items are easy to see, secure and access.
  • Quit carrying a diaper bag AND a purse.
  • Just drop PortaPockets into the diaper bag and off you go!
  • It protects ALL of your valuables. Even if your purse tips over, they’re held safely in place.
Dedicated storage for:

smcrackerduo your Cell Phone, Credit Cards, Glasses, Keys, Checkbook, Makeup, Paper Money, Change, Ipod, and MORE!

Large Insert- “On-the-Job”

smcrackerinpurse To change purses, just lift your PortaPockets out of one purse and drop it into the next. Now its EASY to switch purses every day if you want to!

Overhead View of Large Insert (Full)

smcrackerintlg has 3 extra slots for Credit Cards, and an extra interior elasticized pocket.

Overhead View of Small Insert (Full)

smcrackerintsm Your choice- Small or Large. Now, no matter how much “stuff” you need to carry, you’ll be organized and efficient with your PortaPockets!

Here’s a GREAT idea!


LAMINATE your Porta-Pockets

to keep it clean & beautiful FOR EVER!
Click HERE for your FREE PICTORIAL instructions & MANY MORE pictures!

It’s SO Easy!

Purse Insert Dimensions

Small Size= 6″tall X 8″wide X 2.5″
Large size= 6″tall X 10.5″ wide X 2.5″

Fabric Needs

  • You may need extra fabric for directional prints)
  • Amounts below are for SMALL insert, amounts for LARGE insert are (in parentheses).
  • Exterior Fabric: 3/8 yd., (1/2 yd.)
  • Lining: 3/4 yd. (3/4 yd.)
  • Fusible Interfacing: 1/3 yd. (7/8 yd.)
  • Clear Vinyl: one 4" X 3" piece

Other Supplies Needed

  • Amounts below are for SMALL insert, amounts for LARGE insert are (in parentheses).
  • 18 inches, (18 inches) Single-Fold Bias Tape
  • 1 1/3 yd., (1 1/2 yd.)- Double fold bias tape, extra-wide
  • 1 each- 10" (12") (or larger) nylon zipper
  • 0.75 yd., (1 yd.)- Flat Elastic, 1/4" wide
  • 5 inches, (5 inches)-Flat Elastic, 3/4" wide