Product Review- The Sidewinder

The Sidewinder– a bobbin winder

The product we’re reviewing today is called ‘The SideWinder”. It’s a cool little trick on which you can fill your bobbins with thread.

Here’s the deal. Several years ago, when I started sewing for a living, I hurt my hand real bad struggling to turn the knob that disengages the needle, so I could fill a bobbin with thread on my old sewing machine. I actually hurt the joint between my thumb and my index finger on my right hand (of course). I don’t know, if I hadn’t hurt it this way, maybe it would’ve eventually happened some other way, but the fact remained that every time I had to turn that knob, it seemed to make it worse. And since I’m useless with the left hand, it was pretty frustrating (besides being painful).

But then one day I was flipping thru the Clotilde catalog and there it was… EUREKA! A little unit whose sole purpose in life is to fill bobbins with thread. It works great! Just thread the thread into the bobbin, push the green button and voila… your bobbin is filled in seconds and stops automatically when it’s full. And the best part is, no more straining my hand by having to turn that knob.

I got my SideWinder in the Clotilde catalog online, (click here to see the details), but I have since seen it occasionally at JoAnn’s, (when they have it in stock).  a So if you’ve got a sore hand, (or even if you don’t), you might want to check it out! It’s quick and easy to use and I think I would love it even if my hand was 100%.

But how about you? Have you come across a really neat sewing accessory or tool that you think the rest of us should know about? How about sharing it with us by leaving a comment below?
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  1. Oh, I love this one!!! Filling bobbins on my machine is a pain. ♥

  2. I love it use it all the time

  3. Love mine! My elderly Pfaff was becoming cranky and didn’t want to be bothered with bobbins…

  4. I ordered one of those a few years back – great idea but it wouldn’t take my type of bobbins – despite saying it would in the description!
    So I had to return it 🙁

  5. I bought one for my BFF for her birthday. I am thinking it needs to go on my wish list because I really hate unthreading my machine to wind bobbins. Thank for the review.

  6. Major disappointment. I bought three for gifts and they wouldn’t work with any of the machines – including mine.

  7. Really? Is it because the bobbins didn’t fit on it?

  8. I work for a Viking Sewing Gallery. It is true, the Sidewinder will not work with Viking green or watercolor bobbins.

  9. Hi Kat— I can’t imagine WHY you would need to disengage the needle to fill a bobbin !!! I’ve NEVER had a machine that made this necessary !!!
    The trick is to have an extra spool of thread and wind your bobbins from that !!

    Peg Rice

  10. Clotilda is one of those online shops you need to be careful of. Their
    shipping costs are very high! I ordered 2 patterns from them (on sale) &
    was charged $5 shipping!! Will never buy there again. Lee

  11. tks for reviewing the sidewinder. I thought it just another gimmick but now
    i will ck it out. Already had surgery on my left hand & not looking
    forward to doing it on the right.

  12. Hi, I had one, but sold it to someone. It didn’t work with my new sewing
    machine, Had I known that, well. Now, I believe, they’ve improved and my
    bobbins will “possibly” fit. I do have an older machine that needs the
    wheel turned at times bu do manage. Try turning the dials on the Pfaff
    Cover Stitch. Who ever designed that must not have arthritis. That one is
    a killer.

  13. Well, with my machine, I can keep an extra spool of thread handy, but i still have to disengage the needle from the drive wheel, which is the problem. This is a good solution for me, but thanks for letting us know that it does not work

  14. I have seen this tool before in “JOANN’S” but didn’t know anything about it. This has peaked my interest. I will check it out for sure.

  15. the best thing i have bought in years is the bright hooks to side of your machine and the light is movable and I point it at my machines throat plate.awesome for us visually impaired people or just poor eye can also get bracket kits and move it to other machines.
    the best price is from!!
    Adele in wet wash state

  16. I have one and use it infrequently because I must watch it closely or the tension on the bobbin is extremely loose. By putting pressure on the top of the spool of thread it is better but can sort of ‘burn’ you finger tip. I’m glad it was a gift and I didn’tspend th money on it.