Product Review- Stiff Stuff by Sew Lazy

So…. in our last post we gave you a quick little tease about a new product making its debut at the Fall Quilt Market. It’s called Stiff Stuff, part of the brand new “Sew Lazy” line of foundation/interfacing materials brought to you by my colleague, Joan Hawley, of Lazy Girl Designs.

A few weeks ago, Joan asked me if I was interested in giving Stiff Stuff a test run, and of course I agreed. You might think that’s weird, especially in view of the fact that we are direct competitors, but I have really appreciated how supportive Joan has been of our pattern and our notions line. But here’s the deal, even though I was pleased to potentially return the favor, I was also just a bit nervous…(suppose I wasn’t too crazy about Stiff Stuff?) Turns out, my fears were totally unfounded! Stiff Stuff is an amazing product! But hey, since “seeing is believing”, check out this little video and see for yourself!

Here’s the Similiarities to Soft & Stable (as I see it)
1) its not a fusible product (it must be sewn in place)
2) it has the amazing ability to bounce back to its original shape
3) its easy to sew through, with no bunching or “ruffling”

And here’s the main Differences
1) Stiff Stuff has much less loft so it feels a little firmer (less spongy) than Soft & Stable. This COULD in fact end up being a really good thing, since it appears that Stiff Stuff is much less likely to cause bulking issues in bag seams and corners.

So… What Does This Mean As We Move Forward? 

1) Stiff Stuff can definitely be used as a substitute for Soft & Stable in our Uptown Saddlebag pattern. We will be placing a notation on the Uptown Saddlebag webpage so that customers will know that these products can be used interchangeably. (this is good news for those who are having problems locating a local source for Soft & Stable)

2) As we design future patterns, we will continue to use Soft & Stable, however, we will also test the suitability of Stiff Stuff. If comparable results can be achieved with either material, then both products will be listed in the materials list on the back of the pattern allowing customers to choose the one they can find the easiest or enjoy working with the best.

3) Stiff Stuff may be a terrific substitute material for the fusible fleece which is called for in many of our older patterns! We’ll need to conduct some trials in order make that determination and we may be soliciting some help from our customer base during this process, so stay tuned if you’d like to participate!  🙂

If you’re interested in giving Stiff Stuff a try, I would suggest inquiring at your local independent quilt store first, but keep in mind that you can also purchase it at the following two online webstores if you have difficulty finding a local source;

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  1. How does this compare with Timtex?

    • Good Question Ruth!
      Timtex is more stiff, thicker, and less forgiving than Stiff Stuff. If creased or folded, Timtex will hold the fold. I consider it too firm for our 100% cotton quilter’s weight fabrics. In my opinion, Timtex is too firm for our fabrics. Stiff Stuff can be folded, crunched, smooshed, and bent and will bounce back to it’s original form. It’s forgiving. These properties allow Stiff Stuff to be used in projects that need to be turned right sides out, compressing the Stiff Stuff so it can pass through a tight opening. PLUS- Stiff Stuff responds well to being pressed such as pressing a seam allowance open or final pressing after turning project right sides out.
      In short- I think you’ll love it!

  2. I am really eager to try it — I’ve wanted to make the Quattro bag, but I am NOT a fan of fusible fleece! Question: Will you be carrying Stiff Stuff as you do with Soft and Stable?

  3. I’m glad new products are coming out for purse construction. I don’t like Peltex as it is just too hard to work with. I’m making a diaper bag and would have liked to have had a different choice of product. Stiff stuff sounds like a winner if I make another one.