Product Review- Slicker by Sew Lazy

“Slicker” by Sew Lazy

Well, if the last few weeks are any indication, the 2012 version of the Fall Quilt Market is going to be rip-roarin’ FUN! We’ve already shown you a sneak peek of THREE new products that will be making their debut in Houston,

and today we are pleased to be able to show you yet another fabulous new product! It’s called Slicker and it’s another new product from the good folks at Sew Lazy.

Slicker is a vinyl product that can be ironed-on to any smooth fabric to make it moisture and stain-resistant. It’s kind of like “laminating” fabric. Quite honestly, I think similar iron-on products have been on the market prior to this Fall, but I’ve never really paid much attention to them, since I honestly couldn’t imagine actually using iron-on vinyl on a handbag exterior.

So when Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs offered me some Slicker to try out, my response was initially lukewarm. But then, in a moment of repose (actually it was just before dozing off to sleep one night), it hit me like a freight train.
 I literally sat bolt upright in the bed.     

      Why didn’t I think of this before?
               Slicker would be a PERFECT match

                            for our Porta-Pockets Purse Insert! 
I was so pumped I hardly slept all night, and immediately upon getting up the next morning
I emailed Joan to secure a sample to “play” with. And can I just say that playing with my “Slickered” fabric has been the most fun I’ve had with a sewing machine in quite some time!
Because just look how magnificent the shiny finish on this hand-painted batik looks now! 

To me, there’s something almost liquid about the way this fabric looks now. Maybe that’s because the Slicker isn’t just stuck to the surface of the fabric. It seems to totally fuse within and through the individual fibers to create a new product! And get this… unlike laminated paper,
there’s absolutely no bubbles, no wrinkles, and no clouding visible on this fabric.

And what’s more, the Slicker finish is durable, flexible and can easily be stitched without leaving adhesive residue on the sewing machine needle. It obviously was a perfect match for our Porta-Pockets Purse Insert, but I can also see it working wonders for projects like place mats, table runners, diaper bags, beach bags, tote bags and much MUCH MORE!!!

 Where can you get Slicker by Sew Lazy?
I recommend requesting it at your nearest independent Quilt/Fabric store,
but if you come up empty there, then you might try these online sources:

So… what do YOU think?
Has anyone out there tried an iron-on vinyl product yet? 
And if so, what did you think?

*Please note: I did need to make just a couple of minor modifications to the Porta-Pockets pattern during this process. If there seems to be enough interest, I can whip up a little pictorial detailing what those changes were. Just leave me a comment in the space provided below?


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  1. That slicker looks totally amazing! Thanks for the heads up on such great new product. Would love a tutorial about how you used it in the porta-pockets.

  2. Yes, I’ve tried it. I wish it were a bit stiffer, but on the whole, it works quite well. I made a VERY simple purse insert with it, just to test it out. It’s easy to sew with and really does stick to the fabric.

  3. This looks cool. I wonder it if would work for a purse exterior. Mine always get dirty so quickly.

    • I would imagine there are MANY purse exteriors this could work for and YES it would keep it from getting dirty. I wouldnt recommend it for a drapey exterior (like the Boho Baguette or the Carolina CarryAll, because the iron-on vinyl does lend a stiffness that wouldnt be good for either of those bags.
      But for a flat surface exterior it very well could work great and many times it would take the place of interfacing or other foundation materials. (It would be bag dependant of course!)

    • Like maybe the Uptown Saddlebag? 🙂 I still haven’t been able to make mine. Maybe over winter break.

  4. Your insert looks great! Was it pretty easy to sew with, or did you need to use a teflon or other specialty foot?

    • GOOD questions Misha! It was GREAT to sew with and I had so much fun. The adhevise seems to “become one” with the fabric and by that I mean that you can use a regular needle and it doesnt become gummed up at ALL. No specialty foot is required. The fabric behaved like any other fabric but with a little extra stiffness and no stretch. it’s not good to use for making your own bias tape, but most everything else its great.

  5. I was thinking how this would be a good backing for custom baby bibs…and my thought was also “how easy is it to sew”. I really hated, in the past, sewing with vinyl and having to use tissue tear strips just to get it to go through the machine. Thanks for sharing!

    • You wont have any of that problem with this material. No special needles and it glides like butter thru the machine, no sticking or grabbing! And yes! It would be perfect for baby bibs! 🙂

  6. It really makes your purse insert pop! Please share how you simplified it.

  7. Did you put it on both sides of the fabric for the purse insert?

    • Hmmm- Are you asking if I put it on the right AND the wrong side of the fabric? Because if so, No, I only put it on the right side of the fabric.
      If you are asking if the inside of the insert has vinyl on it as well as the outside, then the answer is yes, indeed. 🙂

  8. WOW! I love this! I’ve been trying to figure out how to line a Roly Nester for use as a make-up bag and here it is!

    And I would love to know where you got the Batik. I love it! I’m sure you’re not surprised.

    • Actually I’m not at all surprised you like this fabric, but its been in my stash for so long, I have no clue where it came from. (I wish I had more of it!) 🙂

  9. I’m interested in your comments; vinylized fabric can be used in many ways, and any additional information is always helpful. (I’m making a couple of “apron/bibs” for senior relatives in nursing homes.)
    Barbara L.

  10. I would be interested in the modification of the insert as this is on the table waiting to be made. Looks great, no one around here sells this, so it would have to be an online order. Thanks for the sample.

  11. Wow, that batik looks so juicy! Yum. I made a backpack for my grandson with iron-on vinyl, and it was a misery to sew, even with paper between the project and the presser foot. I still have some of that stuff, but swore “never again.” Thank you for trying out a product that can reverse my stance on vinyl.

  12. Definitely interest in pattern update!

  13. Hi, I was curious about the long-term durability of the slicker? Have you found that it still stays fused to the fabric or is it starting to separate after some time? The other brand has multiple complaints of not staying on the fabric, especially if the vinyl is put on a highly active item (such as the interior of a bag). So wondering if you’re still happy with the slicker product? Thanks!

  14. So when the new waist bag/fanny pack/walker bag thingy pattern is available, I now know I need Slicker. My acquired kid sister would go nuts for a bag with Disney fabric that’s waterproof. 🙂