PPC9- Tied up in Ribbons





We’re still on a quest to choose the one bag we’ve made so far that most definitively illustrates the Wrapsody design, because time is running out for us to choose our “cover bag” if we want to publish this pattern in early July.  And here’s one more for  us to consider for the cover honors!







And for this sample we chose a lively geometric panel print from the “Lumina” collection by Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufmann Fabrics. And if you’re thinking you’ve heard of this fabric collection before… you are so RIGHT, because three samples ago we featured another of Peggy’s prints in another cover contender! Obviously I’m a really big fan of Peggy’s prints and I’ll give you more info about this fabric line at the end of this post, but first, let’s talk about how good it looks on this Wrapsody!  🙂





First of all, the gold metallic in this incredible panel print provided the perfect vehicle for showcasing our new gold embellished beige & white striped zippers! I love how this zipper looks on the back of this sample!






And no matter what fabric we’ve used, it’s repetitively been this particular pose that’s been the most compelling to readers. And you know what? Since these zippered dividers are the “heart & soul” of this design, it’s fortunate indeed that they photograph so well!






And now… just in case you haven’t seen this posted before, here’s some basic info you may be wondering about…
1) the target release date for this pattern is very early July.
2) The dimensions of this design are 10″ X 5.5″ X 6.5″ tall.
3) Here’s the fabric you’ll need-

     Exterior fabric= 1/2 yard

     Contrast fabric= 1/3 yard (side walls, strap liner, card caddys)

     Lining= 3/4 yard




And since we’re talking about fabric again, this awesome exterior print is called “Gilded Ribbons” and we used “Twilight Swirl” for the side walls and interior pockets. Both of these gorgeous prints are from Peggy Toole’s Lumina collection and obviously I’m a big fan, because this is actually the 2nd time in this cycle that we’ve used fabric from Peggy’s yummy collection!  (And if you’re thinking that the bias tape fabric we used here looks a little like the exterior fabric we used in a previous post  you would be RIGHT!)



And now… it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what YOU think about this sample?

In your estimation is this sample  “cover-worthy”?
We actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it by way of FaceBook, Pinterest or Twitter. 🙂


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  1. Margaret Johnson

    I love the purse in this fabric!

  2. I think it’s another winner! How will you ever choose?

  3. I agree with margaret. It’s beautiful in this print.

  4. Gorgeous! What a beautiful line of fabrics and a spectacular choice for this bag.

    • I agree LJ! I SO fell in love with this fabric line from the moment I first saw it! I guess you can tell that since this is the SECOND bag I’ve made in fabric from this line! 🙂 (It was REALLY nice to work with too.)

  5. Love love love this fabric, absolutely cover worthy. I find anything with the gold like this one makes the item look classy. Cheers

  6. I love, love, love it. I want the pattern, the fabric and the zippers. Everything!!!!! Wow. Great job.

  7. I really like the fabric line in this purse. But the white zipper, not the color I would have chosen.

    • I see what you’re saying. I think this bag is one that actually looks better in person, because these are actually beige and white striped zippers with gold immenities, so it really does look pretty good. (this aspect didnt photograph particularly well though)

  8. As always your purses are beautiful and the exterior fabric is amazing. I do have a concern about using a black fabric on the zippered dividers because I can’t really see the card pockets in the pictures. For myself I’ve found I want a lighter color fabric on the interior to help my older eyes see the contents.

    I’ve really enjoyed being able to watch the design process for the Wrapsody. I’m looking forward to finding a bold fabric for my exterior when I make my own Wrapsody.

  9. I love the bag in this vibrant fabric. I have to see if this fabric is also available in Europe!

  10. This is I believe my favorite– until youall do another favorite! With the “roundness” of the design the fabric takes the eyes in a different direction and lets you enjoy the design quality of the bag. I do not like the bag made in a solid— no zing what-so-ever! Just my opinion- do love the bag and you did one terrific job lady!!!!

  11. Chrystina Power

    I love this one! Has all the zing necessary for a cover on the pattern! Will make everyone that sees it, want it!

  12. I absolutely adore this. The fabric is breathtaking. Where can I buy the fabric? I am in St. Petersburg, FL area.

    • I found it on fabric.com. Just search for “Lumina”

    • Just check for the hotlink within the post. It’ll take you straight to a store where you can buy the fabric! 🙂

    • Craftsy had an awesome kit with FQs and pattern for minimal $s in 3 different color ways. It was so worth it.

  13. LOVE the fabric! Not a fan of the white zipper with all the vibrant color. For me, it catches the eye and draws away from the over all appearance. I can’t wait for the pattern top become available!

  14. The fabric on this one is outstanding. I really like this total combination. for me Perfect.

  15. The Luminia collection looks like it was made for this bag! But the truth is, this bag begs for those ‘special’ prints we (I) hoard for that ‘perfect’ project. I love every one of your sample bags – each one knocks it out of the park! I have a collection of fabrics I’ve been pulling to try this out. Looks like July will be my Wrapsody month!

  16. The Lumina prints get my vote for the cover bag. The samples are progressing from good to better to best. This is the best in my opinion.

    • The Lumina prints ARE among the best prints on the market right now (in my humble opinion of course). The way they look in person does NOT disappoint! 🙂

  17. Definitely eye catching. Deserves a place on the front cover. How can one not be happy to carry that purse?

  18. This is my favorite fabric so far. The front is amazing! I agree with Jan regarding the zipper color. A darker color would not be as much of a horizontal contrast to the lovely vertical movement for this fabric.

  19. I really, REALLY like this fabric, but I, too, would make the pockets a color other than black where things tend to get lost and I would make the zippers a dark color. It’s a lovely design on that fabric and compliments the design of the bag perfectly…..It would sell me, if I saw it on the front of the pattern…..:)

  20. Wow! What a beautiful fabric! This would be wonderful for your pattern cover. Altho the white zippers do jump out in the photos, that’s not all bad – it quickly highlights the various sections at a glance. The purse is a show-stopper in this fabric!

  21. Frieda Grischkowsky

    I would choose that latest one you pictured here. It shows off the fabric and the purse the best. Would definitely buy the pattern!

  22. Corliss Okerstrom

    Best so far love the fabric and the way it looks done up

  23. I love this purse, I wish I could just purchase it.

  24. Brenda Thomas

    Love the purse and the fabric you used. Can’t wait for the pattern to be released!

  25. Fabulous, beautiful, and perfect for a cover picture. I’d love a bag like this one.

  26. Love Love!! This is sooo cute. I’d like to try one myself… are you selling kits??

    • We will be selling pattern + notions kits when the pattern becomes available in early July. We don’t sell kits that include fabric though. 🙂

  27. I just love this fabric (have it in my stash) and I really don’t care what you put on the cover as long as you get us the pattern, like yesterday. So want to make this.

  28. Love this bag. This fabric is gorgeous. It is THE ONE for the cover.
    Did you try a dark zipper on it? I am not a fan of the light color against the dark. Perhaps even a red or blue. But gorgeous, nonetheless. And because my eyesight is not what it used to be, I would need a light interior, although I prefer the dark with dark.
    Thanks for sharing all your talent.

  29. My very favorite yet! You have sold me on the pattern and the fabric! If you use this as your pattern cover, you will need to encourage the suppliers to keep this fabric available for a while. It is so disappointing to find a pattern and not be able to find the fabric. Thanks for so many great designs.

  30. My first thought when I saw the “Lumina” purse was that I would buy that at a store without a second thought. It’s just perfect. All the others would definitely compliment my entire wardrobe.

  31. I absolutely love this fabric. Will try to buy some for my own bag in this pattern. But please DON”T use the zipper you have used….it just jumps out and says NO. A beautiful royal blue or any other color would be gorgeous. I think the zipper detracts from the fabric and the lovely design of the bag. But, that’s just my opinion. I would love to be able to buy this same fabric. Do you have a link for it?
    Can’t wait to get this pattern.

    • If you will look within the text of the post, I included a hot link directly to the online shop I bought the fabric from.

  32. All of the bags are absolutely gorgeous, but this one in this fabric takes it to another level!! It is so cover worthy!
    I would love to make this bag in the same fabric! It would make awesome gifts.

  33. Love the fabric, love the style! Most definitely deserves to be on the cover.

  34. Absolutely love this fabric, it is very eyecatching without being too busy- it would make a wonderful pattern photo. Even though it is plain I also like the denim fabric- I see the possibility of a place for embroidery and to make it truly personal. I can’t wait for this pattern to come out and I don’t like putting in zippers but your instructions make it easy.

  35. Both are beautiful; I’ve already got my fabrics based on your choices – really, really like this design and can’t wait until July! Looking through my stash to see what else would be as gorgeous. Thanks!

  36. First time on your site but I love the Lumina print. I would love this purse, plus larger bag, plus ???? It is beautiful!

  37. Definitely cover-worthy! The bling is in the fabric 🙂

  38. I love the “Gilded Ribbons” and “Twilight Swirl” for the pictures but for me I like the brown colors and will be looking for some close to it…

  39. I absolutely love this fabric…and pattern
    ..can’t wait to create my own

    Thank you

  40. SueAnn Wirick

    This is one of those “You saved the best for last ! ” I just love the fabric. I really like the way the zipper dresses up the back of the bag ! NOW to find that link for the fabric.

  41. The fabric is awesome; the purse design is awesome.

  42. Barbara Green

    I love this purse and can’t wait to make one for myself. Please e-mail me when the pattern is ready for sale. Love it!!

  43. This is my very favorite in style and color. Please start a e-mail notification list to announce when the pattern is available.

  44. Love ,Love that Gilded Ribbon fabric !! Really eye-catching and would sell the pattern in my opinion. I,too prefer lighter colors for the interior of bags.

  45. I love it! Colors and print are beautiful! I would buy this if it comes out in a kit!

  46. Love the fabric but agree with Aileen, not as fond of the white zippers. Maybe red, or even black.

  47. Ok…you asked……so this is only my humble opinion (from a 60’s something female) and not intended in any way to hurt anyone’s feelings.
    I do not care for the white zippers. Bright colors to match the exterior fabric would be wonderful. I would also like to see a lighter colored interior. It’s hard to see what’s in a pocket that is dark to begin with. With that said I love, love love the purse itself and the exterior fabric!!