PPC9- Choosing the Cover Details


We’ve made our choice for our Wrapsody cover model. And unlike other Purse Pattern Chronicles cycles where the choice of a cover model was clear-cut and obvious, this time our decision was a little tough! Thanks so much to all of you who played designer and helped us choose our cover model! I especially enjoyed the comments that included the reasonings behind your choice… so glad i did this! But as you probably now can surmise…it’s always such a hard decision and since this probably means some inevitable questions as to why certain bags were passed over for this honor, I thought it might be wise to explain the reasoning behind our choice. (And just so  you know– choosing a cover bag is not an exact science and even though there’s always a few choices that are outright wrong for the job, there was in this case, 3 if not 4 bags that could have worked well as our cover model.)

smBronzeBatik1 smBronzeBatikINSIDE2 This sample was eliminated immediately. The flap is shorter than the final version, there’s no exterior zippered pocket and the interior is so dark that I can’t see the card caddys.
smBlueBatik2 smBlueBatikInside2 I actually loved this sample and I wish now that I had saved this fabric for a later model. The coloration is fun and unique, but it’s an automatic out due to flap size & no exterior pocket.
smAH2 - Copy smAHinside1 This was the 1st model w/an an exterior pocket and these fabric are indeed effective. See how well the interior photographed? The black on the side makes those pleats hard to see and the laminated exterior makes it less than ideal.
smLuminaSide smLuminaInside1 This was MY favorite sample & the first w/the correct sized flap. I also liked that we’ve never used aqua in a cover, however, I decided that the print was a bit competitive with the bag features & I don’t like the purple caddys.
smAfWrap3 smAfWrapInside1 Another good candidate. The interior and the features are easy to see and the bag photographs well. I might have chosen this bag had the yellow not been so garish. It’ll be a great show bag though.
smLuminaStripe smLuminaStripeInside3 This bag has a very interesting exterior that is best appreciated in person. It’s black and as usual, it wasn’t easy to photograph, inside or out. I’m predicting however that this will be a very popular show bag, but its’ a no for the cover.
smOneForYou2 smOneForYouOpen2 As much as I love this bag, (and I’m  crazy about it) it would be a poor choice for the cover. I knew right up front that it couldn’t be a serious contender because of the elaborate pieced exterior. It will however be a show-stopper on the road & that’ll be a lot of fun!

 smMashamaWrap1So… by process of elimination have you figured out which bag we chose to be our cover model? If you guessed African-striped sample with serious red & purple coloration then you would be RIGHT! It’s bold and bright and I liked the fact that the print didn’t overwhelm or outshine the bag features. It photographed well inside & out and it will be easily recognizable even from a distance when we display it at shows this Summer and Fall.

My graphics gal did a great job on the cover and if you’ll notice I was able to place 2 pictures of the pieced bag I love so much on the back side of the cover. The overall look of this cover is definitely in keeping with our “brand”. It has the look and feel of a StudioKat Designs pattern cover.

There was only one thing I wasn’t crazy about… and that was the orange borders and backgrounds around the text. I know there’s a lot of orange in the fabric and theoretically this color scheme should work, but I’m not a fan. So my gal worked up a few other options for me and as much as I  know I don’t like the orange shown above, I’m kind of ambivalent about the green, red and blue alternatives. You’ll find them displayed below in absolutely no order of preference.




These options are better than the orange, that’s for sure… but I don’t have an obvious favorite. And since I so enjoyed your input on the cover model, I guess I’m wondering….

If this were YOUR decision, which secondary color would YOU choose?

Orange, Green, Blue or Red?

You can indicate your choice in the comments section below and if you have other questions about the cover in general or our choice for the cover model in specific, you can leave those there as well.


We actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it via FaceBook or Twitter!


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  1. I like the blue. It doesn’t fight with the fabrics so your eyes go to the pictures rather than to the borders.
    Can’t wait to sew this one!

  2. I like the red – feel that it works well with the colors in the purse fabric (and besides, my favorite color is red) . I loved this sample so much that I ordered the fabric when you first showed it, in anticipation of the release of the pattern!!!!

  3. Please choose the orange. This shade is easy on the eyes, allows my eyes to center on the main pictures and the separate pdf teaching. Also, this shade is complementary to all of the pictures without taking over.

    I think it’s a happy color! I found myself smiling when I came to it.

    Thank you for asking for input, Kat. You’re a genius!

  4. Sonya Bankester

    I personally like the orange, yes it does pop out at you, but it flows with the colors of the bag. The green has no “flow”, the red doesn’t either. The purple, will work, it’s not as “out there” as the orange, but it doesn’t detract from it as the green and red.

  5. Sonya Bankester

    Oops! That border is blue not purple. ; !

  6. I like the orange. It goes with the bag. Next I would choose the red but do not like at all the blue and green.

  7. Marilyn McAllister

    I like the blue best. I don’t think the green looks as nice with the bag and as mentioned above, red can be hard on the eyes.

  8. Red,defiantly red…it picks up the red in the fabric, unlike the orange it works with the border. 😉

  9. Blue is my favorite…easier on the eyes. Red would be my second choice! I am anxiously waiting for the release of this pattern…I purchase the fabric on your cover bag!

    • I agree with Lonnie. I like the way the blue blends nicely with the purple in the fabric, blue is easy on the eye, and it seems to let the bag take center stage.

  10. I like the blue the best, it blends nice with the purple and doesn’t take away from the beautiful bright bag!

  11. The red border looks great, less distracting than the others!

  12. I like the red. No reason except for I like the way it looks. It blends in well with the chosen purse.

  13. I would choose the blue – when comparing the colors, the blue seems to compete the least with the cover bag and with the overall appearance.

  14. wisconsin dragonfly

    To me the orange looks best followed by red. The green and blue look dull somehow. Have you tried yellow?

  15. Please choose orange, its my favourite….

  16. I like the green. It’s red’s opposite. Very pleasing to look at.

  17. I actually prefer the orange. Red is my second choice.

  18. Orange isn’t my color either but I think it really pulls out the colors of the bag better! Second choice would be red.

  19. Gretchen Schlier

    The red draws your attention to each column, compliments the bag nicely and works best with the purple across the top. It doesn’t add to or fight with the oranges. The blue does the same but is much more subtle. However, it doesn’t work with the purple. The orange is way too much orange and the green doesn’t work at all.

  20. I definitely like the red.

  21. I know yellow wasn’t a choice, but I’d like to see what a deep yellow would look like. Blue is my favorite, but I’d like to see what yellow would do.

  22. Red is the one that makes everything ‘pop’ for me..

  23. Red is a 1st for me, followed by the blue….actually may I have one of each please? Love them all….so hard to choose.

  24. To answer a few questions-

    I’m so glad to get all of this feedback- I know there’s no perfect choice but I think its SO interesting to read all of these comments! Anyway- in the end, its all about the bag design. As important as all of these little details seem now, its really the bag design that will sell this pattern, right?

    Several people have asked about using yellow and that’sone thing I can say for sure would not work out as a border color. It would literally disappear against the white background and any test used against the yellow would need to be very dark which can be very difficult to read.

    So….Thanks to EVERYONE for weighing in, I’m reading all the responses with great interest!

    have a fun weekend!

  25. Blue as it doesn’t detract at all from the product and just blends in. So glad you picked my choice of the Africa – I know it wasn’t mine alone !!! I’ll be waiting for the patter to come out. Dorothy B

  26. I hate to disagree with you, but I think the orange is the best choice. It is more cohesive. It helps your eye to go from one section to another without interruption. I like it!

  27. First choice is orange. Second choice is red. The blue and green don’t “pop”.

  28. I like the red. The whole page pops.

  29. Red, please. It draws attention, yet doesn’t overwhelm. The blue and green do nothing for the cover at all. That’s my opinion.

  30. I prefer the blue, it took me a few minutes to figure out why. I think it’s the proximity of the border to the purple header. The other colors don’t play as we’ll with the header.

  31. I scrolled back and forth through the choices numerous times and to my eye the one that works the best is the green. It frames the text but does not overpower the rest of the page. The other 3 choices seemed to jump at me off the page – especially the orange. Just my 2 cents worth!

  32. I like the blue (other than being my favorite color) because it doesn’t compete with the bag pic, just seems to flow with it, maybe because there isn’t a blue in the bag , you see the important thing, the bag, first; then the info and it doesn’t jump out at you, is easier on the eye.

  33. Carol Breault

    I love the Red…definitely the red!

  34. Blue is my pick. It blends well with the purple and isn’t overpowering.

    The red and orange are too distracting, and the green doesn’t seem to “fit” with anything else on the page.

  35. I like the blue.

  36. Linda Machado

    I like the red. It just seems to go better with the overall look of the layout. Orange would be my second choice followed third by blue. Funny thing is green is my favorite color but it just doesn’t work with this. Good luck with your decision.

  37. I would go with the blue as it compliments but doesn’t compete – which seems to me to be the function of a border. The comments are interesting and really point out the diversity of the people who look for and buy your great patterns!

  38. My choice would be green, or even blue. Green because it is opposite of the bag colors, so all bag elements stand out, plus the print is very easy to see. Blue or purple because it is soothing. But it does blend in too much, me thinks,

  39. Orange.. It brings out and complements the color of the cover bag.

  40. Blue or green. These cool colors look better next to the purple heading rather than the warm colors. I’d pick the blue…I think it works best with all three photos. NICE job on the cover!!!

  41. Margie Sartor

    I like the orange then the red.

  42. Margie Sartor

    I like the orange one best, then the red. It frames it best

  43. Veronica Johnson

    Everybody has their own opinion as to which is best, but here’s mine.
    The purple and green go, but I think they are trying to ‘decide’ who is more important.
    The purple and blue are a bit ‘flat’, almost as if the blue sections were an afterthought.
    The purple and orange are a bit much. Like you said, too much orange.
    The purple and red seem to complement each other without ‘outdoing’ each other. The red draws attention to the important things, while letting the cover bag still be the focus.

  44. Red….compliments everything on the page.

  45. I like the orange, but honestly, I probably would not have noticed the border color at all if you had not mentioned it.

  46. I would go with purple or teal. I know … odd ball out here, but I like those two colors better than any of the other choices!

  47. I think the red is your best bet. It matches the purse (great choice, by the way) and your eyes just naturally go to the picture.

  48. I have to vote for the orange. The blue and green don’t do anything for the cover. The orange works with the colors of the bag. The red would be my second choice, but it doesn’t work as well as the orange. If I were looking through my patterns for this bag, it would jump out with the orange borders.

  49. I think the orange is best. It balances everything out and is pleasant to look at. (This comes from a person who’s favorite color is not orange). Because there is orange in the bag too, the orange in the pattern cover makes your eyes move around and really keep your eyes looking at it.

  50. Orange, then red. I like the bold colors as the bag has so many bold colors. The bolder colors highlight the sections better IMHO.

  51. Orange is my first choice, then red. Love this cover!

  52. I like the blue. It lets the bag pop out from the page.

  53. Purple !!!

  54. I know its not your favorite, but the orange really does make the whole packaging pop! Playing with colors (in paints, drawings and graphic designs) for fun, I think it compliments the bag, just as the purple text box and header pick up the purple trim. Warm colors dominate the fabrics of both bags and to me the blues/greens (aka cooler colors) kind of flatten the page. I’m not a huge fan of orange either, but sometimes it works. If you don’t like it all, I think red is the 2nd best. Good luck! Patiently waiting for July to come… I think it will be a huge hit!

  55. I would choose the purple already used in the header. I blends so very well with the trim on the bag. To my un-professional eye it just looks like an extension of the bag. The bag is trimmed in the purple, and so is the text 🙂

  56. I’m not and orange person, but it is the one that attracts my attention. It looks so good with the bag!

  57. Definitely, the blue. Hands down in my opinion.

  58. Orange isn’t my favorite color by a long shot, but it goes with the other colors and elements better than the other other options.

    I hardly noticed that the elements are orange, at all and I think that’s kind of a good thing.

    Red would be my second choice and the blue isn’t bad, either, but I would not choose the green for anything.

    Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  59. Seacoast Quilter

    The red is definitely my choice. I can’t wait to make this bag!

  60. Wow, so many different opinions! I didn’t care for the orange until I saw the other options, then it looked more appealing. I read somewhere that orange is the color of creativity, so, hey! Orange would by my choice.

  61. Did you try all the outlines in purple?

  62. I don’t like any of them. I feel the colors compete against the bag. You have the purple for the header, then the orange, blue, red, or green, and then the colorful bag. WAY too much color competition. I would keep the purple header, and make the vertical/horizontal lines black.

    Another thought. Make it all one color, just purple. The samples shown just look gaudy to me. Sorry.

  63. The red for me seems to work the best. It compliments everything.

  64. I wouldn’t use any of them. I’d try maybe a 10% grey inside the orange outlines (or the reverse, grey outline w light orange fill. Then the purse will pop and the boxes won’t fight w the purse so much.

  65. The green one. 1) It pulls in the green from the cover bag and makes it pop. 2) Green is the color of money and you want to make lots of that with this pattern. 3) I love green and purple together!

  66. The red would be my pick. It is easiest on the eyes and doesn’t compete with the colors in the bag. It’s just a nice compliment. The green and blue are too dark for my liking. I love the orange (my favorite color) but it doesn’t do the same job as the red, The red is just so happy! Makes me want to make this bag!

  67. Blue (but that entirely could be coming from the fact that my favourite colour is blue!!)

  68. Blue makes the bag stand out—Denise S

  69. I like the red best. It stands out, not as “in your face” as the orange, but the blue and green blend in. It highlights the information, looks nice with the bag.
    And yes, the black with ribbons is a beauty and I knew it wouldn’t be a cover bag, but I couldn’t see one that I really liked that much either. Process of elimination for sure.

    I still think the guardian will be my choice as soon as I get the wedding clothes stitched. Granddaughter bride, all of them young and broke, so I’m making vests and shirts and the wedding dress! Purple Camo – it’ll be a great hit for sure.
    Take care, Dee

  70. Harriott Balmer

    I am not a green fan, but I prefer it in this instance. It provides good contrast so I can easily read the white lettering and that becomes more important with each passing year. It doesn’t complete with your designs and just looks cleaner and more professional to me. I have enjoyed your website for many years and have forwarded it, along with your newsletters because I think they are so consistently well done! First comment I have made, however….

  71. I’m leaning toward the orange and surprised to be saying that.

  72. Could you split the color?

    Look at the way the orange sets off the pieced bag on the back. I don’t think any of the other colors shows it off as well.

    On the front, I like the red “A Place For Everything” banner because it works so well with the red side of the purse.

    For the framing on the front, I prefer the blue because it doesn’t jump out at you.

    Is there any reason that you couldn’t use all three colors if you wanted to?

    I can see how it has to be a really hard decision, but a fun one too, I hope! Regardless of what you choose, it is going to look great and be a best seller, I’m sure.

  73. I like the Red secondary color.

  74. I am definitely not an “orange person” (blue is my color), but I have to say I like the orange best. Your info boxes “pop,” rather than blend in with the photos, it does complement the colors in the bag, and it is a nice contrast to the purple header.

    Decisions, decisions!

  75. Love your choice for cover bag as they were mine too! As far as the “title banner” colours, I seem to be drawn to the red – I think because of the red outline and red in the bag photo. Good luck with whatever you decide – its going to be a great pattern!

  76. Love the blue one. but love all the rest also.

  77. Candace Martinez

    With the purple banner the red reflects the colors of the side of the purse. Red is always and eye-catcher anyway.

  78. Red

  79. RED! IMHO it does not fight with the colors of the bag or take away from them.

    Your eye stays with the bag, not distracted from those other jatring colors.

  80. I really love the red. It just all goes so well together.

  81. After reading all the above great comments and then scrolling back and forth between the choices I noticed the banner color (A place for everything) was the part that was making the most difference to me, so either the red or blue matched the bag best and the rest was okay after that. The red matched the side of the bag facing out and the blue matched the edging. I guess that puts me in the red voting group with blue as the second choice.

  82. Bonnie Readie

    The blue grabbed my attention right away.

  83. Definitely prefer the blue. It doesn’t overpower the colors in the bag or draw your attention to the border like the other colors do. Looks nice and calm. The other colors look like they’re fighting with the colors in the bags.

  84. Can’t wait to make this beautiful bag with blue. But, I will make credit card slots in the back wall of the purse.

  85. After looking at all the bags several times, I think I like the red best because your eye is brought down to the red in the bag and it pops more against the purple border than the other colors. The blue and the green are just boring against the purple and there is not enough showing in the bag to make it look right.

  86. Orange.

  87. None of the above — I think you should continue with the purple, possibly in a slightly lighter value. Purple ties in with the bag better than red, blue or green, but is gentler on the eyes than orange. But, if you can’t do purple, my vote goes to orange as a secondary color — it just goes with the bag so well. The others add nothing. So glad you chose the African Stripe as the cover bag — that was my (late) vote.

  88. I like the blue. I think it competes less than the other colors.

  89. I think that the green is overpowering, the blue is too flat & the red just clashes. So as much as orange is not one of my colours & one I would not normally choose, I think it definitely looks best on this pattern. It blends well with the colours of the bag & helps the different sections of instructions stand out well.

  90. The RED is perfect! It fits without taking over like the orange and green do. Orange is the most disliked color in the spectrum for the majority of people, so you don’t want that. The ends of the bag itself are red, and there’s LOTS of red in the striped fabric, so its a natural! I’m afraid I can’t see the blue at all on Internet Explorer; it’s just an x in a box.

  91. Paula Nierengarten

    Red really accents the fabric nicely, but I am just thrilled you picked this fabric for the cover. Can’t wait to buy the pattern!

  92. Hi-I like the orange borders because it seems to make you look right to the sample-draws your eye to it-sorry-I know you don’t like the orange but you are right, the other choices are are blah!
    Chrissi V

  93. What about yellow borders? I might like that best of all.

  94. I would choose the blue. It is more subtle and doesn’t compete with the fabrics in the photos.

  95. I have to say that you should stick with the orange – it really makes the orange in the fabric POP. I don’t like the green or the red at all, and the blue is kind of blah to me. Of course this is just my opinion, but you did ask. 8)

  96. I like Blue as it allows the bag to continue to be the highlight and yet sets off the text…..

  97. Merilee Kennedy

    I really like the red best for no other than it’s one of my favorite colors! Can’t wait until the pattern is released for purchase! So anxious! Love all your designs!

  98. I like red!

  99. I prefer the red. It plays nicely with the bag.

  100. TBH I’m not a big fan of any of the four colours chosen. My feeling is it’s a lazy colour choice to simply pick one of the dominant colours of the purse. Looking at the fabric I think I see taupe and aqua etc. At the moment each column is appearing very dull so consider changing the background colour within each column. Sorry to sound so -ve.

  101. Blue please! It looks classy!

  102. Going blue, it complements your logo and doesn’t fight the with purse materials

  103. I like the green. To me it really pops and stands out nicely.

  104. Blue would be my choice. The color does not distract the eye but simply gives the sense of separation of information,

  105. Definitivamente elijo el naranja!!!

  106. Alma Lou Annab

    I like the orange with this sample.
    But to be honest I love the turquoise sample and it would be stunning with a blue border.
    Every time I look at this design I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It will be a great purse for travel! NO need for a carry on!

  107. I’d prefer you used purple for the entire border, but since you want to use 2 different colors, then look at your color wheel! Yellow would be analogous. Obviously, that wouldn’t stand out well enough. Blue would be complementary. It has to be blue. Simple as that!

  108. Red for me, it shows up the red in the fabric and plays well with all the other colours. I am really looking forward to making this bag

  109. BLUE – it just looks right!

  110. Why not use the same purple color as the banner?

  111. Orange is NOT my favorite color, but I think it works the
    best here. Red is my second choice. Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in. This is really interesting.

  112. Didn’t take time to read others comments, but the blue is my fav. It’s so calm I focus on the text! I’m ready to make this bag as soon as I get a pattern!

  113. I prefer the blue. But they are all nice.

  114. I’m curious why you didn’t choose purple for the outlines? That is the outline of the bag and the background of the banner title so it seems that would flow.
    If I must choose from your four 🙂 my order of preference would be:
    1-Blue, “flows” and doesn’t draw me away from the pics and verbage
    2-orange, same as blue but adds a little “pop”
    3-red, similar to orange but not as smooth a combination
    4-green, definitely detracts and pulls my eye to the border instead of looking at the pics