PPC9- Choosing a Cover Model


Eventually there comes a time when we have to stop making samples and choose a cover model for our new pattern. And you know what? Sometimes this choice is very obvious, and sometimes not so much, and like so many other decisions that have to be made on the way to publishing a pattern, our skill (or the lack thereof) in this area has been a work in progress. But here’s the deal, we’ve learned a LOT over the course of publishing 30+ patterns (some of it the hard way), and the result is that now we have a pretty good handle on what we’re looking for in a cover model for our patterns.

For this cycle, we actually have FIVE potential cover models to choose from. They are pictured below in the order in which they were introduced to you on this Blog. Take another look at them as you scroll down the page and then read about what criteria we’ll be using as we make this oh-SO-important choice!

smLuminaWrap2 The Lumina Model smMashamaWrap1 The African Striped Model
smAfWrap3 The Waxed Print Model smLuminaStripe The Ribbon Model
 smOneForYou1The Pieced Exterior Model

So… having said all that, what exactly are we looking for in a perfect cover model?

Well, maybe it would be best to first define for you what our cover model is NOT.  So listed below are the FIVE things we try to make sure we keep in mind as we make this all-important decision.

The Perfect Cover Model …

  1. is NOT necessarily my favorite. I make every effort to make a calculated, unemotional decision because I have found out the hard way that just becasue I love a particular bag is no guarantee that anyone else will.  🙂
  2. is NOT necessarily the one I think my customer will “like” the best. Because after all, which customer would I pick. The 20-year old? The 80-year old? The teacher? The policewoman? You get the picture……………
  3. probably does NOT look like an everyday bag.  For everyday use, most women choose colors that will go with most of their clothing and will stay clean and new for a long time when they choose a new handbag. But the last thing I want in a cover bag is for it to “blend” in with the surroundings. Ideally, I want our cover bag to “stand out in a crowd”, with a light or bright-colored interior that makes it easy to see all the way to the bottom corner!
  4. is NOT primarily a dark color. I shouldn’t have to tell you after all this time that I LOVE working with black (and white), but bags that are mostly black or navy blue can appear “flat” in a photograph. Their features, no matter how interesting and unique can disappear and let’s face it, we want our bag features to jump off the page. We don’t want customers having to strain to find the features we’ve been working so hard to perfect!  🙂
  5. and is NOT created with a special pieced exterior. I like to fabricate bag exteriors in a freestyle way, without pattern pieces, but I’ve learned from bitter experience (and quite a few scoldings) to NOT place a bag with such an exterior on our cover (reference the Lollapalooza). Even if the piecing technique is easy (which it was) … and even if the directions are pictured in color and are available as a free download (which they were)! Unless there are actual pattern pieces available, it goes on the back cover (as an alternate view), not the front!  🙂

And now that you know what we do NOT want, here are the FIVE things that are most important to us as we make our choice.

The Perfect Cover Model ….

  1. is fabricated in such a way as to draw attention to the bag’s design features. Some prints are so “busy” that the fabric can seem to  “compete” with the bag features for attention (similar to #3 above). I want interesting fabric for sure, but I want the design to shine thru unimpeded, because after all, I’m not selling fabric!
  2. is compelling to look at. What I’m REALLY going for here is a striking look. My goal is to choose a cover model with such an undeniably, interesting exterior that customers can’t help but take a second look… or pick up the pattern… or stop in our booth to check it out.
  3. features ALL of the design components for that particular design. It goes without saying that a cover model should have ALL the features promised in the verbiage on the cover. Samples made early in the design process often do not have all the pockets that the final design model will eventually have. But here’s the thing… the model that is chosen for the cover is the sample that will MOST be associated with the design… it’ll be the “spokesmodel” so to speak. But if it’s missing a promised exterior pocket, then every single person who picks up that bag at the shows we travel to, will want to know why it doesn’t, or worse still, they’ll think that the design DOESN’T include an exterior pocket at all.
  4. is photogenic. For some reason that I’ll never understand, sometimes the most beautiful bag just doesn’t photograph well, no matter what color it is…no matter the lighting…. no matter the background….no matter what… I…. do! But here’s the deal, no matter how pretty and ideal it is in person, if it doesn’t photograph well, it just NOT a good candidate for the cover model!
  5. has a look that’s consistent with our “brand”. Under ideal circumstances, customers should pretty much be able to identify one of our patterns or models at a glance. For example, we tend to design with bright color and graphic details. If all of a sudden we departed from that formula and placed a model on the cover that had “primitive” colorations instead, this would be inconsistent with our brand. As beautiful as it might be, I would be doing myself no favors in this case, because I would be forfeiting any advantage I might otherwise enjoy amongst my “brand-loyal” customers.

So…Let’s have a little FUN!

Now it’s YOUR chance to put on the “designer hat”. 

Scroll back up to the top of this post and re-examine our five cover model candidates keeping the “five Do’s” and the “five Do Not’s” in mind. Then I’d love for you to tell me which bag YOU think would be the best choice for the Wrapsody pattern cover (in the comments section below). I would also enjoy hearing the reasoning behind your choice. Then stay tuned for the next post in this series to see how closely your reasoning aligned with mine when I reveal which model will be on the cover of the Wrapsody.
 ((I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing your comments!)      🙂

We actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it via FaceBook or Twitter!


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  1. I believe it will be either the African Stripe or the Ribbon purse. I like both. The African Stripe is bright and just looks like summer, but the Ribbon appeals to me as well. It reminds me of a summer evening – dark shadows and the bright colors of flowers peeking out at you in the semi-dark. Crazy? Maybe, but those are my choices.

    I like the pattern!

  2. Love the Ribbon model!

  3. I agree…the African Striped or the ribbon model–both shout “Studiokat!” Both are equally beautiful, but the colors in the African Striped (at least in the photo) seem more vibrant and eye-catching. Looking forward to making the bag!

  4. I think that the African Striped Model is the best purse for your cover. The angle of the picture shows the large interior, the several folds of the inner pouches, and how the metal attachments work. The colors are not too busy, yet they are beautiful. This bag stands out as a classic!

    Thank you, Kat, once again. You are a purse genius!

  5. Chrystina Power

    The Ribbon purse! So classy.

  6. Dorothy Brock

    The African striped model (but I would picture it from the front or toward the left). This bag just flows with energy from all the colors of a rainbow interacting with each other. There is so much fluid movement but the purple edging seems to add a peaceful serenity to it all.

  7. As much as I like the Ribbon (went and bought 3 panels) I have to say The African Striped Model.

  8. The african stripe or the Lumina model, or the Ribbon model…anyone of these three would be a good choice, I think.

  9. Dwen Heminway

    Besides being “my” colors, The Lumina is my choice. The fabric placement echoes the shape of the bag nicely, tying it all together.

  10. For me THE RIBBON is the purse that says “StudioKatDesigns” hands down. Color is great, would go with anything in everyday wear. Just beautiful with Black and Navy.

  11. I love the Lumina and the Ribbon model. The Lumina shows the most work in aligning the fabrics’ design

  12. I think the Ribbon Model. That purse cover would go great with any outfit you wear.

  13. The pieced exterior would sell me the pattern, it is by far my favorite, however, it misses some of your criteria.
    Therefore I think you will choose the waxed print. Any of them would be ok, but maybe not perfect for you. Good Luck.

  14. The waxed model is my pick!!

  15. The African Striped immediately drew my eye.

  16. Kathie Brownlee

    Lumina, it is the most compelling.

  17. While I agree with the comment that the African print shot shows off the bag’s shape the best, the pieced exterior draws my interest and attention more than any of the others. My second choice is the waxed print. Those two examples call me and say buy me more than the others. Good luck with your decision.

  18. Jadene Ransdell

    I pick the African Stripe. That model is the product that made me notice your studio. The colors are magnificent and the fabric shows off the bag shape quite well. All are beautiful. Now…I’m not one to make a lot of purses but I am anxious to get this pattern and ti make my own.

  19. Love the African Stripe. The colors show up well, and the purple binding contrasts well with the fabric and shows the design element. It looks like it is pieced, but gives the idea that it could be pieced if I choose. The position of the bag shows the end detail well.

  20. I think The African. It’s easier to see what the bag really looks like. The others are beautiful but the fabrics distract from the bag’s features.

  21. The Ribbon model caught my eye right off the bat. It photographs beautifully. I also thought the Waxed Print showed off the purse nicely.

  22. Judy Babbidge

    Love the pattern, period. Am really anxious to have it in my hands, regardless of the pattern cover! My personal favorite is Lumina because of the colors and symmetrical use of the fabric. Ribbon is beautiful, but dressy – I see it more as an evening bag. But my choice for your pattern cover is African Stripe. The colors make it a go with everything bag, and the fabric makes it a use anytime, by anyone, style of bag. Thanks for asking for my 2 cents, by the way.

  23. Veronica Johnson

    What I think would be best for the ‘cover model’ is either the African stripe or the pieced exterior as they both show the shape of the bag to best effect. The ones that I like the best are the Lumina and the Waxed print. Although these don’t show the shape as well as the other two, they are the sort of fabrics I would be comfortable working with.

  24. I like the “African” the most & I think it’s due to the orientation of the purse photo shoot. The angle of the photo allows the purchaser to see the “rotundness” of the shape & the flap is shown to be a slightly lengthened/enlongated (?) compared to the other samples.

  25. Even before reading all the text you gave us I had deleted a couple just for the reasons you had said. OK so now, I’m torn between the african stripe and the wax print. On the african stripe the binding shows up so lovely, and it is easy to see the side. but that might be because the bag in the picture is turned so that you can see the side. The wax print is very eye catching but the binding blends in with the print. Not sure what the side is like as the bag is turned so we can’t see the side. Still I like both of those for a cover photo.

  26. well, I like some of the other ones that didn’t make it into the finally (pout) …. you took some of the five already out of the equation with criteria…..

    ….so , i guess would choose:
    the waxed print

    although the African matches all your criteria because it shows the details more “with a glance”

  27. The ribbon by far is my choice.

  28. I think African Stripe fits your criteria.

  29. Although the ribbon purse is my personal choice I tried to look beyond that and select one that met your criteria. When I took into consideration the most compelling , photogenic purse that is fabricated to accentuate the design I still came back to the Ribbon model.

  30. I love the African Striped model, it shows off all the fab features!

  31. I think the African print shows the design best, I love the Ribbon and Luminał bags but the design is lost….maybe you cou use the African print and the Pieced print together as a cover to show the versatility of the pattern….That looks like StudioKat!!

  32. The Ribbon model is my favorite, close 3nd is The Lumina!

  33. Go with the ‘African Striped!’ First, the bright colors grabbed my attention. It didn’t have any specific pattern placement that would make me worry that I would have trouble lining it up. The angle of the photo clearly shows how deep and wide the bag is, so I get a better idea of how much stuff I can carry in it – and the fold lines are more even than in the Lumina. The contrasting piping is easily seen to show off that detail, and I can see how it continues onto the side panel. The angle of the photo also shows off the hardware, so I can see the type of clip I need. Finally, the bag looks like it is ‘sitting up’ – perky and full of the energy found in this great design! GO African Striped!

  34. I have to begin by saying that I love all of these bags! However, attempting to adhere to your criteria, I would select the African Stripe model. It is very easy to see all of the features of the pattern. The binding stands out from the rest of the fabric to delineate the shape. It is also gorgeous, photogenic and fits into your “family” of patterns. It probably wouldn’t be an everyday bag, but I see more and more women carrying bags that my home ec teachers would have gasped at, simply because they don’t match an outfit. Who says everything has to match?
    My second choice would be the Lumina, followed by the ribbon and the Waxed Print. The pieced exterior is fabulous, but I can see why it couldn’t be considered as thecover pattern. Thanks for the chance to paly design critic!.

  35. The ribbon! It is so eye-catching it would make a beautiful cover. The fabric design is also very different from your other pattern covers that it would really stand out.

  36. The Lumina is my first choice. African stripe secon.

  37. Elizabeth Wheeler

    The African Striped model is visually compelling, with clean graphic lines, and excellent contrast between the piping and the body of the bag. It looks like a “high end” designer handbag, which should appeal to many different groups of sewists.

  38. I think the Lumina model fits most of the criteria and I love how the curves in the print accentuate the curves of the bag. This bag on a cover of a pattern would make me stop browsing and take a closer look!

  39. Hi Kat,

    These are great guidelines and will make it easy to choose the cover bag.

    Bag #1, Lumina, would be the choice. The fabric does not have not common pattern (like dots or stripes). The curves of the fans help accentuate the circular shape of the bag. Plus the gilded fabric will reflect the light making a better photograph.

    My reasons for not choosing the other bags:
    #2 and #3 have a great pattern but as you said in your post the stripes hide the shape of the bag and is a common pattern. #4 has a black background and it would be hard to balance the light in the photo. #5 is a pieced top which shows a secondary pattern option. It is not the primary design.

    Can’t wait to make my own!


  40. For me, the Ribbon model just jumps off the page, screaming “Buy this pattern and make me!” Lumina is a close second, but Ribbon just stands out.
    Having said that, I don’t think you can go wrong with any one of the bags pictured. The design of the bag is such that I’d want to make it even if it was pictured in a solid color. 😉

  41. I would jump on any one of these models, but the African Stripe seems to fit the lists best, in my opinion. Looking forward to this coming out in a few weeks!

  42. So hard to choose as I love them all! Probably the “African stripe” would be my fav. , but seeing other “options” like the “Pieced Exterior” is something I would be looking for. Can’t wait to try this pattern!

  43. I have to agree with some of the other posters. I love the ribbon as a personal favorite, but the African Stripe really shows the pattern off to its very best. I love both of them, but based on the objectives you stated above, the African Stripe meets all the criteria.

  44. My choice is the African Stripe. The multicolored fabric is stunning as well as the accents of red and purple. I feel it has a couture look and could be in a boutique. Looks like a handmade treasure. While I liked the other fabric combinations, especially the black dots accent trim, I feel they look more homemade.

  45. The Lumina model. I feel it would appeal to a broader ranger of shoppers as the print doesn’t scream younger/older, ethnic, trendy etc. The colors blue and green have been shown in studies to be very popular, you have both in the Lumina. Also, the fabric used is a draw as it displays a way to get a pieced look by using the right fabric.

    The Ribbon model is a very close second as I find a black background with brights as the print very appealing and modern looking. Good luck in choosing, is a difficult task no doubt. Ani in Wilmington

  46. Heather Bentley

    I have to pick the Lumina. Nice colors, but not too busy or too dark. Good photo. The pattern of the fabric shows off the shape of the bag and the bright colors are consistent with your ‘brand’. The African Stripe would be another good choice…it certainly is striking! But I’m sticking with Lumina. Can’t wait to see your pick. I really love this pattern!

  47. Linda Ferguson

    Given you criteria I’d say the African one, but given my love and which I’d pick on first looks it would be the Ribbon, I think it’s very classy.

  48. Love the ribbon and the pieced! Looking forward to the pattern.

  49. I would pick the Lumina. The colors are very appealing and show off the actual design of the bag very nicely. The ribbon fabric, although beautiful also, is a bit busy and the details of the bag seem to almost get lost in the fabric.

  50. I especially like the way the fabric on the Lumina accentuates the curve of the front flap.

  51. The ribbon one for sure as it jumps off the page. But it also has colors that go with almost anyone’s wardrobe and does not show dirt. The binding shows the curve of the flap as well.African prints are not everyones favorite and can turn people off to the pattern just because of the fabric. I have a pattern that I finally purchase after 3 years of saying how much I hate it until someone made it in fabric that I liked better in other colors. Now I have the pattern because of that. It is many persons favorite…Yellow brick road.

  52. Of the five potential bags three really stand out for me.
    The African Print and the Pieced Exterior showcase the details best. However, The Pieced Exterior is not really a contender because as you have pointed out…it is pieced. The waxed print is beautiful, but the details get lost. The Lumina and Ribbon models are both beautiful bags; I just feel they are a bit dark for a cover bag. So I guess for me at least, The African Print Model is your next cover bag.

  53. Personally I really like the ribbon bag. BUT… for a cover model, I think the African Striped bag shows off the shape better. The edge of the flap stands out the best in this one so you actually see the lines better.

  54. I would choose the Lumina, but angled as in the African, too show the volume better.

    The Lumina fabric is elegant and eye-catching and will appeal to a broader base. Thee fabric itself shows the viewer that it can be glammed up or funkied up. It will go with an evening dress, a business suit or jeans.

    I’ve enjoyed all of the models and posts, but this fabric was the one that made me say, “I HAVE to get this pattern!”

  55. Darned auto-correct! 😉

    “To,” not “too.”

  56. The ribbon bag is lovely!

  57. The pieced model speaks to me most. I love making bags either using piecing as an accent or all over. To me the other purses are boring. And I am definitely loving the bright colors of your “brand”.

  58. The African Stripe, for sure! The colors are clean and bright. It virtually pops in your face!

  59. I love all of them but the stripe is my favorite.

  60. I think the African becsuse you csn see how the handle attatches to the side as well as a good view of the front handles & the side details. It is also very colorful & is beautiful.

  61. The African Stripe or the Lumina would fit your criteria equally well, I believe. My personal choice is the Lumina just because I like those colors better, but both show the binding and side details well. In the end I’d go with the one with the lightest color interior to show the pockets off in the pictures.

  62. The Lumina really shows off the circular design of this purse. The African Stripe binding appears to be curling up and not laying flat. Not sure if the angle or stripe is creating that illusion.

  63. Jan Sturtevant

    I’d choose the African or the waxed print. I like the Lumina, but it’s not bold enough to catch the eye. The ribbon is gorgeous, but with what you said about black…

    What do you mean by “primitive?”

    Beautiful purses!

  64. I like the Lumina. I like the way the design follows the curves of the flap. I also like the different color on the ends which shows the design. I also like the ribbon one, but the Lumina just catches my eye the best.

  65. Hi-boy what a decision to make!! I really do like the waxed print one but the pieced
    exterior one grabs my eye with the black & white binding. I think that one stands out best.
    Good luck on your choice!
    Chrissi Vergoglini

  66. Anne Dee Pahl

    Lumina is my choice because the fabric fits perfectly with the bag and looks WONDERFUL made that way

  67. I think that the Lumina fabric shows off the purse shape and design in an amazing way! However, I have to also notice that the African Stripe (by contrast next to the Lumina) glows and fairly jumps off the page. I’d be proud to carry any one of the five, so I think if I had to choose, I’d not be able to. However I do know that number five can’t be on the front so I hope it end up on the back! It will be so fun to see which one YOU choose!

  68. Linda Machado

    For me personally the pieced exterior would sell me on it as a first choice but your criteria and what shouts Studio Kat is the Ribbon Model as it is something that people could picture with many things in their wardrobe. I also like the African Stripe as well. Although the people that buy the pattern will ultimately choose their own fabrics and some will try to find the fabric you used so I think it comes down to liking the style of the bag and when they see the insides of the bag, that’s going to be a big selling feature. Can’t wait to get mine!!!!

  69. My first choice would the Ribbon and second choice is the Lumina. They are all fabulous!

  70. My gut choice as you were sharing the different possibilities is the Ribbon Model. It got an immediate “Oh wow!” Skimming through a website or a store, the fabric would get my attention immediately. Given the 5 do’s and 5 don’ts, I wonder if it wouldn’t be too dark to show the features well enough. My next choice would be the African Striped Model. In all the pictures you have shared, it seems to fit the 5 do’s and 5 don’ts better. However, I would not use this particular photo as the main photo. It is a great view of the side but not the front.

  71. The African Stripe seems more in keeping with your brand. I can see it on the cover of the pattern more than any of the others…although they are all beautiful bags.

  72. The African for the cover the colors just shout summer. However my favorite is the ribbon for the colors in it.

  73. I am SO glad to see that the majority of you are considering the 5 do’s and the 5 don’ts as you make your choice! 🙂 Because that’s what a pattern designer has to do! Isn’t this FUN?

  74. I really love the ribbon but feel the African striped might make a better cover. It is bright but not glaring and the binding shows well as do the ends
    Have a great day
    Hazel D

  75. My personal favorite is the Lumina model.

  76. The Waxed Print!

  77. I believe the “Lumina” is the best choice for your cover. As you stated, it may not be the one I would purchase however, it would be the one that would get me interested at looking at others.

  78. My all time Favorite from the new bags is the Lumina. I would buy the pattern looking at it. The others are so, so looking does not make my creative juices soar.

  79. Ayyla Jarvela

    African stripe! It really shows off the bag.

  80. I have already ordered and received the material for the “Ribbon” fabric. However, I also love the “Lumina” bag. If I were going to make two of these bags, I would order the Lumina fabric.
    They all are just beautiful.

  81. The African Stripe is a real stand-out! The bright colors catch the eye. The purple trim highlights the flap curve and overall shape well. It says, ‘You can make this!’

  82. I like them all, but when I took a quick glance, the waxed print really stood out! Love it.

  83. I love them all but the African sStriped bag is definitely my choice for the cover. I think it definitely shouts Studio Kat.

  84. I like the Lumina model. I actually bought some of that fabric so I could make one as soon as the pattern was released. lol

  85. My favorite is the waxed. It has a timeless look that I can easily envision being carried by a 20 or 80 year old!
    That said, I would go off in an entirely different direction and take it more monotone or toile. Can’t wait to make my own

  86. I like the Ribbon and the African but think African Stripe is it.
    It just jumps out at you, if I walked by purse patterns I would most definitely pick this one up to look at.
    Patiently waiting for pattern.

  87. Love the fabric and colours of The Lumina and is therefore my choice. I think it looks very classic and timeless.

  88. To meet most of the criteria of the do’s and don’t’s, the Lumina is my choice. That one shows off the design features best. However, Ribbons is the one I personally like best and is the one I will make when the pattern is available.

  89. Hard to choose, but I think the ribbon model. It’s gorgeous, but doesn’t put your eyes out. Lots of color, but just the look of it will help it connect with, of course, any solid color outfit and be a cool accessory, but I think it might also work easier with other clothing color patterns than the others, not simply because of it’s variety of colors, but the fact that those colors are not really super uniform in pattern.

  90. I think the Lumina. My thoughts are that a side view shows the size of the purse. A straight on photo leaves a person wondering just how big it actually is. 🙂

  91. Nancy blocker

    The waxed model. The colors really pop. I can see me making the lumina or African print however

  92. I vote for Lumina, with African Stripe a close second. Both meet all the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in my book! But I absolutely LOVE the Ribbon!!

  93. While I quite like the ribbon model & the African stripe model I think that the Lumina model is an ideal fabric for this bag as the curved lines in the fabric compliment the shape of the bag. Also the name Wrapsody gives the idea of something wrapped around you which adds the curved idea. The colours are bright & the pattern has lined up perfectly to show the fabric to it’s best advantage.
    I found your comments on how to choose a picture very interesting

  94. African stripe for sure

  95. I think the waxed model would show best on the cover. Not too bright, not too dark, and has a cool, wild design that will attract the eyes.

  96. The Pieced Exterior and Lumina are my favorites.

    I think you will pick the Lumina model. The African Striped model is lovely, but too much of an everyday bag. The Ribbon model bag is primarily a dark color so it falls in the dark category. The Pieced exterior Bag is my co-favorite but is a type of bag you said you would not put on the cover. The The Waxed Print Model just doesn’t speak to me 🙁
    So my winner is the LUMINA model.

  97. Wow what a hard pick. Although not my favorite I have to say the African. The angle the picture is taken shows more of the design. Therefore appealing to make you want to make it. The pieced exterior is my favorite but that’s because of the dots but would intimidate me with so many fabrics.

  98. African stripe for sure! Bright colors grab you and make you like doing the happy dance. Africans love to dance! Also the name of the purse wrapsody using African fabric reminds us to wrap our arms around those in the world even if they are different from us….

  99. Candace Martinez

    I like the Ribbon one by far but retake the picture with at the angle of the African one.
    Good luck!

  100. The African Stripe seems to be the most appealing!

  101. First of all it must be said that they are ALL beautiful but the one that got me was……”Ribbon” !

  102. Martine Delanghe-Dimicolis

    I fell in love immediatly with the African Stripe , just georgeous !

  103. I love the Ribbon model and it would be my choice of a bag to make and carry. For your guidelines, however, I would use the Lumina Model as the cover bag. It is neither too dark or too light in color and the curved shapes in the print complement the curved shapes of the bag flap and the curved end of the bag. I’m looking forward to this bag becoming available.

  104. The African Stripe really catches my eye and the angle of the bag shows the outline -the sides and the metal attachments for the handles. Good placement to see the advantages of the pattern!

  105. Love the African Stripe bag! It’s a natural for the cover photo!

  106. The African Stripe!! It really catches my eye also! It’s the best one for the cover!

  107. Nothing is as striking as The Ribbon Model. Please hurry with the pattern. I already have the material.

  108. On second thought, since the Ribbon and African seem to have the most votes, why not put them together and take a photo. This would allow the buyer to see different options. I remember a quilt pattern I didn’t even look twive at until I saw it made up with different colors. Then, I had to have it.

  109. Barbara Ballard

    I vote for African Stripe or Lumina. I would not choose the pieced front as a cover purse, because someone like me who does not and will never quilt would be totally turned off. It’s a good option to include in the pattern, but NOT as the cover choice.

  110. As a jeweler I personally like the Lumina. The curves and colors do an outstanding job of showing off the curves and contours of this outstanding bag! The colors are bright and will show up against almost any background. They are also the kind of colors that are always popular. Seems (at least in my trade) these colors NEVER go out of style, thus saving you the trouble of ever having to update you pattern front. But, my favorite feature of Lumina is my first point. The way the colors and shapes of the pattern highlight the shape of the bag. It just completes the bag and brings it all together! It makes me really want to buy this pattern! That is saying something. You see, I have resisted this bag from the beginning. As it doesn’t fit my tablet. But, I suppose I don’t have to always have to carry my tablet! LOL! And I could use the the in that lovely fabric (or similar) then!

  111. I love the ‘Waxed Print’ version! It’s the one that my eye keeps returning to so obviously it must be the most eye-catching (hah, pun wasn’t planned!!).

  112. Lumina is my personal favorite but I think that the African stripe would be my choice for the cover. It is the most eye catching and shows off the contours of the bag the best…in my opinion…