PPC9- And One More for FUN!


now it’s time to have fun doing a little “piecework” to make a totally unique Wrapsody exterior. You might remember from a recent post that Pat Sloan sent us a huge package of spectacular cuts & jellyrolls from her new line of fabrics in exchange for us making her a handbag model to display at the Spring Quilt Market. And since the Wrapsody was not yet ready for release, I made Pat an Uptown Saddlebag sample instead, (which she loved), but I promised her I would do something special with her fabric for a Wrapsody sample, so here we go……….

The first (and probably the hardest) thing I had to do was to choose which of Pat’s fabrics to include (because they’re ALL so daggum yummy):

And believe me when I say that this process was TOUGH. It actually took an entire afternoon to narrow it down to these 13 (pictured above) out of the 30+ beautiful fabric samples I received!


So… here’s how it turned out.

I thought I would go for a whimsical look since I had these bold, clear colorations to work with, and my goal was to get pieces of the red, orange AND blue to be visible from the front side of the bag (to look fabulous in photographs of course). And since I had 13 fabrics to work with this took some careful planning.






I took this picture with the flap un-snapped so you could see how the piecing looks on the underflap, which is actually where I began this project which has a definitive diagonal look.







As the pieced area reached the backside of the bag I gave it a decidedly horizontal look, because I didn’t want to be dealing with 7 or 8 lumpy seams across that zipper.

Once I got by that zipper I started banking my cuts around that curved flap to get as many different fabrics as possible represented on that focal Flap area.  🙂







I’ve included this photo (above) so you can see all 3 pieces of the bag exterior after the piecing was complete and the pattern pieces were cut out. It’ll give you a feel for how I cut the fabric diagonally in both the UnderFlap & OverFlap area in order to get that curved feel in both locations. But if anyone thinks they could be interested in more specific information and pictures of how I accomplished this look, please leave me a note to that effect in the ‘Comments’ section below and if there’s enough interest I’ll be glad to work up some pictorial instructions for you.  🙂


So… let’s talk bit about this finished look

(which by the way hits me right in my wheelhouse) I figured I’d go with one of the blues for the side walls to somewhat tone down the overall “brightness” of the rest of the exterior, and since I couldn’t decide what color to go with for the bias tape, and since its kind of a quirky bag already, I decided to continue with that general attitude and used a very unique black & white polka dot I’ve been saving for just the right occasion! And besides, it gave me a really good excuse to pull out the polka dot zippers to complete the quirkiness!


And finally, since these zippered pockets and Card Caddys offered me the perfect opportunity to continue showcasing Pat’s fabulous fabric line, I chose to make each pocket AND each Caddy in a different fabric! I had a total BLAST making this bag and I’m thrilled with how it came out. I knew right up front that this model was NOT going to be a cover contender (because of the pieced exterior), and maybe that’s why enjoyed the process so much? I felt totally free to make it MY way, and even though it won’t be on the cover, I may just slide it onto the back side of it, since it will give customers a good indication of the type of creativity they can infuse into a expansive exterior like this.

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what your thoughts are about this bag? Yay or nay? Do you find it whimsical and fun or wierd and wonky? And don’t forget, if you’re interested in some pictorial instructions about this exterior, let us know below?

And stay tuned for the next post in this series. We’re getting close to revealing our cover model for this design and I may need a little input on a few other aspects of the pattern cover.

We actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it by way of FaceBook, Pinterest or Twitter. 🙂


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  1. I love this fabric choice….and I have my fabric all picked out for when this pattern is available…Great Job!

  2. Chris in South Jersey

    This is the best one yet. It certainly broke me out of think only showcase fabric for the body. I’d like to see the tutorial if only to see if you and I have the same idea about you to piece it. Lovely job. BTW, I saw Pat’s booth at Market, but didn’t have an opportunity to speak to her, nor did I see your bag. Sorry.

    • Thank you Chris! 🙂 I think that the Uptown Saddlebag I made for Pat was on display in the big Moda booth near Pat’s fabric collection. 🙂

  3. Linda, quero saber como comprar do preco

  4. Como comprar e o preco

    • Please remember folks that this pattern is not complete yet. It will go on sale in early July on our website. (sorry but we do not routinely sell finished goods, only patterns.) 🙂

      • I sure hope you’ll use this bag somewhere on the pattern cover, front or back! It’s fabulous!!!

  5. Dwen Heminway

    Love the diagonal placement. More comments would be appreciated. Anxiously waiting for the release of this pattern!!

  6. Beautiful. Such talent. Would love to see more on this one!

  7. Sheila Palkowitsh

    I love this bag and the fabrics you used. Could you tell me overall dimensions ? Thank you for sharing.,

  8. I would love more info on the piecing technique it would be a great challenge for me. I so love the brightness and polka dots. Polka dots are my new gotta have in my collection so when I purchase the pattern in Julyish I will be addingg your zippers also

  9. Love this bag, love the fabric choices, love the color, love everything about it! I have one question….(I am new to this). Why wouldn’t this be a cover contender because of the pieced cover? Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and creativity.

    • I’ve got an upcoming post that will explain what we look for in a cover bag, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

  10. Kathy Dudding

    I love this hand bag and choice of fabrics. Would love to make one or two, or three, or for myself.

  11. Love this bag! Looking forward to seeing the pattern and making several for myself and friends.

  12. Sally Haskell

    I would love to have instructions on how you pieced this sample. I never seem to be able to piece things together for these bags.

    Do we really have to wait til July for this pattern?

    • Bringing a new pattern to Market takes a lot of time and effort and some of the time involved is out of my control, for example the time it takes for our graphics folks to design the cover and the overall tiime it takes to print and pack 1500+ patterns for sale. So yes, I’m afraid its going to be July. But it’ll be here before you know it! 🙂

  13. Love this! I would like more info on the piecing. Looking forward to the release of the pattern in July.

  14. Love the fabric choice! Not wonky at all. Can’t wait for the pattern.

  15. Lovely and exciting. A PDF would be appreciated.

  16. I think this latest bag is both whimsical and beautiful! I love it! Your choice of piecing design is perfect! The colors are fantastic. I think you will especially enjoy carrying this one! I know that I would.

  17. I love the bag & the exterior. I would love to have a .pdf of how to do it.

    I can’t hardly wait for the bag pattern.

  18. Linda Machado

    Absolutely love the fabric and design you did. There’s not one you’ve done that I didn’t love. And yes I would love the directions on how you did it! Awesome job!!

  19. Please, more!

  20. The bag is exquisite and FUN! You did a superlative job!—Denise S

  21. Nice – I really like it. Can’t wait for the pattern – counting the days until July. Fortunately I’ve got to travel most of June so it won’t seem “quite” so long to wait. You do great work.

  22. This is so cute! I love all your bags and I love witnessing the creative process you go through to produce your masterpiece!

  23. Linda Boothman

    We are all on ‘Pins & Needles’ waiting for July…..and I LOVE this fabric and would love to have a pdf of the piecing instructions! Great job as always….I haven’t been able to choose my favorite of all the samples…..Everyone is Cover Worthy!!!

  24. Linda Boothman

    Oh….and the Zippers and Binding Fabric are PERFECT!!!

  25. This piecing is a HOOT! I am a quilter and love piecing my bags so you’re reaching to the choir here. I love the color and pattern choices and I can just imagine how much fun you had making thIs one. If I love the fabric I’m using, the project becomes so much more enjoyable. The more creative, the better. I just love seeing others who love to ‘play’ with fabric, too! So inspiring!

    More please!

  26. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself! I think there are many of us who would love to see the tutorial on how you pieced the outside of the bag. I also love Pat’s fabric collection – excellent choices in the selection you picked!

  27. Christine Hollaway

    I too would appreciate a PDF giving us a deeper understanding of how you came up with the fabric placement, etc. You are so talented! Thanks!

  28. This is the best one yet!!! Having a pieced top gives more versatility to the pattern especially to those who prefer a scrappy look. I would be interested in the piecing directions.

  29. Loved the bag, it is so perfect just the way you made it…would love to see more detailed instructions too….thanks…

  30. More please!

  31. Oh, yeah! Best yet…so much fun! By the way, you gave a link for instructions on how to do bias binding, but I accidentally deleted the post. I’d very much appreciate it if you would post that link here. Thanks so much…you are the best!

  32. CharliAnn Olney

    Love the pieced bag. Yes, do incluce it on the back cover! Definitely! People will love the piecing and the bright cheerful colors.

  33. Looks fabulous with Pat’s fabric line. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. You should definitely add a pic of this bag on the back of your pattern. I’d love a PDF file showing how you pieced it. This way I could print it out and keep it with the bag pattern.

  34. Love it. Can’t wait for the pattern release!

  35. I LOVE this and would thoroughly enjoy making one for myself!!!

  36. Excited to get the pattern!!!

  37. Diane BALDWIN

    I love this bag! Can’t wait to get the pattern. The bright colors really work for it especial the blues..

    • Thanks so much Diane! The blues in the line of fabric are REALLY amazing. They arent photoshopped at all! 🙂

  38. Carol Martineau

    I simply love it.

  39. Sorry, NAY. colors/patterns just don’t work for me. Do like the curved piecing on the front but don’t like the piecing on the back. You did ask for yays or nays LOL However I’m impatiently waiting for the pattern to be available.

  40. Please…I had a leather purse that I carried for at least ten years and have been looking for another for the last 5 years.

    What a pleasure to have a few replacements.


  41. Cindy Dahlgren

    I LOVE this bag in these fabrics! It is my type of bag, and my kind of fabrics and colors. Unfortunately, I am a beginning sewist. I can sew quilts, but have problems with harder things. I would actually love the picture tutorial, and any help you can give me. Are your patterns filled with step by step pictures? How difficult is this pattern? I can sew zippers, but I really, really want to sew a purse like this. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much Cindy and I’m glad to hear you are inspired to sew a bag! Here’s the thing though- to be honest we really do not aim our patterns at the beginning sewist. She’s really not our target customer. (I figure the market is already glutted with pattern for her) Instead our goal is to provide patterns for everyday women who want a handbag that serves her needs, which means lots of details and options.
      Yes our patterns have step by step instructions and drawings and yes, we do have additional color pdf available online for sections i think might benefit from this, but whether this is enough help for you, only you can decide. i suggest you try a few of our free patterns and see how you fare with them and then decide. 🙂

  42. I would definitely like more info on this bag. I saw the pix and fell in love. Please post instructions or info on the pattern, please.

  43. Oh, WOW…love these fabrics on this purse pattern!!

  44. This is an awesome bag! I’ve been drooling over it since I first saw it. I most certainly will attempt this when the pattern is available.

  45. I am adding my vote for a PDF on your piecing techniques–love that fabric!!

  46. Wow! I am thrilled so many of you are interested in seeing this piecing technique! Its such a fun way to use of scraps and create an interesting exterior at the same time!
    So yes… I’m work up the tutorial and post it soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

  47. Good morning. Love the bag! Again, can’t wait to get my hands on the pattern. The way your creative brain works is amazing to me.

    Happy day to you.

    Sewing Central

  48. Honestly? Although it is very pretty to look at, I would not make or carry a bag that has been pieced, or with so many different fabrics. I love the bag’s design, and I plan to order the pattern, but as a senior, I am far more conservative in my dress, so I feel sure that I will choose a very simple fabric for it. That doesn’t mean it will be a solid color or a dark, subdued one necessarily, but it will be a great deal simpler. At my age, I don’t buy green bananas, so piecing fabrics is not in my future. I’d actually like to try it in a soft, buttery leather, but I don’t shop in New York anymore.

  49. Defenitely a Yay!!

  50. Love it! Choosing brights like this is stepping out of my comfort so, but I love them and the polka dots are just the right touch.

  51. PDF, Please! I have so enjoyed your news letters and often drool over the patterns you offer. I enjoy making purses and the challenges that come with them. When this purse design was 1st posted my life dream came true. The perfect person designed the perfect purse for me. I can’t tell you how much I love this design! And it gets better with the fabric choices you have made.
    Kat, thank you for sharing your love for sewing and creating with others your so inspiring. I appreciate the news letters and post so much. I rise every morning the first thing I check is your post.
    Again Thank YOU. Looking forward to the PDF and pattern. I can hardly wait, until then I will be checking out Pat’s Line of Fabrics. 🙂

  52. Carole Kennedy

    I love the bag I’m interested in the bag pattern thank you.

  53. Roberta Upton

    I love the design of the bag and the fsbric choices. Gave me msny ideas to incorporate.

  54. LOVE IT!!! Would definitely like to try the piecing as that would use up some of those fat quarters I just HAD to purchase 🙂

  55. Would you clarify the dimensions for the Wrapsody?

  56. Jane Scwarzkopf

    I love everything about the bag…from the choice of colors to the style…Jane

  57. ohhhhh… i want this one too!!! Thank you for using my fabric kathy!!!

  58. I love this purse design and how it looks with Pat Sloan’s fabrics. It looks like it would be so much fun to carry, and with all the dividers, it’s practical too!