PPC9- A Cover Contender?



at the conclusion of our last post in this series, we told you that at long last we’re FINALLY done tinkering and tampering with this design. As of this posting time, the first draft of the instructions is in the can and we’ve sent the test packages out to our testers (for the second time).  That means that now I finally get to “play” with the rest of these yummy new fabrics that have been tantalizingly sitting on my cutting table for weeks, because the next big item to check off my list is choosing a cover bag. smMashamaWrap2


And because this bag’s long flat surface area makes it an excellent candidate for a bold large scale print, I’ve spent most of my shopping time looking for fabrics that fit this bill. This particular exterior has an African influence and I was inspired by the long graceful strokes of color. I felt like this fabric had the potential for a very compelling cover. (More details about this stunning fabric at the end of this post.)

And speaking of fabric… this design calls for a contrasting or complimentary fabric to be placed in the exterior side wall area. This picture at left also gives you a pretty good view of the backside of this bag and its generous zippered pocket area. I went back to my old standby, the black & white striped zips this round. I still think black & white is the perfect foil for brilliant, bold color. Do you agree?


Other fabric needs of course include lining (resplendently represented at right in yellow ) and if you’re like me, then you’ll want to choose an additional complimentary fabric in order to make your own bias tape. I actually don’t enjoy using commercially-made bias tape at ALL. I find it too thick, too stiff and WAY too bulky.
And besides, by my way of thinking a wisely chosen bias tape color or print can be just as important to the overall “look” of a bag as the other exterior fabrics! In the case of this sample I went with a strong purple for the bias trim. smMashamaWrapZips1

And here’s some important details about this fabric!

This fabulous exterior fabric is called  ‘Mashama Stripe’ and its from the ‘Africa’ collection by the De Leon Design Group for Alexander Henry Fabrics.




I got mine from eQuilter.Com, but I would suggest you check first at your local quilt store or you can try googling it by name. Mashama1   And for those of you that have expressed an interest in our plans for the release of this pattern as well as fabric requirements, I’m prepared at this time to say the following…


Right now we’re planning on releasing the Wrapsody on or around July 1st and it will have the following fabric requirements….
Exterior= 1/2 yard
Contrast= 1/2 yard
Lining= 3/4 yard
(but please remember, you may need more if your fabric has a directional print, or if you plan on making your own bias tape)

In conclusion,  I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the finished look of this sample. This is definitely one of those unusual times when the final result turned out much BETTER than I had ever hoped for. The interior looks strong, the fabrics worked together in a very striking way, and my trusty black & white stripe zippers add just the right amount of zing!

So… Is this bag a contender for our cover?

I think… YES!    But I’d love to know what YOU think!

Stay tuned for our next post in this series as we are STILL on a quest to choose the perfect cover bag for this design! ***********************************************************************************************************************

We actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it by way of FaceBook, Pinterest or Twitter. 🙂


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  1. Barbara Ballard

    Love the fabric choices? Heck yeah! The 3 solids are perfect for that gorgeous print! The purple against the print inside makes the card pockets very visible. Cover bag? That’s your choice, but I think you have a very strong contender here.

  2. Sheila Palkowitsh

    I love them all, you have the nack to choose fabrics that pop and compliment each other. I really love the bag you have created, wish I could create as well as you do. Kudos

    • Thanks Sheila- kind of you to say so, but I have found that practice improves that nack! (and I have had LOTS of practice!)

  3. You know I love this! These colors pop any time, but they are especially apropos for summer. This is a real eye-catcher. But I never underestimate your ability to top yourself, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve.

  4. Lucy Springs

    OMG! Love, love, love this. This makes me happy to see it and goes well with Pharrel Wms. Song Happy!

  5. Barbara Smith

    I love the colors- very striking!

  6. Barbara Williams

    Love this bag.

  7. Great colors……..def want to make this bag when it’s available to us 🙂

  8. Jadene Ransdell

    I am not usually a purse person. I like what others make but don’t get excited about most patterns. NOT THIS TIME! I saw this on Facebook and immediately had to check it out. I love the shape, I love the pockets and I love the size. This is a bag I really want to make!

  9. This is so classy. A great cover photo to show off this great bag. Can’t wait for the release.

  10. Oh, I love and want this bag!

  11. While the blue/yellow one is my favorite version so far, this one looks good too. The stripes accentuate the design of the bag. They bring the eyes full circle. Another winner! Looking forward to viewing the next ones. Going to be a hard choice.

  12. I love these fabrics, I recently purchached almost simular fabric, over half a yard, and I can see myself walking with this bag. Did I mention I love it?

  13. The striped bag is perfect an all year round bag …..lots of Compartments makesme happy….how much and when will it be avail and where????

  14. Merilee Kennedy

    I can hardly wait to get this pattern! I love your fabric choices with all the prototypes so any could be a contender as far as I’m converned but the last one is my favorite!

  15. I love all your fabric choices, but this one is my favorite. It will go with everything in my wardrobe and it is a fun print!

  16. Linda Machado

    Love the bold bright colors and a great cover contender! But all the fabrics you’ve shown us are!

  17. I love this purse. This is one that I will be trying my hand at when the pattern is released.
    The fabric you chose is colourful and fun.
    I really think this is a winner.

  18. Thanks for the advance yardage amounts. I am planning to make this for a friend and with the price fabric is now don’t want to purchase too much more than needed. Can’t wait for the pattern to be on the market . Are you going to have an advance sale so we can prepay and get it as soon as it is ready? I also love the bright colors of this bag, but can’t wait to see what you pick next.

    • Hi Bernadine
      You know… I have never really felt comfortable with the prepay thing. I don’t like holding orders and not sending them out promptly. If something happens and this pattern gets delayed, then here I am holding an unfulfilled order.
      BUT- having said that… I am very happy to put your name on an email list (which i have done) and I’ll do an email blast when the pattern is here, complete with hot links, and then you can order it. It really wont cost you any extra time.

      🙂 And thanks for your kind words by the way! 🙂

  19. This bag is a winner no matter what fabric is used! I have liked each sample, and this one is no exception. It is striking. How soon can we prepay for the pattern? I would love to have it yesterday…

    • HI Dianne- please see the note I left Bernadine above. I’ve put your name on a notification list as well, and you’ll get an email as soon as the pattern is hot off the presses! 🙂

  20. I really really love this bag and its colours. It would be eye catching on the cover

  21. For me, personally, I like the fabric used in the Recall Results because those are the colors I tend to lean toward. But I think the stripe material in this posting makes a more striking cover photo.

    • Thanks making this observation Linda and I’m planning a separate post very soon, explaining what makes for a good cover bag. It really did take a while for me to catch on that my favorite wasn’t always the best choice for the cover. 🙂 Thanks again and i appreciate your steady support! 🙂

  22. I am a new follower and I love everything I’ve seen. Picked you up on Pinterest and haven’t seen anything else as creative!
    As to which bag for a cover (not sure what you mean but I’m thinking the pattern cover?) I really like this striped one. Are you going to sell kits? Then it would be helpful to see the picture of the kit bag on the pattern. I suppose kits are a pain but it helps people like me get it right and not be disappointed with the results.
    Can I be on the email blast, too?

    • Thanks Lynn! Glad to have you here! You are right about the cover, we ARE referring to the cover and I’ll be glad to include you in the email blast! Pertaining to kits, we do sell pattern + notions kits, but have shied away from kits that include fabric. It takes SO much room for storage . That’s why we always include links to where we bought the fabric whenever possible! 🙂

  23. I love the new bag and would love to have the pattern!

  24. I love this bag for the cover, but I loved the Jewel Encrusted Fan fabric even more from a past post! But either one is great! Cannot wait to order this pattern! Thank you!

  25. Love these “happy” colors and think perfect for the pattern cover- My only question –why so many card holders?? I keep my loyalty tags of a key type ring and they take up very little room! think your patterns are great and have made many.

    • Thanks for commenting Margie- the answer to your question is the old adage, “different strokes for different folks”. I find that many of my customers (myself included) prefer to store loyalty cards this way, but if putting them on a key ring works for you, I say “go for it!”

    • The keyring is a great idea!

  26. It’s perfect! I love the shape, the size, the zippers, all of those cardholders, and the beautiful fabric! Can hardly wait to make this one! I think this fabric combo would make a great cover bag— it would be a great attention getter! This is the best one yet!

  27. I love it! It is so eye catching. My only problem with this bag is the bias trim all around it. Am I the only one who just can not seem to apply bias trim and make it look good? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve that can help people like me? I have been sewing for many years and just can not apply a good looking bias trim to anything.

    • Great question Sue- Maybe you missed the video we posted on this very subject. No problem though- you can use this link to go view it and once you do, you’ll never feel the same way about bias tape again! That couple with my recommendation to make your own bias tape. For me- commerical bias tape is just too thick and too bulky and while it still can be applied smoothly without wrinkles, I like the look of my own bias tape better! 🙂
      here’s the link— http://www.studiokatdesigns.com/bias-tape-with-a-smooth-flat-finish-it-is-possible

      • Thanks. I watched the video and will try your method. I never thought of stitching in the ditch. I think I have been doing it backwards all these years. Your explanation was great.

        • the REALLY important thing is to stretch it a bit as you pin it in place. There will be absolutely no wrinkles and lumps that way. Bias tape is MEANT to be stretched. 🙂

  28. I love this version! The fabric shows off the lines of the bag very well, it doesn’t distract or block a viewers eye from the important elements of the design. My kitty Lillian says she’s giving it 4 paws! >^..^< Ani in Wilmington

  29. Robin Corddry

    I definitely want to make this bag & I adore the bright colors you used. Please add me to the email list to let me know when it’s available!

  30. this one is absolutely beautiful


    Any other thoughts for liner color beside yellow? Would green work?

    • Although yellow is not necessarily a great color for a bag you intend to carry every day…. it is a very good color for a cover bag’s interior. There can be a world of difference between what makes a good color scheme for an everyday bag and a cover model. I plan on expounding on this a bit in an upcoming post. 🙂

  32. Yes!!! I love all the colors you have chosen! They all fit together perfectly!
    Beautiful purse model!!
    Chrissi V

  33. Totally love the colors and had to chuckle. You are such a Grandma! I recall these colors in a certain little girl’s room.

    This bag will be beautiful in all kinds of prints and solids. We are going to have so much fun with this design!

    I am ‘armed and ready’ and hoping this pattern squeaks out earlier than July. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

    • You know you are right! I always maintain that this is why I like other people to send me pictures so I can share them… because them customer s can see another viewpoint. I do gravitate to bright colors, and I have to almost MAKE myself work with anything but…
      It might come out a bit early, but probably not since we’ll be on vacation at the end of June and the absolute WORST time to publish anything is when we’re not here to put out the inevitable “fire”. 🙂 I’ll do my best!

  34. Love the bag & love the colors–I like you, gravitate to brights, I also have a hard time using a solid color..but on a bag I can do so. Add me to your email list please. Here’s hoping I can get the bag & make it for our cruise & land tour to Alaska, but as a cruise I will need to make matchy matchy–so no extra’s in luggage–might have to make it a bit more plain for the first one, perhaps a animal print–Browns & Blacks. (I seem to wear those colors on cruises).-as I can mix & match them. I have to go read the size again though.

  35. gorgeous fabric, and i love the bag, can not vaite to have the pattern.
    Hugs from A-M in Denmark

  36. Vos sacs sont très beau, j’aime particulièrement celui que vous présentez sur Facebook, en tissus rayés. Comment obtenir le patron ? J’aimerais le réaliser.
    Merci de me renseigner.

  37. This is so beautiful, I hope I can buy the pattern in Germany, too. I never sewed a bag, but I will definetely sew yours if I can buy the pattern.

  38. 1. Mashama Stripe
    2. Jewel Encrusted Fans
    3. Gilded Ribbons
    I think this fabric is the best for a pattern cover. I was favoring Jewel Encrusted Fans because of how it complemented the flap design and I love the dotted binding.
    Your description about the strokes of color is right on! And the yellow lining is perfect for so many reasons including the view for the camera and for the user. And the zip is perfect!
    They are all stunning but this fabric seems to capture the best parts of the design as well as looking beautiful!