PPC8- Sketch Pad Pages

So… in our last post in this series we shared with you our inspiration for our next bag pattern and we promised to show you our preliminary sketches in this post.

So… without further ado, let me show you what my thoughts are for our new pattern!

Here at left is our Bag configured as a Backpack. I thought it would be best to show it to you in this configuration first, because its the easiest way to explain the cool way the straps will change this bag into a Shoulder Bag.

The adjustable straps will of course attach at the top of the bag to a 1″ wide ring. (There’s also a 1″ wide “Gate Ring” attached here too, but we’ll get to it’s purpose in a bit.)

At each bottom Bag corner there will be a triangular tab with another 1″ ring. Our Straps will clip into these rings and then we can adjust the Straps for a comfortable fit on our back.

Here at right is a view of the Bag Front as it’ll look when its configured as a shoulder bag.

Now, remember those Gate Rings I mentioned above? They are so-named because a small portion of the ring can swing open when pushed, just like a gate. So anyway, when we want to change this Bag to a shoulder bag, all we need to do is unclip the straps from the bottom corner rings and then pass the clip-end of each strap thru the Gate Ring on the opposite side of the Bag and then re-clip into the bottom corner ring on that side.

When accomplished, the adjustable straps will stack together above the bag. For all intents and purposes this bag functions now as if it has just one single strap.

Other Bag features will include a flapped pocket on the front with a magnetic snap closure and a secure zippered closure for the bag opening, which is of course preferable for when this Bag is carried as a backpack. There will additionally be a zippered pocket on the back and the size should be perfect for the Porta-Pockets Purse Insert, a duo of Porta-PocketsPLUS inserts and possibly even an Encore Purse Insert.

Well, there you have it.

Does this seem like a bag you might enjoy carrying, either as a Shoulder Bag or as a Backpack?

We actually welcome your comments about our new design and we read every one of them,
so please feel free to post them in the area provided below, and stay tuned for our next post in this series when we’ll begin to make our plans a reality!
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  1. Yes, because I prefer a backback style purse when I travel. The one Ive used for years is actually too small, but Ive never made a replacement because no pattern ever turned me on enough. Please make the front pocket a good size, cause I’ll use it!

    • Same here Carol! The only time I really like a backpack is when I travel, and then the only commercial options i seem to find are either super huge or very small! Hopefully this will “trip your trigger”! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Roseanna Oliver

    Have you ever thought of putting a snap ring inside your purse designs so that women don’t lose their keys?

    • Hi Roseanna- Thanks for commenting. I understand this need but quite honestly it’s not a favorite way to store keys for me AND its seems like SUCH an easy thing for customers to add themselves, that I choose not to devote valuable instruction space to patterns for it. i hope you understand.
      BUT- for those customers that may not know how to add a feature like this, maybe I should do a little tutorial or a video to explain it? Then it could be added to any of our purses? What do you think about that?

  3. Loving it so far. The versatility of the bag makes it a good choice for everyday as well as traveling.

  4. Love the bag. I would prefer a bigger pocket on the outside for keys and phone. Maybe a pocket on front and back?

  5. Merilee Kennedy

    I love it! I love a backpack purse and can’t wait to see the final design! I’ll be ordering that pattern as soon as it’s available!

  6. Yes, this looks like a great backpack that I would actually use! I’m excited to see it in living color. 🙂

  7. I think it’s time to get some more Slicker and make me a new Porta-Pockets Plus. I’m SO ready for this one! There is one thing I add to every bag I make these days. Inside that zippered pocket on the back, I’ll put a small credit card pocket and a cash pocket. I don’t like to dig to pay and I don’t like opening my purse wide at checkout counters. So keeping these things handy and secure is a must. Also, I highly recommend the card carriers from the Porta Pockets Plus. I keep my driver’s license there, along with cards, and I can drop them into anything at a moment’s notice.

  8. The design is very nice and the versatility will be great. I also like the back zipper pocket in my bags and the ones I make. Well done!

  9. Love it! This one is for me. I can’t wait for this to come out.

  10. I love to see this bag coming. I like backpacks/backpurses and made one a few years ago. But now that one needs a replacement. If it is what is looks like it is i will get it and make one.. I also like the comment of a bigger pocket on the front for keys and phone and the one for c.cards and driv.licens.. very good !!!
    When do you think we can get the pattern???????? i will get some nice fabric than :-))

  11. Yes, this is something I’d love to carry…anywhere! A great design. You are so talented!

  12. I can’t wait to get this pattern. I love purses.

  13. This is awesome. I ride my bike a lot and take a backpack with me. I always have to transfer my purse stuff over. This would totally solve that problem. I can’t wait until you have it done.

    • That is great news Margaret! You’re exactly the type of person we were thinking of when we conceived this idea! Thanks for commenting and enjoy the process! 🙂

  14. I love it and cant wait to see more!

  15. I use backpacks a lot when travelling and I love the look of this one. You can flip it to a purse when going to a less casual place such as a restaurant.
    I can always put keys or phone in my pocket but backpacks usually do not have anywhere to put sunglasses so they are handy. I think I will make the outside pocket on this one deeper and line with a very soft fabric to tuck the glasses in there.

  16. Love the bag design this is a backpack style that I think I could use for everyday.

  17. I like the design and the versatile adaptation between purse and backpack…BUT…I don’t like a pocket in view of everyone but me (when purse is on my back). I would make the purse, but not with a pocket so VIEWABLE to everyone while I am using it as a backpack. If I made it with the pocket, I certainly wouldn’t put anything of VALUE in it – thus, what is the purpose of the pocket in the first place.

    Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but to me, just a magnet will not deter pick pockets. (wink)

    OR, am I to wear the pocket towards my back? Now, that would make sense. (another wink)

    • Thanks for writing Kim.
      My experience with pickpockets is that there really is very little to deter them if they are determined. To think otherwise is not smart.
      There is a zippered pocket planned for the side of the bag facing toward your back. This is where i would recommend storing truly valuable items such as a passport, your money, camera or cellphone. The shape, length and depth of the main compartment is going to seriously deter a pickpocket.
      And when I carry this bag in Europe this summer, (which should account for only a very small percentage of the time that I use this bag) the outside pocket will be where i will be storing my kleenex, my lipstick, maps and small change…. the other 90% of the time I use this bag, I’m sure i will find it to be a very excellent place to store my keys or my cellphone.
      Other than that, I guess its up to each individual customer to decide what they will do with the outside pocket. (here’s a wink to you)

    • Kim,
      Having lived and traveled in lots of cities, I can tell you that Kathy is right. There is very little that will deter pickpockets. When I can’t get my needs into my pockets, I opt for a small crossbody bag that I wear UNDER my coat or sweater so that it’s not very visible.
      About the only other option is a purchased travel bag with the steel mesh lining and the steel cable in the strap.
      Oh, and when I make clothing, I always enlarge the pockets. Women’s patterns and purchased clothing have very small pockets, so I buy men’s pants, and alter my patterns. Invisible zippers in pockets help secure items, too.

  18. This looks great! I too like to have easy access for keys, sunglasses (alternating w/ my readers!), and cell phone.

  19. I love this new idea. Many backpack purses are great as backpacks, but don’t look very well when used as a shoulder bag. The reversibility of this bag looks great. Thanks for so many wonderful designs. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  20. I love this! Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

  21. I really like this bag. As I get older, I find that there are more things that I like from a practical standpoint, like zipper closures. I really don’t like backpacks…rode the subway in NYC for too many years to feel comfortable with a backpack or with an open bag. I LOVE slouchy bags, and I’m beginning to get away from flaps. They annoy me when I need to get into the purse. Your designs are wonderful, and there is something for everyone. This one is definitely going on my shopping list when you have it finished. I love that you’ve made the backpack/shoulder bag option as a convertible feature. I don’t live in the big city anymore, so who knows, I may grow to love backpacks, too!!!

  22. CharliAnn Olney

    This is going to be my new favorite purse!

  23. This looks just what I want. Not sure about the outside pocket – it looks a bit small. I’d like a roomier one with a gathered bottom and a zip top. Or maybe two separate zipped compartments at the top.

    I shall definitely be getting this.

  24. PS – sorry forgot to say that comfy straps are a big plus for this sort of use.

  25. I am bag crazy and this new one looks like something I would really like. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

  26. Years ago I had a convertible backpack purse, and it was a favorite until I wore it out! Last year while traveling in Europe I certainly could have used this. Looking forward to getting the pattern and new convertible purse.