PPC8- A Flappin’ Good Time




ever since we posted pictures of this striped Cosmo sample, (which turned out to be our “cover girl”), we’ve been receiving a LOT of questions concerning the way we pieced together the Flap as well as the optional Flap Trim.

For the most part, folks have been wondering if we’re going to be including the little pieces for this Flap treatment in the pattern pack for the Cosmo Convertible, or if we’ll be sharing them on our website where they can be downloaded by those that are interested in duplicating this look.

And here’s our answer!


Our policy concerning our pieced embellishing techniques has always been to NOT include the pieces in the standard pattern package.

Our Reasoning?

It’s two-fold actually;

  1. most of our end-users are not interested in applying this treatment to their bag.
  2. the extra pattern sheet(s) and instructions ultimately add to the final cost of the pattern itself.

And since I’d rather not have to increase the pattern cost for everyone, we instead post the pattern pieces on our website as a free download. So… if you think you might be interested in reproducing a similar look on YOUR Cosmo, you can either use these links to download the necessary pieces and layout now…

Or you can wait until you actually need the pattern pieces and then you can click on the links we’ll be providing for you on the Cosmo Convertible webpage. Your choice!

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

Which would be YOUR preference?
Get the extra pattern pieces in the original pattern pack, even if it mean an increase in cost?
Or to get extras like this by download to keep the base price of the pattern as low as possible?

And remember, we actually LOVE comments so if you’d like to share yours, please do so in the space provided below and stay tuned for our next post in this series because we’re getting oh-so close to the release! AND– I’m still in Italy soaking up the ambience (and the gelato… and the wine…and the food…etc etc etc) so please be patient if I don’t respond as quickly as usual?  We’re coming home tomorrow and things will get back to normal!  🙂

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8 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. I like extras as a free download. I usually print off something if I feel I may use it. Also, know approximately where to find it, if I want it later.

  2. Definitely as a free download. Especially if other variations of the bag can be seen. I also see this as a marketing opportunity for you. The customer may take extra time to view your other products they may not know about and make additional purchases.

  3. In my opinion on this pattern, it should be included simply because it is on the cover. I am a visual buyer and I would expect the pattern to include everything to make the bag on the cover illustration. I would be upset to finally get some time to do a project and find I don’t have what I need in the package ready to go. I would start the project and then find the missing desired design feature. Then I have to get on the internet and fiddle with printing (sometimes not an immediate gratification on old equipment and fussy lines) and additional instructions to find I have has lost much of the sewing time and all the relaxation. And free or not, if the included pattern pieces will not make the cover photo, I would not necessarily trust the company the next time as I would not know if I am paying for what I expect to get. It would be different if the free internet link was for a suggested alternate design and not the cover design – that would be more like a bonus and not a switch.
    I love your designs and have almost all your patterns and look forward to each new publication. As a blog reader, I know your ethics and drive for pattern perfection. Buying this one, I know exactly what to expect but other buyers will not be so informed.

  4. I will 2nd Katie’s comment, if it’s shown on the cover it should already be included. You could always put a different photo sans the pieced flap on the cover, put the pieced version on the back with a notation that the feature is a downloadable *extra* via your website. That way, if people want to make the harder version they can *and* you’ll get visitors to your website, a win-win.

    Was wondering if you’ll offer paper as well as pdf downloads for the full pattern? I much prefer to download my patterns for printing as needed. I like this as I can burn the pattern to a disk and have an online inventory via filename of the patterns I have. Just a thought as many are offering the option these days. The pdf is less in cost by a couple of dollars for most patterns I’ve purchased this way, which in turn spurs some to purchase more notions etc because they feel they’ve saved on the pattern.

    Best, Ani in Wilmington

  5. In constructing some of your other patterns, I easily went to the web site to see directions more spelled out. If it is posted on the web, it is also easier for you to revise if necessary. Cost is a factor when purchasing patterns so keeping the cost down is important for me as a buyer.

  6. Downloads, please.

  7. I would rather download than pay extra for the pattern — Yet, Katie raises an important question. I have bought patterns based on the cover photo, only to discover something more was needed beyond the pattern, and that was enough of a hurdle that the project did not get made. Maybe it was a certain type of button/buckle; maybe a technique I hadn’t used before; maybe I didn’t read the envelope carefully enough.

    You never know what will be a hurdle for someone, and beyond a certain point, it is not your responsibility to erase hurdles for everyone. The question is: where is that point? And with a “cover” model that is a bit different from the basic pattern, does that point move?

  8. I was glad to get back from vacation and read such thoughtful comments for this post.

    I understand what you’re saying about the cover model, however, since the pieced flap instructions are clearly indicated as an extra FREE download on the back of the pattern, I really dont see this as a problem, and quite honestly we have never had a complaint about handling it this way since including this info on the cover back.

    And currently we only offer our free patterns as pdf downloads for a variety of reasons which would probably be best addressed in a separate post (note to self) 🙂