PPC7- Fabric Games

(This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.)

So… at the conclusion of our last post in this serieswith the design aspects of this design nailed down, it was time to PLAY WITH FABRIC! And with time ticking down toward the Spring Quilt Market, it’s also time for us to start thinking about our eventual “cover look”.
So check it out and help us decide if this sample should be our “cover bag”!

I’ve really been looking forward to making this sample. The fabric is fresh
 and lively and I knew it was PERFECT for this braid-like treatment I wanted
to fabricate for the front credit card pocket area!  🙂
I didn’t use the braided embellishment treatment on the back of the bag as you can see,
but I think this large-scale print provides the perfect balance, don’t you?.
This credit card feature in the front zippered pocket section has not been the most talked about
feature in this design but it’s MY favorite. I just love how easy it is to just whip out those loyalty cards
 at the checkout without having to dig into my purse for them!
And I totally LOVED how great my polka-dotted zippers looked on the exterior of this bag,
but on the zippered closure? Not so much. I should’ve gone with basic black, or maybe the stripe. No?
And FINALLY I got a decent picture of the interior of this bag! Now I have to try and catch
my neighbor home when I have the camera out! I need to borrow her iPad so I can show you how great
it will fit INSIDE this bag AND in the pocket on the exterior back!
And speaking of “most talked about”, the “Concealed Carry” feature of this bag has
certainly generated some lively conversation of late. But here’s the deal… If you aren’t
a gal who would ever carry a gun in here, (count me in this number please), I can think of
PLENTY of other ways this feature would come in handy. For example- cameras, iPods,
passports, cash, mace, pepper spray, prescription meds, personal hygiene products and snacks
just to mention a few. Can you think of others?

And just so you know, I did test out a side release buckle for this holster and was dissatisfied
with it. I thought it was important to be able to separate the weapon from the holster while its INSIDE
the concealed area and still velcroed to the wall. Overall, it was MUCH more difficult to one-handedly
operate the side-release within the bag, so we’ve decided  to stick with the little center-release button
which works like a charm, silently releasing first time, every time!
This complimentary holster pattern will be included along with every bag pattern,
although I realize thru feedback that everyone may not actually need it. I think this little holster
could also be used to hold and secure a little can of mace or pepper spray as well.
 I’ll try to test that out in a future sample for you.

So now, let’s talk a bit about this incredible fabric which by the way was LOTS of fun to work with. I combined three related fabrics from Michael Miller and they are listed below.

  • “Atomic” — #CX5440
  • “Atomic Dot” — #CX5452
  • “Atomic Stripe” — #CX5451

And now… it’s YOUR turn!
Got any questions or comments for us?

 We actually LOVE comments, 
so we invite you to leave yours in the space provided below
and stay tuned for our next post in this series when our new design continues to develop!
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  1. Oh I do love all of it! The bag, the secret pocket and the little holster! That idea to have it unlease inside is awesome… I totally love those colors.. great choices! So how much longer before I can my hands on this pattern lol

    • Thanks for commenting Suzee! I’m currently tying up all the loose ends and will be taking everything to my printer next week. The official release date will be April 8th, but it will probably be available on our website sometime before then just so I an make sure all the links are working properly on the website.
      Have a fun weekend!

    • Ordinarily I am in awe of your fabric selections and combinations but this one is an exception. The color palette is not one I can carry off so that may be the problem. I thought one of the samples you had last week was a much better idea for the pattern cover. I am not in favor of providing for concealed weapons so, even though there are other uses for that compartment, I will not be purchasing this pattern. Right now I am constructing Porta Pockets Plus and loving the process and the results. Thanks.

  2. I like it. looks a little retro and reminds me of the good ole days in the 50s. when life was GRAND!

  3. Barbara in Muncie

    Love, love, LOVE the fabric! It really goes well with the zippers and is eye-catching without screaming “Look at Me!” to everyone. I think you nailed it with this sample.

  4. That is the wonderful part of creating your own items…YOU can make it from what YOU like, and love it!

  5. I’m not a fan of this fabric. Not at all… sorry.

  6. Thanks all- I like this fabric, but I’m not convinced I like it enough to put it on the cover, so stay tuned for more FUN with fabric! 🙂

  7. I have been searching for a bag pattern with all of the features of this one.I don’t plan on carrying a concealed weapon,I will use this compartment for my carry along hand piecing kit.It appears to be the perfect size to hold scissors, thread, thimble, needles and oodles of hexagons for that quilt we all have planned for “Someday”Thank you ,Carolynn

  8. My gut reaction to the fabric as a cover pattern was very negative. But the colors were OK. Admit it – you were trying to match your toy gun! hahaha Mary B in WS.

    • Well I didnt plan that way, but it DID seem to be a side benefit as i was making it up. I’m leaning away from it for the cover though. I like my polka-dotted zippers here, but it seems to me they are “competing” rather than complimenting this fabric. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  9. While I would not put credit cards in that pocket, I would surely be tempted to put loyalty and gift cards there, so I like that idea!

  10. Great design. It’s been fun to watch it develop.

    I love the polka dot zippers. They do a good job of keeping the eyes busy so you don’t actually notice them since they go so well with the print at the top. One of my earlier concerns was the visibility of the zippers on the front.

  11. I can’t stand it anymore…in this age of theft and identity theft…why not just hand them your cards and info? This is the worst design imaginable! It pinpoints your valuables in seconds if purse is left unguarded and for electronic theft. What are you thinking?

    • Sorry you don’t like it Susan. But no problem, I’ve learned at the point that I can’t please everyone with EVERY pattern. I actually use this area for those crazy loyalty cards that i can never find in the check out line! 🙂

    • I am a bit taken back by the hostility in your post Susan. I have purchased numerous bags with a drop down front feature for cards & my checkbook. NEVER have I had a problem with this type of bag and I love the convenience it provides and as Kathy has said, if it makes you uncomfortable, put your Starbucks card, gift cards etc. in here and keep your CC’c in your wallet inside the bag! I don’t think this bag is any more thief friendly than hundreds of bags you can buy in stores. Each individual simply needs to take the safeguards they feel important to protect themselves. It’s a great bag pattern in many ways and I love it!

    • Linda, your comment voices exactly what I thought. Any purse can be stolen regardless of its design and do you know how many times I’ve seen women walking around with their bags gaping wide open with everything in plain view?

  12. I have this fabric. I have been waiting for the perfect bag to use it. Love this design. I cannot wait for the pattern release. This is the perfect fabric choice. I do not carry a hand gun…no need where I live. But I love the hidden area and the fold down card storage. You are truly amazing in how you design. Thanks for sharing.

  13. LOVE this purse. I am so happy it is almost ready to be released.

  14. I have as yet not posted any comments about this bag but I must say the more I see it the more I LOVE it and I am NOT a gun carrier or a gun advocate. The concealed pocket has so much potential for so many things other than a gun. Overall I love the shape and all the features and I especially love that my iPad will fit in it!! I am eager for the release of this pattern, too!

  15. I really like the braided treatment on the front of the bag. Will there be directions to do that?

  16. I am not a fan of carrying a gun — I veer toward being virulently ANTI-gun! But except for when the gun is in the picture, I really do like this design. What I have that needs to be concealed is pain medications (popular “on the street,” according to what I hear), especially if I am away from home overnight or longer. I can’t leave my meds in a hotel room, but they are a real jumble in a purse! AND I have young grandchildren. They have never been inclined to look in my purse, but you can never tell when that impulse might strike. I also love the other ideas for use of that space. I often carry a small thermos of tea when I go shopping or to a meeting, and I wonder if the concealed space is large enough for it (10″ tall, but quite slender) and if being tucked in there might keep it hot longer.

    Even though I am repulsed by the idea of carrying a gun, I do admire the way you are handling the various negative reactions to the concealed carry option. The handbag is the issue here — not the gun.

    • Thanks Carol for your kind remarks. I think the concealed area is PERFECT for the storing of medications! I’m not quite sure that it will be able to handle a thrmos though. I guess that will depend on the width of it!

  17. I have a question about the sew in snaps. I really like the look, but worry that the magnet might be too strong for my smart phone and my mp3 player. Your opinion?

    On another note, I am excited about your new bag. Not necessarily for my but for my daughters as birthday or Christmas gifts. Your bags rock m’dear!

    • HI Denise!

      Thanks for writing. I really have had no problem with these magnets. I’ve carried this bag for 2 months now with no problem between the magnets and my phone, my iPad or any of my credit cards. It sure hasn’t been an issue for me so I think its OK.

      (Thanks for the kind words too!)

  18. The fabric in the braided area makes it hard for me to perceive the braiding effect and hard to see the polka dot zipper. Where is the concealed carry area accessed from? While “hide and hope” is not a strategy I plan on using, I can see it will also be a good area to hide my cash stash that I don’t want readily visible. As far as the credit card area, more and more people are keeping their loyalty cards on their phones. I plan to make just a pocket for my phone instead of the credit cards. Another thought, just as you have faux gun, you could make a faux iPad or e-reader for photography purposes.

  19. I am eagerly awaiting your new pattern as I am sure are many others! I’ve made several of your designs and love them. I wasn’t sure you knew about the usual zipper pull used in the concealed compartment of most carry purses. They are YKK lock and key sliders. They’re great, and on my higher end leather carry bags. I found them to order (finally), and can’t wait to try them with the new design. Your willingness to do this is appreciated!

  20. Since I now live on a boat I decided I don’t need any more purse patterns but I’m for sure going to get this one. We do travel quite a bit and this should be perfect for my iPad, passport, boarding passes…. In addition, I know many women who carry and I think they’d love this design. BTW, I really like the fabric you used but I’m sure if you use something else it will look great too.

  21. I love this purse and will order the pattern. I love the aqua, orange fabrics but I think I would prefer something that will go with more different outfits. The secret compartment is a big PLUS.