PPC4 – Inspiration on Paper

(This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.)

So in our last post in this series, we explained that the inspiration for our new design was a spectacular trip we’re taking to the Canadian Rockies in August. And pictured below, are our original sketches for our ‘dream travel bag’ to take with us.

As you can see, we’re incorporating an adjustable strap so it can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross-body, for security and hands-free convenience. We found some way-cool invisible sew-in magnetic snaps to keep the Flap in place (and by sew-in, we mean machine-sew-in). And we can store our Passport in either the zippered pocket on the Flap or in the curved pocket concealed by the Flap.

For our exterior Phone Pocket, this time we want to have them open and close with a side zip, and we’re including two of them, so that we can store our camera on the exterior as well, so we never have to miss a photo opportunity! 

And here’s the back of our bag, sized so the small PortaPockets version fits inside perfectly, with room to spare for other trip essentials, such as a folding tote and poncho, sunglasses and maybe a snack. And there was room for an additional pocket, so we added an especially roomy zippered one here. And speaking of zippers, we’re installing the one for the main compartment  “on the curve”, so that we get an extra-wide opening (all the better to squeeze a FULL PortaPockets into it). Worried that it’ll be hard to do? Well- the designing aspect might be a tad tricky, but the installation won’t be!

 So what do you think so far? 

Would YOU enjoy carrying this bag on a trip?

Do you know someone who would enjoy this series? If so, please feel free to pass it on to others at Facebook or StumbleUpon and stay tuned for our next post in this series, where we’ll unveil our first rough sample.

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  1. Checked it out- looks like it will be a great bag

  2. Loks good. I especially like that there is lots of room and looks pretty secure

  3. Thanks and i agree- When I travel I like the extra security of zippers, and let’s face it- zippers look SO cool! 🙂

  4. Love the exterior phone and camera pockets along with the roomy interior.

  5. Wonderful! I really love the hidden pocket on the front. I wish I could have it for my vacation in a couple of weeks. I’m a big fan of zippers myself. I like to keep my Mom supplied with cool bags, and zippers are a must for her to feel secure. This shape will suit her down to her toes. What are you going to call it?

  6. each component could have its own fabric

  7. Oh Kat, this looks great!

  8. Hmmm- the jury is still out on the name. I’ve got a couple of ideas in the hopper. Any suggestions?

  9. Love the zippered compartments. This sounds perfect for my work commute. E-Pass and work ID can be safely kept yet easily accessible in one of the zippered pockets. Plus hold all the other items that I think I cannot live without.

  10. It sounds fantastic! I love the idea of just one strap on the shoulder. I’m anxious to see how it ends up.

  11. LOVE this new bag & hope it will be done for fall/winter travels.

  12. wondered if see through window pockets were a thought…..love the idea about the two phone and camera pockets…..would love to see for Fall/Winter! 🙂

  13. Will the pockets (or at least one of them) be large enough for a pair of sunglasses? Here in AZ, sunglasses are a must.

  14. I see that there will be room enough inside for sunglasses but just wondered if they could fit in an outside pocket for quick retrieval/storage. Maybe I’m being too lazy. 😀

  15. This looks interesting. Hmm, just wondering if the phone pocket can fit an iPhone.

  16. This looks like it may have to be on my ‘to do’ list.

  17. Wow! keep those comments coming- I read em ALL!

    Yes, an iPhone will defintely work in the outside pockets, as I use a Motorola Droid, which is actually larger, and It works just fine,

    and Yes, I think sunglasses would store just fine as well, as long as your not using one of those hard shell cases.

  18. This looks like a winner! Can’t wait for the pattern .

  19. I definitely like what I see so far about the ‘dream travel bag.’ I am
    curious as to the dimensions of the bag. Last summer I made the Trifecta
    pattern for traveling but was disappointed that only one section was secure
    with a zipper and it turned out to be too small for everthing I carry
    everyday, much less on a journey. Looking forward to seeing the progress
    on this bag. Thanks. Marcia

  20. Love the hidden pocket under the flap and the magnetic snaps!

  21. yes I would carry this bag. When will the pattern be available? Really
    like the curved zipper installation.

    i love adjustable straps. Have done them on other bags. on the Sidekick
    with the narrow strap I repurposed a small round black slider from an old
    bra. It is all but invisible on the strap.


  22. Hi Kat,
    the bag looks great so far. I have a bag, that I call my travel bag even thought it really is a small overnight tote. I use it as it has many zipper pockets, hidden areas, etc. It really is too big, but others are too small to stuff things in.
    LOL, I did bring back 50lbs. of rayon fabric from Hawaii in it as the weight put our suticases waaaay over the max. Not fun carrying it, but oh the fabric was so worth it.
    Looking forward to this next design.—–Denise S

  23. I just returned from a trip and DO wish I would have had this bag. I think
    it looks GREAT!

  24. Thanks to ALL!
    Right now this new pattern is slated for a September release. We’ll keep you apprised of our progress via this Blog and of course thru the newsletter.
    Have a great week!

  25. The name that I came up with was “Kat-tour De Force”. It sure does look like a winner!

  26. Looks great so far although the one thing I require on my purses is an exterior pocket easily accessible (not zippered) to hold my cell phone. Is that part of the plan in your mind possibly for this bag? So far it looks perfect other than my small pocket. The one I have now is velcro closeable but after carrying this purse for almost 10 yrs now the velcro isn’t so nice. I think a magnetic closure would be much better and still easily accessible more than to have the zipper.

  27. This bag sounds like a solution to my travel problems.. I’m always looking for the perfect bag – haven’t found it yet. 🙁

  28. I really, really like this new purse. I like pockets on the outside. I
    also see that you can use different fabrics to make it an unusual and
    original purse. Thanks

  29. We all need a great carry bag when on vacation or special trips. Lookin’ good.

  30. Here’s a Silly name. “Zip and Go”. Still loving this …no changes needed for me!

  31. Love it so far, can hardly wait to see the final result! Great job!