PPC4 – A Garden Diva

(This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.)

So in our last post  we showed you the very first “show-quality” sample of our new pattern design, which we are calling…. wait for it…..

“The Baggalista”
because it will feed your inner fashionista!

I’m very happy with all the components of this bag now. All the working parts feel like they’re in the right proportion to each other and the bag is a lot of fun to make.

As you can see, the bottom of the bag finishes in a much more appropriate spot now and I really LOVE the sew-in snaps that hold this flap in place so well. Have I mentioned that we will be selling these snaps under our OWN label? Yep! We’re really excited about the prospect of adding these new snaps to our already very successful black & white zipper line. Currently we’re working with our printer to develop our label and as soon as we finalize the look, you will be the first to see it!

And you might recall that in our last post, we were still struggling with the curved installation of the main compartment zipper, but we made a few changes and even though I STILL feel like I need to tweek the design a bit to resolve some persistent bulkiness, this installation was much easier & I feel like we’re ever so close to getting it perfect!

So… all that left now is to find some terrific fabrics with which to make up 4-5 more show samples, and speaking of fabrics, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the fabric we used in this post!

The beautiful Iris-featured fabric is from Jane Sassaman for Free Spirit and it’s called “Iris & Bleeding Heart”. I combined it with “Funky Christmas-Spatter Dots” by Michael Miller, and a non-descript pink fabric I picked up cheap at JoAnn’s.

      Iris & Bleeding Heart– Jane Sassaman
      Funky Christmas-Spatter Dots– from Michael Miller

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  1. I’m so ready for this one! Can you give me a ballpark estimate on the yardage required for this just in case I find the perfect fabric before the pattern comes out?

  2. I love it. It’s been fun to watch your design process and the finished bag is beautiful.

  3. Thanks SO much! And here’s the final yardage requirements for you.

    exterior (main body of bag)- 1/3 yard
    Contrast (front flap & back)- 1/4 yard
    lining – 1 1/8 yard

    It wont be long now……… 🙂

  4. Love how it has developed…also the name is great!

  5. Beautiful! And I have to have some of that fabric….two of my favorite flowers!

  6. Absolutely Stunning. You are the PURSE DIVA!

  7. Am anxiously awaiting the release of the new pattern. I love it! And I need to stock up on some more zippers plus gotta have those snaps!

  8. I love it going to watch like a hawk for the release so I can order it right away. I have a beautiful Asian print I want to use on the flap.

  9. Kathy,

    I really like this design, not that I don’t like some of your other designs as well, but this one seems to meet my requirements better than any of your other designs. I’m not one for changing my purses very often — I tend to buy a purse and use it until it falls apart! I have some home decorating weight jaguar print fabric which I’d like to use for a purse, because I think it would be more durable than a lighter weight fabric. What weight of fabric are you recommending for this design, and would home decorating weight be too heavy?

  10. Great purse! And I just LOVE the fabric, I think I’ll have to get some. I think the fabric would look great as a Carolina Carryall or Boho Baguette, too! I love all your purses and will have to get this new pattern when it’s released.

  11. It’s coming along great! In your newsletter is a typo. The winning purse is a Boho, not a Gadabout. I like Ron Paul too:)

  12. great comments- thanks so much!
    As for the fabric Joanne, thats a very good question. I made up one sample with lighter weight denim for the main purse body. it worked out perfect EXCEPT in the strap attachment area, which was a bit of a challenge. My machine is pretty tough and sewed through the extra thickness without much problem, but I dont think it would be true for many machines.
    I do have 2 pattern pieces that should NOT be made up with the heavier fabric according to my official recommendation and these two pieces are detailed in the cutting instructions. I think it would be easy enough to use a contrast in those spots and avoid the undue thickness. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with when you start using this pattern!

  13. WOW – this is wonderful. Can’t wait for the pattern to be available.
    Barbara L