PPC19- Stripe Adelic


in our last post I was pretty happy with most everything in our new design and was ready to start creating samples that could potentially be used as an eventual cover sample.

First up

I pulled this totally AMAZING fabric from Paula Nadelstern out of my stash. My thinking that the focal print was the perfect size for this bag. I’ll give you more details about this fabric at the bottom of this post but now let’s move along to the critique!

One design element that still needed some attention was the exterior pocket area on the back side of this bag. In the 1st gorilla sample I placed the zippered pocket vertically, but it was neither tall enough or deep enough to accommodate larger smart phones. So in the 2nd gorilla sample I placed is horizontally, which was a bit better, but STILL not deep enough, so I changed it up entirely for this sample. I eliminated the zipper altogether and created a slash pocket instead. Now just in case you’re thinking that your phone would tend to fall out, this pocket is full bag depth and it’s pretty unlikely that will happen.

Here’s a closer look at the side edge of this bag. The grab n’go handle is actually sewn in place on THREE sides of this bag, (both sides and the bottom). It adds a bit of visual interest to be sure, but it ALSO provides an interesting way to attach the D-rings!

Here’s a closeup of this area!

And now let’s have a little look at the inside areas. There is of course two completely separate zippered compartments. I purposely made them unequal in size so that larger bulkier items could be stored in the wider pocket and important papers and smaller items could be placed in the thinner pocket.

I placed a mesh pocket in the thin pocket again, only this time I made it taller, so that it wouldn’t become involved & entangled in items as they are placed inside the pocket. I find that I enjoy having a see-thru storage area to keep smaller items safe and easy-to-locate.

And now… a few words about this yummy fabric!

It’s from the “More is More” collection by one of my favorite designers, Paula Nadelstern and it’s called Stripe Adelic. It’s also available in two other colorways, blue and a purple-ish color.

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what your overall opinion of this design is now. What do you see that you like? and what do you see that you wish we’d change?

And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.


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11 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. What a most unusual looking purse – it’s intriguing and I like it. Always enjoy your posts. I do think this particular fabric is a standout.

  2. It looks great! Can’t wait to get the pattern!

  3. Paula Nierengarten

    Looks like it is coming together nicely, any change of a zipper compartment on either the front or back inside flap? I have a few small items that I like to keep handy and maybe the mesh pocket would work, just curious.

    Otherwise looks loike another fun one!

    • Thanks for commenting Paula and right now I do not anticipate adding any zippered areas to the interior. The same problem would exist there as was present on the exterior, maybe worse in fact, in that the zippered area would not be WIDE enough to be easily accessible to an adult hand. You might want to read our earlier posts about the zipper on the exterior for more details. 🙂

  4. Loving this bag but will probably add more pockets to the inside. Like the way the strap goes all the way around the bag, adds interest to the gusset and provides strength. Looks like a winner.

  5. I like the bias on the interior. It looks so decorative the way you stitched it in the contrasting color. Maybe those who worry about their phones falling out of the outside pocket could add a bit of velcro or a snap to the pocket for extra security. Personally though, I like it the way it is now.