PPC19: Inspiration & Sketchwork


it’s a new year and it feels like its LONG past time to get back into a routine, which for us means starting work on a new bag design! Yep, that means we’re looking down that long road that eventually culminates in a brand new bag pattern! It’s exciting, and scary, and fraught with possibilities all at the same time and I especially love this part of the process for these reasons and many more!

So let me share a few of my thoughts about this new design!


I’m aiming for what I would call a medium-sized bag with a structured exterior.I like the idea of a plain front, providing me with plenty of room for some creative fussy-cutting or even some innovative piecing.

You might notice that right now I’m planning for what amounts to TWO carrying options. That’s because I like the idea of a long adjustable strap that allows for cross-body carrying, but I’m also going to include a shorter grab n’go handle which I plan on installing in such a way that it will not only be carrying option, but also a design feature! Check out the sketch below to see what I mean by that.  🙂



Check out this sketch at right and you’ll notice that the shorter bag handle actually serves 3 purposes.
1) it secures the D-ring in place which will be how the long, adjustable shoulder strap will be attached to the bag and,
2) it stitched in place on both sides and around the entire base of the bag which adds a bit of design interest. It’ll be a fun way to add a bit of contrast to the side area, and of course,
3) it provides the aforementioned grab n’go option.

Other features planned are 2 completely separate, zippered, top-loading compartments plus I’ll probably include some pen holders in one compartment and perhaps a mesh pocket in the other. On the back side I generally place a smartphone-sized pocket, but I haven’t yet decided if I’ll go with a zippered or a slip pocket.

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what your general reaction is to the ideas & sketches I’ve presented here. Do you see anything here that intrigues you? And most importantly, do you have any suggestions for us to consider as we move forward? And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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25 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. I would love to have the option of pockets (either zippered, box pleated with flaps or something). I love carrying my Sling Along, but trying to get into the back pocket to get my keys and ID to badge into work while carrying that and handling a rolling bag are a pain! I know you like the blank front, but having pockets in both the front and the back, and even the sides would really help me. Not sure how others would feel about it though.

    • I can appreciate that Dawn, but are you carrying your Sling Along on your chest? If so, why not just flip it around and carry it zipper-side front as you are going into work, OR, why not just throw your keys and ID into the clipped pocket in the front? That way you can just slide your hand in there and get them without negotiating a zipper at all? Just wondering……

      • I actually carry it on back left hip. My phone is in the front clipped pocket. Carrying it backwards is a good idea and I’ll have to try it. I have been thinking of trying to hack the Sling along to add more pockets because I could use more pockets in general to keep my stuff organized.

  2. Virginia Barbaro

    I put a slip pocket into the zip compartment in one of my Sling Along bags and have to go back in and hand sew a zipper into it. Everything I put into that compartment gets stuck in the slip pocket making it difficult to quickly put things away. My vote would be for a zip pocket. Also, a phone pocket on the outside with, maybe a Velcro close. Thanks Kathy! I love your patterns!

  3. I love the idea of the grab and go, so easy when doing a quick dash to the car. Also, as I do major embroideries, I appreciate the plain front. I’ll be one of the first to purchase this pattern once it’s available. I already know what will be going on the front!

    • I feel much the same about the bag front Lyn. I dont do embroidery but I know many of you do, but I also consider the bag front to be an open pallet for all kinds of embellishment. As you know, I like to showcase larger print there. 🙂 My theory is that no bag we create will ever meet the expectations of ALL of our customers, although we try! 😉

  4. Cherie Portinga

    I would do a zip not a slip phone pocket … my phone and stuff always falls from the open slip pockets (its frustrating). All in all I love the design concept. Love all your bags, I own at least 5 at last count (could be more just don’t tell my hubby)

  5. Love all of the bags! Your patterns are so detailed and instructions are great! When someone ask about my bags they can’t believe I made them! Thank you!

  6. When I make bags (any designer) I add a loop and a swivel hook to which I clip my key ring. I can always find my keys.

  7. I love the front cross body type bag. I was pickpocketed in Europe by having all of my important documents taken right out of the backpack on my back , didn’t feel it go, didn’t even know until I reached in the pack to pay for a coffee! For that reason I made a sling along to wear on front and put a zippered pocket inside on of the pouches to make it harder to be picked from. If we are traveling, I suggest extreme caution, to the point of paranoia, to keep valuables safe! PS. Also stolen was my little butterfly gogo wallet that I just loved. Made me so mad to loose that little wallet!

  8. I love all your bag patterns andI like what you’ve shown in the sketches for this one. Do you have approx. measurements yet?

  9. Looks good. Still have Tula Pink fabric waiting for this. Zipper pockets are great.

  10. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this, so far I really like it a lot. I’ve been trying to go smaller on my bags since having shoulder surgery and using cross body type bags, but I still need room for phone, pen, packet of tissues, lipstick, various cc’s and ID, etc.

  11. I like the idea of a front piece that can be personalized. Maybe you could provide an optional pocket pattern piece for those who want the pocket. I also like the D-ring to clip my keys to. I have a small carabiner on my key ring for attaching to my purses.

    • The fine details of this design are still in the works, so do stay tuned for future posts in Purse Pattern Chronicles. 🙂

  12. It looks like a great shape to replace my Odyssey. Can’t wait for the pattern to be out. It would be wonderful to have a some credit card/ID pockets inside the bag so no wallet is needed.

    Could the ‘grab and go’ part of the strap be eliminated when one actually makes the bag? I always use the shoulder or cross body strap and don’t want the smaller one handy for someone to grab and run. I didn’t put those small handles on any of the many odysseys I made, just for that reason.

    Thanks for so many great patterns.


    • My way of thinking right now is that the grab n go handle will be integral to the support system of the bag in that is how the side D-rings will be attached. Time will tell though so stay tuned for our next few posts!

  13. The features (so far) of this bag sound very promising, but I’m especially attracted to the shape and proportion of this bag. I’m looking forward to the next installment of your design.

  14. Nice bag, and the large “personalizable” panel is cool. I can see show casing a quilt block or appliqué there. Or it could turn into a pocket. I think I could probably create my own pocket for that surface if I wanted one. It’s hard to get any scale from the sketches. When I first saw it my immediate thought was pack back. It doesn’t sound like that is the size you’re heading for.

  15. I love the idea of the personalised front !
    I am a quilter, as much as a bagaholic sewer and I can imagine an FPP design on the front.
    I prefer a deep slip pocket for the phone, as, even though the zippered one is safer, I can’t hear rhe phone ringing in a zip pocket ! An alternative choice on that point would be useful !
    The curved shape of the bag is very attractive !
    I can’t wait to see more progressed designs and photos ! This will be a great success !!!