PPC19: Choosing the Bangle Buddie Pattern Cover


with yet another pattern almost in the books, it’s time to choose the ONE bag sample that best represents the Bangle Buddie design for the pattern cover! In order to do this, I like thinking about which of our samples would most appeal to our customers… which one would gather the most attention at shows… and especially, which one would be the one most likely to compel a customer to pick up our pattern to give it a 2nd look!

But here’s the thing… before I make this decision, I REALLY love hearing which bag YOU would choose to be on the cover if you were ME. Maybe its because pattern design is such solitary business and I like the interactions… who knows? At any rate, I get a kick out of hearing your reasoning so let’s get started!

You’ll find all 5 of our Bangle Buddie cover candidates pictured above (and below) in the order in which they were introduced to you in this series, (just click the link under each individual picture to see the original post associated with each sample). And oh yeah don’t forget to keep scrolling down to read up about the criteria you’ll need to consider before putting on your “designer hat” and choosing which bag YOU would place on the cover if you were ME!

So let’s get started!

Stripe-adelic– 3/16/19

Swans– 3/26/19


Dreamscapes– 4/5/19

Effervescence– 4/15/19

Coin Posey – 4/20/19

So… now that you’ve seen the choices, here’s the criteria you should be keeping in mind as you make YOUR choice!

1. Consider MORE than just your personal favorite. Of course the sample you choose should be appealing to you, but always consider how much “universal appeal” a bag has. Would it appeal to MOST people?

2. Will it turn heads? Ideally, a cover sample should “stand out in a crowd”! By definition it’s a show bag. It’s not meant to fade into the background or look good with your entire wardrobe.

3. Do the fabrics used draw attention to the design’s key features? Some prints are so “busy” that all you can see is the print. I want interesting fabric, that’s for sure, but I want the design to shine thru unimpeded, because after all, I’m not selling fabric!

4. Does the sample include ALL the design features promised in the verbiage on the cover. Here’s the thing… the model that is chosen for the cover is the model that will MOST be associated with the design… it’ll be the “spokesmodel” so to speak. But if it’s missing a promised exterior pocket for example, then every single person who picks up that bag at the shows we travel to, will want to know why it doesn’t, or worse still, they’ll think that the design DOESN’T include an exterior pocket at all.

5. Is it photogenic? Sometimes, for reasons that I’ll never understand, (probably because of MY photography skills), certain samples just don’t photograph well. No matter the lighting…. no matter the background….no matter… what… I…. do! But here’s the deal, no matter how pretty and ideal it is in person, if it doesn’t photograph well, or if I cannot seem to get a decent photograph of it, then it’s just NOT a good candidate for our cover model!

6. Does it actually LOOK like “our brand”? Our goal is for our customers to be able to identify a pattern as belonging to our line without even seeing the title or our logo on the front cover of the pattern. We would be doing ourselves no favors for example, if we suddenly departed from a “formula” that’s worked for us for 15+ years and placed a model on the cover that just doesn’t look like something we would put forward!

7. Is it created with a special pieced exterior? As most of you know, I LOVE piecing my way to a unique exterior, but I’ve learned from bitter experience and quite a few scoldings (reference the Lollapalooza) that placing a model with such an exterior on our pattern cover is just NOT a good idea. BUT– if there are actual pattern pieces for this special exterior, and those pieces can be included in the pattern package itself (reference the Uptown Saddlebag or the Triple Play, then it CAN in fact be placed on the front cover.

So…Are you ready to have a little FUN?

Because now it’s time for YOU to put on YOUR “designer hat”! … after reconsidering all five of these samples with the seven criteria above in mind, I’d love to know which one YOU would choose to grace the cover of our Bangle Buddie pattern.

But don’t forget—I would also enjoy hearing the reasoning behind your choice. 🙂 And do stay tuned for the next post in this series to see how closely your choice mirrored ours when I reveal which model really will actually be on the cover of the Bangle Buddie pattern. I’m SO looking forward to seeing your comments! You probably don’t know this, but this is one of my two favorite posts of the whole year!

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44 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. Effervesence!

  2. bill mitchell


  3. I think I’d go with Dreamscapes. I know part of it is the fabric—it grabs the attention, to be sure!

  4. I like Swans. The position of the bag in the photo allows one to see the side and how the handles are applied. It also clearly shows the two zippers.

  5. I like Dreamscapes…unique, colorful but yet unique to set apart from the other samples

  6. Effervescence has good contrast showing the slip pocket as well as the zippered compartments.

  7. I’m for Effervescence, love the colours very modern and will appeal to a wider audience. Now if it were for me I would make the swan one……

  8. I can’t make up my mind between Dreamscapes and Swans. They are both colorful, bright, and eye-catching. I love the Effervescence, but the difficulties you had with the fabric put it out of the running, since many like to reproduce what they see on a pattern cover.

  9. I like Dreamscapes. The contrast between the colors is great
    Did you remove the front slot that shows on Effervescence

  10. I would go with Dreamscapes. It’s dramatic, it showcases the handle and strap, and it really shows off the zipper.

  11. Dreamscapes the colors pop, the ombre background is perfect effect and just stands out from the others.

  12. Paula Nierengarten

    Effervescence gets my vote, I like the fact it shows off the pocket on the front, that to me is one of the important features, and the “fussy” cutting that went along with it to make it blend so beautifully.

  13. Coin Posey because it shows off cute fabric without detracting from the bag.

  14. Valerie Talley

    My first choice is Swans but I also like Effervescence since it shows the front exterior pocket. Either would be great for the cover photo.

  15. Swans is #1 pick shows off the features, zippers & pattern design well. But it is blue & that is a repeat color. The Dreamscapes shows mostly the same & the colors are amazing!

  16. Dreamscapes. Colorful & draws your eye to it. Showcases zippers & that there are handle choices.

  17. Dreamscapes

  18. Dreamscapes

  19. Swans It reaches out to my heart

  20. CharliAnn Olney

    My PERSONAL favorite is Swans. But Effervescent should be the cover. It shows all the features of the pattern.

  21. So sorry, I seem to be the only confused one here. Are all these choices the same final design, but in different fabrics? Because as much as I may love a particular fabric or believe it “shows” well, if the picture doesn’t fully represent the finished product then buyers would be unhappy. Are they all positioned to show the same face, preferably with the slip pocket? Because if not, then how can I judge them equally? I’m really sorry, I do want to vote and give good input…..not trying to be difficult…. maybe I need more coffee! LOL

  22. I like effervescence and coin posey. I like seeing the pocket on coin posey. Why did you show this side in this picture but not the others? It shows an exterior pocket area I think

  23. Jacque Buchanan

    Effervescence–Because when I first scrolled thru the pictures it just popped. The colors on the grey background are vibrant and beautiful. I can see this on the cover in my mind.

  24. Patricia A Paola

    When compared to other samples, “Dreamscapes” really pops off the page. The bright florals contrasting against the dark background are really eye-catching. And, who doesn’t need a little garden in their “back’yard.

  25. I think that Coin Posey is a striking fabric which really shows off the design of the bag.

  26. Dreamscapes really stands out. I would consider making one just like it and I usually choose fabric not already made into a pattern.

  27. Dreamscapes
    The colors are bright and visually appealing. It shows all aspects of the pattern design.

  28. Pamela Snider

    I am picking Dreamscapes. It’s a head turner for sure..

  29. Bonnie Neuberger

    Attracts your attention, but doesn’t overpower design. Details show well.

  30. Sarah Goodwill

    My vote is for Dreamscape, the fabric caught my eye the first time I saw the pattern with all the versions with all the posts. I do like the way swans is positioned though so that I can see the zippers and side. Dreamscape is the picture that has had me ‘patiently’ waiting for the patten to be released! Thanks!

  31. I’m going with Swans. Stands out and it’s fun

  32. Effervescence is the only one that highlights the outside pocket. It highlights all the right things you want to see in one of your patterns.

  33. Dreamscapes. Beautiful fabric,, and show off the design of the bag

  34. Effervescence is my favorite. It shows the pocket and double zippers. My only hesitation is the cream lining on the shoulder strap. I would prefer it was all the same fabric, but that’s just me.

  35. I am voting for Dreamscapes. It is a real head-turner, and has stunning colour. It really catches my eye.
    2nd would be Swans, and 3rd Coin Posey. It’s a very hard decision.

  36. Not the first green one. It looks like a snake. The swan bag looks like it’s for a little girl. The black and grey flower bags are ok, but the last bag really pops! It has nice colors and the color covers the majority of the back/front. I would pick the grey flowers as a second choice.

  37. Brigid Johnson

    Dreamscapes is really bright and colorful, very eye-catching. If it has all the final features I think it would make anyone stop and take notice.

  38. Dreamscape. It’s bold and the colors are nice and crisp. Very eyecatching

  39. My preference is “Coin Posey”. The fabric choice shows well without overpowering the wonderful bag design. “Dreamscape” specifically and “Swans” are both gorgeous fabrics that pull the attention away from this gorgeous bag. My two-cents worth at midnight on the west coast. PS: I have loved the shape of this versatile bag from day one. Looking forward to the ship date.

  40. Ann P Hudson

    Dreamscapes all the way! The fabric is very different – which always catches people’s eye – yet beautiful and in a nice ‘on trend’ colorway with the gray gradient.

  41. Thanks so much for all of these comments! I so appreciate your input! I’ve read everyone of them and I’ll reveal which one of these beauties we chose in just a few days! 🙂

  42. Kathy Bennett

    I love the Stripe-adelic! I scrolled up and down several times, and always came back to it. I clicked on the picture and was able to see the additional views of it. The sides are just as beautiful as the front. I know that I would stop for a thorough look at that pattern because the Stripe-adelic is so intriguing!