PPC17: It’s got Mystique


in our last post, which was a week or so ago, I told you that the design work behind this new bag was pretty much complete and we were ready to start some ultra-serious sample making in search of the perfect “Cover Bag”, and I’ve got some pretty remarkable fabrics lined up that I’m hoping will make up into a few VERY compelling bags to choose from. Let me show you my latest!

For this sample I utilized fabrics from Katia Hoffman’s incredible “Mystique” collection for Windham Fabrics.I paired these fabrics with my brand new zippers which are black with gold teeth and and zipper pull. More about these fabrics at the end of the post, but in the meantime, let me show you some more shots of this bag!

Here’s a ‘back of Bag’ view, and a better look at our new zips which have a fun bubbly zipper pull. This pocket is both full-width AND full height, which means you can store come pretty tall items here. Like paperback books, spiral notebooks and much more!

And like many of our bag designs, this one includes one of our signature secret niches. This one sized perfectly for an iPad (with or without a padded cover). Just so you know, mine is an iPad Air and that cover is VERY puffy and takes up a good deal of space. It fits easily in this spot though, as does lots of other stuff!   🙂

Here’s the Secret Niche with nothing in it. When it shut, it’s secured by one of our invisible sew-in magnetic snaps which makes this spot the perfect place to stow your smart phone or keys!  Also visible in this picture is the drop-down front pocket area, an alternate spot for you phone or any other item you want quick access to!

And here’s another cool thing about this design! It can be worn as a convenient chest bag…. or as an easy-going backpack… or even as an every day shoulder bag, which is the way I like to wear it most! Since the overall dimensions of this bag are 12″ X 8″ X 5″ this bag is not-too-big and not-too small!

And now…. a little info about this wonderful fabric!

It’s all part of the “Mystique” collection by Katia Hoffman for Windham Fabrics which you KNOW I was doomed to fall in love with from the moment I saw it!

Here’s the exact items I used for this particular sample:
the main print- “Kaleidoscope” in red/gold
the contrast- “Fancy Filagree”
the lining- “Texture Stripe” in grey

But you know what? This might be the COOLEST thing about this design!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but if you make this bag up in more neutral, or even masculine fabrics, it could very easily be a UNISEX bag! Which brings me to a BIG announcement, that being the NAME of this new design! We’ve decided to name it, the Sling Along! We’re pretty excited about that and we hope you will be too!


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think about the name we chose for this design and of course your reaction to this specific sample?  Can YOU see a guy carrying this bag to work (in other fabrics of course!)  And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.


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  1. Love it and love the fabric!

  2. <3 this bag so does my friend. I am not a red person but the fabric is AWESOME! Yes I think in a more neutral fabric a man may use it. Can't wait to try it. Have not done one yet this will be my 1st.

    • Thanks for commenting and yes, in the right fabrics I DO think a guy would use it as a back or chest bag.

  3. Janice Steewart

    LOVE the design! I like the easy access area as well as the zipper pocket on the back. Love the fabric also.

  4. I do like the name! Those fabric choices are awesome, too.

    • I’m glad you like the name Mary. As usual it was a struggle coming up with it. Thank goodness for good friends who aren’t “Name-weary” like I am! 🙂

  5. Love the look of this bag with this fabric! Gorgeous! I didn’t think I’d use this bag, but each time I see a post I’m liking it more.

  6. Deena Shepard

    Fantastic bag! Loving it more and more. Seeing Christmas presents for the girls in my family.

  7. Are there any interior pockets? If so how many, or can they be added easily?

    • Thanks for the question Nancy. As described in the post, there’s a zippered pocket on the back, and 3 storage areas on the front of the bag, a zippered pouch, a huge clipped drop down pocket and a storage niche in between which is secured with a magnetic snap. We did not include and pockets within the pockets however, if that’s what you mean

  8. Any chance you would share fabric requirements in case we find the perfect fabric before the pattern is available?

    • Sure—
      Exterior- 1/2 yard (there’s a good deal leftover which I often use for bias tape)
      Lining- 7/8 yard
      Contrast- 1/2 yard (you may need more if you want to use this fabric for the bias tape)

      These amounts also may not be enough if you plan on doing a good deal of fussy cutting or if the print youve chosen is a directional print.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  9. Diane Sprenger

    Love the looks of this bag and am awaiting the pattern release! I just found out this morning the shop where I am planning to get the material will be closing soon – the owner is retiring. I know this is a big ask, but can you give me ballpark figures of how much fabric will be required – one for the main fabric and one for the secondary fabric which will be on the side against the body? I want to be able to get the fabric I want before it’s sold out. Thank you so much…

    • Oops…just saw your response to Gayle – the note above the one from me. Sorry – your answer to her is what I need…

  10. I love love it and the material

  11. I love the fabric and the bag. Can’t wait to make one. I think it will be fabulous as a travel bag!!

    • I agree Mary-Lou! I plan on taking it on vacation with me in August… but then I also use it everyday! So there’s that! 🙂

  12. Merilee Kennedy

    I love this bag!!! I need this bag!!! I need it by June 20 for my trip! Pllease tell me it will be available soon! Lol

    • No Merilee — Right now it appears that we will start the roll-out release during the last week in June. So sorry!

  13. Judith Clarke

    I love the bag but I really need to know the size and dimensions. I wish you had them for all your bags. I am just not good at estimating from the pictures.

    • HI Judith
      The dimensions of all of our bags are already included on each individual webpage. You need to scroll down on each page and the dimensions are clearly listed above the fabric requirement tabs. 🙂 The dimensions for the new Sling bag is listed near the bottom of the post. Again, you will need to scroll down. 🙂

  14. Love this bag especially in the skylines fabric. Will the pattern be available as a PDF as i find shipping a little excessive to australia these days

  15. I thinks that the mystique is awesome! I shows color, design, and it add a hypnotizing effect that draws the eye to the center stage.