PPC14: The Gorilla Sample


in our last post I showed you the very first sample I worked up for our new design but there was honestly more about that sample that I wanted to change than keep, so I immediately went right back to the drawing board!

I made quite a few changes, both big and small but before I get into the specifics, let me first show you a shot of this newest sample below, (which I intend to use as our “gorilla sample”).

In this shot you can see that I made some pretty major changes to the components. On the right side, I went ahead and moved the small pocket so that it’s now alongside the larger Phone pocket. I opted to dump the pen holders and the extraneous extra hardware (reluctantly). On the left side I decided to go with a full width zippered pocket and and exterior mesh pocket. I’m thinking this could come in handy for securely storing a passport or other sensitive items.

For this sample I made the Phone Pocket a good deal roomier but I’m STILL not satisfied. My phone is still none to easy to retrieve from this location.

And while I’m happy with the Small Pocket being located on here, there’s two things that need to be changed next time. First of all, like the Phone Pocket, it also needs to be wider for easier access, but secondly and perhaps more importantly, the whole Small Pocket section needs to be less tall because this belt has a tendency to “ride up” on me when I sit down which is annoying. I can easily move both pockets up toward the top edge of the Belt which potentially would make this area ~1″ shorter in height.Β  πŸ™‚

And here’s a closer look at the components on the left side of the Belt and since the Small Pocket is no longer on this side, I increased the width of the zippered pocket. It’s basically a full-width zippered pocket now and if you look closely, you might also notice that this is an inset zipper which is a departure from our norm.Β  Another problem that needs attention next time is that the height along the front edge is actually “taller” than the Small Pocket area (on the right side component). Once again, this makes this unit “ride up” when I sit down so look for some design changes in our next prototype.

And I included this “rear perspective” picture so you could see what a nice silhouette our “model” has even when wearing our Pocket Belt. I wore this prototype myself for about a week before making any alterations and I must say that my first impressions are that I like wearing it. It’s lightweight and I tend to forget I have it on AND, I really enjoy always knowing where my phone is as well!

On a different note…. I did go ahead and substitute fusible fleece for the Soft & Stable for this round and in my opinion this allows both sides of the Belt to be more “body-hugging”, and that’s a good thing. And while I love the idea of using Cuddle Suede for this project (this was the 2nd time I’ve tried using it), I have to say it’s really not the best choice for two reasons. First of all, the pattern pieces are smaller with tighter corners and curves and Cuddle Suede tends to be a little bulky under these circumstances. Secondly, with so many small pieces/areas to press, the fact that Cuddle Suede can only be pressedΒ  from the WRONG side presents a few logistical problems. So look for us to switch over to some type of cotton fabric for the exterior in the next round.

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of our new design and the changes we’ve made at this point in the process? Remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.
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  1. Melisa Williamson

    Turn the phone pocket sideways and swap places with the small pocket. The larger pocket will lay against your stomach area, more room than trying to fit over your hip. Also you might consider adding pleats to the larger pocket for ease of access.

    • Good suggestions and worth considering Melisa- Do stay tuned to see how we resolve these issues. πŸ™‚ It’ll be fun!

  2. For the phone pocket. stitch a piece of ribbon in the front seam (on the inside of course)On the side of the pocket that lays against your body stitch a loop. Run the ribbon down to the bottom and up through the loop. Put a ring? maybe on the end. Phone will push the ribbon down when you insert it and when you need it just tug on the ring to bring it out enough for you to grab it easily.

    • That’s a good idea Dayna, but the phone pocket needs to be much looser anyway to accommodate the wide variety of smart phones on the market today.

  3. Put a couple of pleats for the phone pocket. And denim for the pockets or for the whole thing

    • Thanks for commenting Velda. Do stay tuned to see how we resolve these issues. As per the denim suggestion…. I think denim could work well for the panel behind the pockets, but overall and especially for the pocketed areas, it would have to be an extremely lightweight denim to avoid the inevitable bulk issues it could cause in the curves and the application of the pockets themselves to the panels. πŸ™‚

  4. The phone pocket has darts at the bottom but nothing at the top to make it expandable when inserting/retrieving the phone. My phone has a ‘flip case’, it is extra bulky because of this and would need at least 1/2 inch of top room to have a chance of getting in the pocket. I was thinking a ‘gusset’ to the upper sides of the pocket would work perhaps. And, also was thinking of phones with silicone cases, the silicone creates drag against the cotton fabric when trying to pull out, perhaps a synthetic, slicker fabric for the pocket’s interior would help? Ani in Wilmington

  5. Love the idea. The only thing I don’t like is that the larger pocket makes it look like a holster.
    I frequently use a cell phone zippered pocket case when I don’t have pockets and really like it.

    • I agree that I don’t want it to look like a holster and plan on resolving that for the most part. I think anything you carry on your hip has the possibility of looking holsterish, but I think the choice of fabrication can go a long way in changing the overall look. Stay with us for more! πŸ™‚

  6. Is the zippered pocket stationary while the phone pocket moves on the belt?
    Have you considered having the phone pocket turned 90 degrees? It might help with the ride up you noticed. Also, a wider belt might help with that ride up.

  7. I would love to see a pocket that would fit an epi pen. Maybe that would be the phone pocket. There are many with allergies that struggle to find a way to carry this medication.

    • Perhaps the Phone Pocket could be modified for this purpose. OR— since the zippered pocket portion will be removable, you could make two identical Phone pocket units and use one for your phone and the pocket on the other unit for your medication? πŸ™‚

  8. I just can’t get past adding more stuff on my hips. For one thing, it will be pretty difficult to gain access to my pockets and I always have pockets. If it were something that basically went crosswise across my chest, I’d be open to something like that. It would leave both hands free and give me easy access. Just a suggestion.

    • I understand. This doesnt sound like a project for you and that’s OK. The problem with having something around the neck has always been that it bumps (or crashes) into stuff when you bend over. I’ve tried everything i’ve been able to find on the market for carrying my phone with me and nothing has been as effective as this, but that doesnt mean that we’re saying its the perfect solution for everyone, because we realize that it isnt. πŸ™‚