PPC14: Delightful Art Deco


in the last post in this series I showed you the sample I created with fabrics from my black & silver stash, and while I love that sample I was especiallyΒ excited about the fabrics to be used for THIS sample. That’s because I’m a confirmed “art deco” nut and when I saw this new line by Jason Yenter, I just about flipped!

I promise that I’ll give you all the details about this yummy fabric at the bottom of the post but first, let’s take a little tour of this sample!

First up, here’s a good overall view of the entire unit (the fabric is fabulous, no?) I think the print compliments & accents the design elements perfectly and what’s more… it’s purple!

In this photo, I have the Pocket belt cinched up at the waist of my “half-girl”. Positioned like this, the belt can be virtually hidden under an untucked blouse, vest or sweater.

And here’s a good view of the zippered pocket side unit which is optional, and adjustable along the belt for a comfortable and flattering fit. A passport can be securely stored in the deep portion of the pocket, and the exterior mesh pocket is a terrific place to place tickets, receipts, chapstick and much more.

The double-pocketed side unit is permanently sewn in place on the belt. The large pocket is obviously the perfect place for your smart phone and the smaller pocket is sized perfectly for many other essential items, but here’s the deal… I find that the majority of the time (especially around the house), I remove the zipper pocket side and wear only this unit. I love always having my phone on my person. No more missed calls and no more hunting for where I left it!

And since ALL of us are concerned about how we look when we leave a room, I’ve included this rear view photo. As you can see, the Festival Pocket Belt maintains a body-hugging profile.

And just so you know—I had my hands full during this ENTIRE photo shoot because of this little guy. He was determined to get in the shot and interfered in every way possible until I finally locked him in my bedroom!

And now as promised, here’s the info you need to know about this totally yummy fabric line!

Main print: Royal Fan Stripe in Plum Purple/Gold from the ‘Deco Elegance’ collection.

Exterior Solid: Horizon Striped Ombre in Amethyst Purple from the Dreamscapes’ collection.

Lining: Trellis Symmetry in Teal from theTreasures of Nature’ collection.

All three of these collections are by by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics. And just so you know, this is NOT the first time I’ve noticed that fabrics from multiples collections of the same designer can be mixed & matched. I guess pattern designers aren’t the only ones who do their best work in particular color palettes???? Interesting.

And now for an ANNOUNCEMENT!

We’ve officially named this new design “The Festival Pocket Belt“. Why festival you might say? Well the first time I notices girls wearing this type of arrangement on their waists was at local festivals and fairs, (in particular, the “Renaissance Festival” in Charlotte, NC), so I guess that’s what I’ll always associate this pattern with! Anyway, it stuck!


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of this particular sample? Remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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  1. This looks fantastic! The fabric really makes the design pop!

    When will the pattern be released?

  2. I didn’t think I would like this design, as I am a “little” heavy. HA! However, if I could find this fabric, I will happily make and wear it. And like Dawn, when can we buy this pattern?

  3. You did a fabulous job of ‘fussy cutting’ this fabric. It looks wonderful with this pattern!

  4. GORGEOUS! And your use of the fabrics really makes the lines of the pattern stand out. Well done!

  5. Gorgeous but them I am addicted to purple!

  6. Love the materials you picked!
    Waiting for the pattern, too!

  7. I found myself wearing an old fasion “fanny pack” to Disney world. It was perfect, but looked awkward. This is exactly what I would have wanted instead. Brilliant! Love the fabric!

    • Thanks you Leaha- I too appreciate the “closer” profile of this item over a traditional fanny pack.

  8. Barbara Ballard

    I take trips to factories, historic sites, gardens, etc. with a group of older adults. This will so simplify the trips when I won’t have to sorry about a purse. Hope it’s out soon!