PPC13: It’s All About Storage!


in our last post in this series I showed you what turned out to be my 2nd “gorilla” sample for this our thirteenth edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles, (which by the way I’ve enjoyed carrying SO much that I’m STILL carrying it!).

And since I’m very satisfied with our  exterior design and our basic interior setup now, that means it’s time to get serious about adding the interior features that will be our selling points!

And guess what else? This fleece-lined exterior pocket will accomodate smart phones and small tablets up to 6.9″ (175mm) and 5.32″ (135mm) wide.


First of all, I decided that the wallet section (with zippered coin purse and cash slot) looked and functioned better if it was centered across the inside wall (see above). You might also note that the card caddy  (on the 1st divider), has thinner slots. I can still store 3 cards in there but it fits on the divider much better (and it looks better too!)

I also added a slot-style mesh pocket to the middle divider. This would be a perfect place to store important loose items that you don’t want floating about your bag (like receipts, tickets, coupons etc). Since these dividers are not (and couldn’t be) “sewn in” to the floor of the bag, this will be an excellent place for them to be stored.


I also added a bag-width zippered mesh pocket to the Bag back inside wall. Here’s a terrific spot to store loose cosmetics, small candies, hair clips etc. I love working with this mesh fabric and I’ll give you more information about it in an upcoming post.)


I also extended the length of the Welts this time which provides more space between the Bag walls and the closest divider. Now it’s not only easier to see what’s in this area, but there’s more room for storage! You can also see the slotted storage I added for pens, lipstick and flat cards (like metro and loyalty cards).


And finally, here’s the Bag Back with its two pouch-style pockets. I made these pockets just a little bit roomier this time because while carrying our Gorilla Sample, I found that while I enjoyed storing my keys  and sunglasses here, the fit was often quite tight! I like the look and function of these pockets much better now.

And just so you know… Any and all of these Divider components are optional, so…. if you want more than one Caddy for your credit cards, then go ahead and add as many as you need! And… if you have no need for the slot-style Mesh Pocket, then just leave it out! All of these components can easily be mixed and matched to suit your needs and lifestyle!
Final interior dimensions= 9″ X 7″ X 3″.

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of our new mesh pocket additions and maybe even more important than that, it’s time for me to come up with a name for this pattern… something that’s getting harder and harder for me to do after 35 previous patterns! So if you have any comments, questions, or name suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the space provided below. 🙂

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  1. Christine Chappell

    My name for this purse is. “Classy Pop and Go”

  2. Cool. Love it.

  3. I really like this bag and all the customizing available. The only names that come to mind are
    “Just for Me”.
    “Options A Plenty”
    I really like the mesh pocket too. Great idea. Easy to see and easy to work with instead of a clear plastic. Also light weight which is important to me. I like a bag that is light weight. So many store bought bags are heavy before you even put anything in them. One of the reasons I make bags.
    Can’t wait for this bag.

    • I’m with you there. Leather bags seem SO heavy now, dont they? And I think you’ll LOVE the mesh pockets. There’s a little stretch in them and they’re so dang convenient!

  4. Eileen Ostrowsky

    Anxious for this one! Will you offer the mesh in your “options” kits? Divide and Conquer!

  5. The “Small Rolls Royce”.
    I think it will be the perfect bag for my iPhone 6 Plus and my iPad mini. Can’t wait to order the pattern.

    • Also, be sure to make the outside zip to be double slide. Therefore you do not need to open all the way down.

  6. I can’t wait for this pattern to be available. Although I really like my Hipbag Hybrid, I’m not crazy about flaps, so I think I’ll like this purse even better. I always enjoy seeing your fabric choices for all your samples. You have a gift for choosing just the right and interesting fabric that I never would have considered.

  7. How about Mighty Multitasker?

  8. LOVE this one! The “Kangaroo” comes to mind.

  9. Sharla Thomason

    How about World Traveler, looks like it could carry nearly everything you need

  10. Hey thanks for the suggestions everyone. Keep ’em coming! We’re going to have to make up our mind REAL soon!

  11. Love this and especially the newest mesh pocket. This provides so many opportunities for tucking this and that away that I would call it “Tuck-it”.

  12. Love it…

  13. Love this purse. Can’t wait for the pattern to be released.

  14. Purse name- Hidden Treasures

  15. I’d call it a “Smart Purse”

  16. I love it, I am into mini bags, I never carried a huge purse, less I carry with a cane, the better. Let me know as soon as possible, costs, etc. Love all the thought you put into this item.

  17. love it, where can I buy this within the European areas.

  18. I can’t wait for this pattern! I can’t think of a name but I just love some of the above names. I found some really nice printed Duck cloth that would look really great for this bag, would it be too heavy for it ?

    • Duck cloth will add a bit more bulkiness to the seams, but it shouldnt be a deal-breaker. Use a really sharp needle like a denim needle or a quilting needle.

  19. Love this bag! I think it should be named “The Professional”