PPC13: All Meshed Up



I wanted to take a moment and elaborate a bit on the new Mesh Fabric material (from ByAnnie.com) that I’m using in our new pattern for Fall 2016, the Everyday Attache. Because here’s the deal… I REALLY love working with and I think it’s really great for use in bags for several reasons;

First off—it’s light as a feather and adds little or no bulk in the seamage.

Second— you can see through it so there’s never any guesswork as to what you’ve got stored in there.

Third—it comes in a variety of cool colors so it has the potential for really adding some fun, eye-popping pizzazz to a project!

And last—you can bind the edge with either bias tape or fold-over elastic for an extra-stretchy edge!


So for our new design for Fall 2016, I actually added TWO mesh fabric pocket areas!

The zippered pocket at right covers the entire inside wall of the bag. As you can see I used a 2-headed purse zipper but a regular one-way zipper will actually work just fine.

This would be a great place to store small items that you don’t want wandering around the interior of your bag, such as makeup, medicine or other personal products.


The slot-type pocket (at left) is trimmed with bias tape along the top edge and it’s the perfect place to store coupons, tickets, boarding passes and other important slips of paper.

The construction of both pockets is easy as pie and I’m really going to enjoy using them, but here’s the deal…

Cutting and sewing with mesh fabric is a good deal different that virtually any other type of fabric on the market, mainly because…

It’s full of HOLES!!! So….

Here’s a couple of tips for working with this unique product!


Cutting Advice— If your cutting large pattern shapes, then i would recommend using pattern weights to hold your pieces in place as you cut, BUT… if your pieces are smallish, as mine are, pattern weight just don’t give enough control. But how can you pin mesh fabric in place? The key? Carefully placing your pins at the mesh “intersections” (as shown above), will provide you with just enough stability to cut your piece accurately.

Stitching Advice— Sewing on fabric that over 90% air can be challenging too, and if you want your zippered mesh pocket to hold up to the wear and tear of opening and closing, then my recommendation is to “tighten up” your stitches both on the seam line AND the topstitching.

(Special thanks to ByAnnie.com for providing us with such a great supply of their Mesh Fabric!)

So….there you have it!

I really enjoyed working with this new material and I LOVE the versatility these special pockets have added to our new design! I’d love to know if you’ve ever used it and what your impressions were. And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave them in the space provided below.

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  1. I find that when I am cutting the mesh with a pattern that if I use a small piece of cellophane tape on the mesh before I pin it that it holds without slipping because the pin uses the tape. The tape comes off easily when I am ready to stitch. Just a hint!

  2. I love all these pretty colors and the lightweight open nature of the mesh. My one experience using mesh was good except for one detail. I had a strip of cloth to cover the edge of my mesh. The strip was longer than it needed to be so I just pinned it on and trimmed off the excess. Unfortunately, I had accidntally stretched the edge of the mesh a little so that it rippled slightly when I was done. Next time, I will cut the strip to the exact size I need before I pin it to the mesh. That way I won’t have any room in which to stretch the mesh.

  3. I have two types of mesh already but not from Annie. The first one is pretty soft, no body at all. The other One is rather stiff (not too stiff, but it has body) I’d almost say that the second one feels like the soft one with a pretty good amount of starch in it. I was wondering what Annie”s is like. I prefer one with more stability and was wanting to know before making a purchase. I’d really like having colors, mine is all white.
    Sorry to ask you but when I ask Annie questions I never get any answers. At least not that I have seen.

    • Good question Susan. I’ve never used any other type, so I really have nothing to compare it to, but Annie’s mesh is very soft but not stiff. It has a bit of stretch to it which is great for use in pockets where you want it to stretch a little to hold roundish things (like tubes of lipstick).
      I hope this is helpful