PPC12: With a Flourish


in our last post in this series I showed you some big changes I made to our new design, most notably in the size & width of the optional shoulder strap… AND with the addition of a fun & flirty wristlet strap. With those changes in place, this design can now be considered pretty much solidified and that means one thing to me….

It’s time to have FUN making samples!

And you know what? I’ve had some fabulous fabrics on my cutting table for several weeks now and the sample I’m showing you today was created by one of my all-time favorite fabric designers, Peggy Toole. Not only is her Holiday Flourish collection beautiful, but as a confirmed fussy-cutter, this collection was a total dream to work with!

smppc12PegStrapsAs it turned out, the repeat on this fabric was so large, (I know… shame on me for not checking) that I really didn’t have enough exterior fabric to properly fussy cut the Pocket closure. smppc12PegFront2
Can you notice that print on the Closure is NOT the same as the print under it? I can tell, but I still dig it! 🙂 Yep they’re similar but definitely different as you can see below!
smppc12.PegPhone2And of course the whole reason there’s a Closure at all, is because of the Phone Pocket underneath it. I made the pocket pretty large because I have a pretty large phone (an LG G4).

smppc12PegBackHere’s a peek at the back side. This would be a good place to store tickets, a metro pass or maybe some coupons. I chose to use my new zebra-striped zipper for this bag. I really like how the silver findings on this zipper set off the silver highlights in this fabric!
smppc12PegOpen2Of course you’ll be able to store all the usual stuff on the inside of this wallet! There’s eight credit card slots, and ID Slot, 2 pen holders, a zippered coin pocket with 2 slot pockets for paper money and maybe a checkbook.
smppc12PegOpen1You might also notice that there’s extra room inside for a few other incidentals, in this case a cool pair of reading glasses…

smppc12PegShoulderSo… I’m ready to reveal the name we’ve chosen for this new design. I wanted to include the word “wallet” in the name since first and foremost, that what this design is! But I also wanted to chose a name that would indicate how versatile this little design is. So after MUCH deliberation I’m going with….

“The Walkabout Wallet”

Got a little shopping to do on the way home from work? No problem! Just whip out that little Wristlet strap, hook it to one of your zipper pulls and leave your purse locked in the truck! You’ll be shopping hands-free AND worry-free in a flash!

So let me give you a little bit more information about this incredible fabric collection.


The collection by Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufman is called Holiday Flourish 8 and the names of the 2 fabrics I chose to use are as follows:
Exterior– Holiday Flourish 8- Snowflake Kaleidoscope in Fog Grey/Silver
Contrast– Holiday Flourish- Pearls & Stars in Cardinal Red/Silver

For the lining I chose Snow Crystal in Eggshell from the Winter medley collection by Maywood Studio.


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

Do you have any comments you’d like to make about this design or the name we’ve chosen? If so, please feel free to leave them in the space provided below.

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  1. Have been loving this one since the beginning….can’t wait for the pattern!

  2. LOVE the name, LOVE the fabric and I think the contrast on the closure is brilliant!

  3. I really like this “wallet” since it is so much more thana regular wallet. Am anxious to obtain the pattern and have fun with my stash.

  4. My favorite to date of all your patterns.Love the smaller size but holds plenty of stuff. Can’t wait for the release.

    • I’m hoping it does well for us. Folks have been asking for a wallet pattern for a long time, so fingers crossed that this fills the bill for them! 🙂

  5. I was looking at another wallet for myself, but it would have to be altered to make it have a zipper – this one looks perfect! no alternations needed!

  6. When can I order the pattern. Will an iPhone 6S Plus fit the pocket? Very excited.

    • Good question Lyn, but you know what? The phones are changing so fast that it’s impossible to keep up with them. I have an LG G4 phone and it fits in there very easily, with a little room to spare. I am not familiar with an iPhone 6S so I’m afraid I cannot guarantee that, but maybe you can compare yours with an LG G4 and get a good idea that way?

      • Too bad about the iPhone 6s not fitting as would have been a wonderful pattern otherwise.

        • So have you checked to see if it would fit versus the LG G4 Ruth? Because I haven’t.

          • LG G4 148.9 x 76.1 x 9.8 mm

            IPhone 6 Plus 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm

            Not a great deal of difference but in the photo there does not seem to be much extra room for your phone so the iPhone might not fit. The pattern could be lengthened by the person making the bag but the other divided areas would have to be increased proportionally and then maybe the credit card slots would be too long for a snug fit. Will have to give it a try once the pattern is ready.

          • I agree Ruth. Changing the size of this wallet involves a LOT of moving parts, and then you start running into the problem of it being too large to be a wallet that could easily fit into most normally sized bag openings. (It’s rare indeed to find a wallet that wide.) It could be done but it would take a lot of planning. 🙂

          • Sheryle Augustine

            Thanks Ruth for the info. I am sad that the iPhone 6+ will not fit. I was looking forward to this pattern but will have to pass it up since my phone is a no go.

        • If you look at the past post gilded and gifted, the phone is fully in the pocket and looks like there’s room to spare. 11mm is really very small, just a drop over a centimeter, right? (i still think in inches). i wouldn’t write it off so fast.
          cant wait to buy this pattern!

          • You are right one cm is not much and the iPhone 6s Plus is slimmer so that would make a slight difference as well. I think that I would add at least 5mm to the overall length and do that in the middle so that none of the card pockets would change. I can not wait to be able to get the pattern and do some measuring and then make it up. We should continue this conversation then and trouble shoot for each other. Love a challenge don’t you?

  7. Love everything about this wallet! Hope the pattern is coming soon…can’t wait to make a few!!

  8. Wow, really like this wallet design…something I would use a lot!

  9. Beautiful fabrics and perfect name!!! I love it!

  10. Perfect name! And this snowflake fabric is gorgeous! You’ve hit it out of the ballpark with this one 🙂

  11. Love the whole look!. I’m not usually one for this type of bag, but it’s the most practical of all I’ve seen – and
    it just looks outstanding. Have never made a handbag but am going to try this one – it’s gorgeous and you’ve done a fantastic job.

    • It wouldn’t let me reply above to your post to me, but yes Ido love a challenge sometimes. I happen to have iPhone 4 so don’t think I’ll have a problem. Just have to worry about my tank of a protective case. otter box.