PPC12: A Fix-er-Upper


in our last post in this series we detailed for you the first prototype of our new pattern design for Spring 2016. I’ve carried this prototype for a couple of weeks now and as you might suspect, there ‘s a few things I want to change, modify or add to the design for this round!


Here’s the details!

First of all as you can see, I changed the shape of the Phone Pocket Closure considerably. My thinking was that I wanted to make the construction (with the inner sewn-in magnet) easier, and although this shape WAS far easier, I’m not at ALL happy with this new look. It seems to me that the Closure now dominates the exterior. It looks too wide, too clunky, and too blah, so I’ll be revisiting this feature again in our next round.

The D-ringed Tabs as you might recall, were also an element that needed some changes and in this picture you can see that not only are they the same fabrication as the bias-taped edges of this bag, but they look thinner and less bulky. I like this look way better as they now are basically unnoticeable, as they should be. They are however still too tall, (that is they rise too high above the bias-taped top edge), so I’ll rework these in the next round as well.


Here’s a side view you might enjoy seeing,
which features the zippered entry which encompasses three sides of this bag.

PPC12snake3Next I’d like to show you the newly designed backside of this bag. Here we added a full-width zippered pocket which will be a handy place for items you want to store securely, yet have quick access to.  I love this new feature, but next time I’ll use a longer zip because I prefer for the zipperhead to zip ALL the way to the bias-taped edging.  🙂

PPC12snake4And last but not least, here’s a peek at the new, “improved” interior. It still boasts 8 slots for credit, debit and loyalty cards, but if you look closely at the zippered pocket, it now has TWO slot pockets. Now you’ll have a place to store your paper money, AND also your checkbook or coupons, or BOTH!  I also reduced the number of elasticized pen loops from 4 to 2, which will translate to a little more storage availability in the bottom of the wallet.

So, in conclusion…

I’m actually pretty excited about how this sample is progressing! Its coming together much quicker than is normal, but there are still a couple of features that need re-working for next time!

  1. I’ll use a longer zipper for the back exterior zippered pocket next time.  🙂
  2. the phone closure strap needs a serious re-design and something that transforms it from blah and boring to excellent and eye-catching!
  3. The tabs for the little D-rings are way less bulky and I like that, but, they’re still “tall” and need to be cut down  a bit.


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to get YOUR opinion about our new design at this point in the process! Does this design look like a project you’d like to try? AND— do you have any thoughts about what we should name this new pattern. I’m thinking I’d like to have the word “wallet” in the name so folks will be aware of the primary purpose of this design, but beyond that I’m completely open to other possibilities! Please feel free to leave me your ideas and any other comments or questions you might have in the space provided below.
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50 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. What if you did the phone flap in the same color as the body of the wallet. Wouldn’t that help in the “flow” of the design? Otherwise I love it.

  2. How deep/wide is the spot where the glasses can go? My problem with small cases is there isn’t enough room for my readers, gasp and sunglasses. Otherwise I LOVE it.

    • Regular glasses and reading glassed fit there just fine. Some sunglasses do as well. You know sometimes sunglasses are HUGE and they sometimes have a bowed shape when they folded up and in those cases they might not fit so well. 🙂

  3. Carol Harshbarger

    I am not sure i like the looks or shape of the phone pocket it takes away from the beauty of the rest of the wallet

  4. Carol Harshbarger

    also like Dawne;s idea of the same color flap

  5. What do you think about adding an ID pocket at the front of one of the card slots for driver license? One covered with see thru plastic? Or using the star space under the pen holders for a few more card slots?

    • I think this is a good idea and i think before we finalize this design we’ll include this- do stay tuned

      • Yes, I too was going to suggest a clear see through pocket for an identification card. As far as a name, how about The Grab-n-Go! I love this and can’t wait to be making my own. Thanks to you!

        • Thanks Sue. So glad to hear you’re interested in our Spring pattern. I too like the name Grab-n-GO, but unfortunately that name is already in use. 🙁

  6. Or a small slip pocket?

  7. I think that I agree with Dawne and Carol about the flap over the phone pocket. I actually like the wider size, but personally think the problem with it on this bag is simply that it is too much contrast with the the bag fabric. I really like the fabric you used and your zippers look great with it!

  8. For the phone pocket, I would lean toward a flap that covers the entire pocket opening and then comes down to a rounded point, as that would improve the option for carrying small items in that pocket. Maybe a small flap could be an option if there’s space in the pattern.
    Regardless, it’s a really nice addition to your line!

    • yeah– that might have been nice, but I’m afraid that might have made the top edge rather bulky especially around the tabbed D-ring area. 🙂

  9. Love the curve in the phone pocket. Easier to get to. Are you ready to give overall dimensions yet? Looking forward to this pattern.

  10. I, too, like the large tab on the phone pocket-it’s a perfect area to embroider initials 🙂 And I like how this pocket is curved on the top.
    Looking at the picture I cannot tell if the inside center is attached at the bottom or loose. I prefer attached so things don’t slide around. I’m VERY Glad you put a slot pocket on both sides of this!
    I really like this black/grey/white fabric! Look forward to seeing your next installment!!!!!

  11. You may get this multiple times. It doesn’t seem to be posting… Overall I love it. As for the wide closure…Could it be changed to more of a sweeping “S” shape to make a bold statement? Or in keeping what you have, an embroidery, initial, or big button would be great on it.

  12. I really like this…it is a pattern I could definitely see myself making multiple times. I like the closer for the back because I see the potential there for something dramatic to be added. Personally I would had a very decorative brooch as it would allow me to show off my collection. If you need a tester I’d love to try it….

  13. Kat, loving the look, can’t wait for the finished item. I think the tab closure at the front is a little wide. In the trim colour it stands out (and I don’t mind that) but is it necessary to have it so wide. Love the black and grey fabric. I think the reduced pen area is better. Will it hold keys? (always a problem to me).

    • Thanks for commenting Irene, and yes, this little bag/wallet will hold keys as long as the key bunch isnt too horrible big and bulky. 🙂

  14. ” the around town wallet” this is my entry for a name.

  15. Call it the “purrfect grab and go wallet”.

    • Wendy, I just saw your suggestion, after I posted mine, above, on a comment. If I would have continued to read all of the comments first, I would have never posted my suggestion of The Grab-n-Go! (But, having said that-great minds think alike, right? )

    • Thanks for the suggestion Wendy, and I like Grab & Go, but unfortunately that name is already in use. 🙁

  16. I really like this and would make it. The phone tab doesn’t bother me. It needs to be quick release. Voyager wallet?
    Bare Necessities wallet?

  17. Wow love this I tend to carry large purses but have been having issues with back and shoulders this would be perfect as there is no chance to overstuff it. And it would carry only the things I need. My only issue is where to put my keys. Mine is large due to keyless entry and separate remote start. I happen to love the oversized flap on the front as it would be a great design area

    • Thanks for commenting Donna. Keys will fit inside quite easily, BUT… if the key bunch is too awfully bulk, maybe not.

    • Donna,

      If your keys are too bulky to go inside, maybe you could put a snap hook on your key ring and attach it to one of the D-rings?

  18. May I suggest some sort of clip on a d-ring on the outside that large bulky keys could clip to.

  19. Have you considered moving the D-ring tabs down so that the all but the top of the D-ring is below the edge? It could be stitched at the top and the bottom and could blend right in. It would also make them less noticeable when using it as a wallet. It may require moving the zipper on the side down a tiny bit.

  20. Hi-the wide flap would be okay if it was more decorative-like a contrasting design or color.
    Also if that has a magnet closure wouldn’t it mess up your phone?
    Here’s my name for it-MY Wallet -you know you can say ” Have you seen MY wallet?
    Well, it’s just a thought!

  21. This is looking great! I like the size and shape of the tab as it makes that pocket secure. I think that the problem is the high contrast, which emphasizes the width. An easy fix for the maker–just choose a fabric that blends. Your cover picture, of course, will have to walk the line between high and low contrast. I love the fabrics!

  22. I think that the whole concept is pretty nice. I think with the right fabric the wider strap would be good, perhaps you could include the wider measurements with the pattern? I like the strap, the d-rings do need to be lower as a safety measure. You don’t want someone seeing that “hanging” look and think they are not solidly attached.

  23. Hi Kat, I really like where you are going with this bag – I’m definitely going to buy the pattern when it’s done. I agree with your comments, and love the look of the bag’s interior – the card slots, etc. You are a genius!!
    Barbara L

  24. I think the snap hooks are out of proportion with the bag. They are “too” big / oversized maybe a smaller size. (Just my opinion.)
    Now I think this may be crazy – but what about using the metal carpenter ruler in a casing in the front where the
    phone is. All you’ll need will be a little tab to pull it away from the bag. Don’t know if that idea is copyrighted/trademarked or whatever.
    I like the inside – still can’t put a hardcase in it for my glasses.


    • Thanks so much for commenting. I think I’ll pass on the carpenter’s ruler idea. I assume your reasoning is that it will snap open and shut? I really don’t think it will be necessary and it might make it tougher to get the phone in and out to begin with. I’ve carried this bag with the phone in place for several weeks now with the magnetic snap closure holding it in place and not had a moments problem.
      Thanks again though and do stay tuned for the changes we make in the next post