PPC11: Buckles & Dots!





We made a lot of changes to the last sample we worked up and we detailed those changes for you in our last post, but you know what? Even though we were pretty pleased with how that last sample looked AND functioned… there were still some areas of concern and our intent was to address these issues in this round.

 And here’s a few of the changes we instituted!







1) Probably the most important change we made in this round was to replace the Soft & Stable we were using in the Base area with fleece.


You might recall in our last post that we experienced great difficulty attaching the base to the bag. Of course this might have been made all the more difficult because of the faux leather on that sample.
I still like the way the bag functions better with Soft & Stable in the Base area. It’s not that the fleece performs poorly… I just like the way the Soft & Stable behaves BETTER. So I may try it again on a sample where I’ll be using cotton exterior fabric for the Base and then draw my final conclusion.  🙂


2) The sew-in magnetic snaps were lowered just a smidgeon so that the upper plastic edge of the snap will no longer be placed in the range of the topstitching.

3) I also lowered the ring-holders just a little. I had made an adjustment to correct for the drooping Bagtop issue in the prior sample, but I didn’t like the way that adjustment caused a portion of the hardware to be above the ruffle.  I like this look much better.

And speaking of this look… as you can see I tried out another new piece of hardware for this bag. It’s called a centerpost buckle and we substituted it for the gate rings we had previously used. You know, as much as I liked the look and functionality of them, they were just so darned expensive that I really couldn’t see my typical customer being willing to shell out $12-$14 for a set of 4 gate rings.  These buckles are cheaper, but they still have a distinctive look and a customer could always opt to place buckles on the bag front and just use simple D-rings on the bag back to save a few buck if they chose to.

So here’s the interior of the bag and as you can see my iPad fits easily inside it. (This is an regular-sized iPad Air with a padded cover.) I’m pretty happy with the bag interior now. My goal at this point is to find the easiest possible way to accomplish this look.
There is still one big change I want to make to the Bag Front for the next model and it would be this- I want to split the current Bag Front exterior pattern piece into 3 separate pieces. This will accomplish three things for me…
first-The smaller pattern pieces will eventually fit on a template sheet SO much easier than that one oddly shaped piece did.
second- Having a separate pattern piece which defines just the area between the 2 front straps will make it WAY easier to piece together an interesting focal area on the bag front as a fun alternative,
and third- the resulting seam up each side of the Bag front will be convenient to use as a guide when placing the strap holders in place.

ppc11fabric3So… let’s talk fabric…

which I fell in love with from the moment I saw it! (If there’s anything I love as much as stripes, it’s DOTS!) I’ve had it for quite a while and even though I honestly can’t remember where I found it, here’s the info on the side edge of the fabric and if you google it, you may still find some available somewhere. 🙂
It’s actually home-decorating fabric from the Waverly Modern Essentials collection and this particular design is called “Tilt and Twirl Lacquer“.

 And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of our new design at this point in the process? And in particular, do you like the like the look of the center-post buckles I used as a strap ring? And you know what else? It’s time to get serious about a name for this design, so if you have any inspirations, I’m all ears! Just leave your ideas in the space provided below!  🙂
And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave your comments about these and any other aspects of this new design in the space provided below.

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  1. i souls think the center post on the buckle would be catching on sweaters or other clothing and causing problems. If using that it should be caught in the tab that hold it.

    • I can see why you might think that Arlene, but I’ve been carrying this very bag for over a month already and I’m glad to report that the center post hasnt caught on anything yet. Not even close.

  2. Will this pattern be available for my November trip? Love your patterns. Dawne

    • Good question Dawne, and I would say definitely! Right now we’re planning a late summer release for this pattern. 🙂

  3. Liking this design. Can’t wait

  4. Kat, this is one time I will jump right in and disagree with the buckle hardware. It really makes me think that something is missing, it just looks incomplete.
    You can get slides flat, rounded, narrow openings and wide openings. Each type changes the look a bit.
    I needed connectors for some purse handles a while back and slides were all I had at that time, everyone loved it. I use them fairly regularly now.

  5. My mom says that you are asking for name ideas. If so, what about “The Poppins Bag.”

    • Thanks for the suggestion Anne. I’m always up for an idea because after naming 35 bags, i sometimes get short on them! Stay tuned and see what we settle on, OK? 🙂

  6. Hello Katherine,
    This sample is really great! Thanks for showing the iPad. Definitely gives a good sense of scale (not to be critical, but since most of us will never see your sample, showing someone carrying the bag would be a great addition)
    Not sure about the buckle hardware. Looks wrong to me to have the buckle prong loose. If you could find a way to have the handle fabric extend so that you can create a faux buckle then I think it would be great.
    Love the fabric! Even like the ruffle on this one.

    • Thanks for the feedback Holly. Its starting to look like the buckle hardware wont be received well, and i sure would rather know that now than later! 🙂
      AND– not to be critical, but my name is not Katherine! 😉 And only my Mom gets away with calling me Kathleen! 🙂

  7. What about using large grommets on the body of the bag and then threading the handles through them to the underside? Grommets are very fashionable right now.

    • I like the look of grommets, but sorry to say Donna that i absolutely do not trust grommets, and I know many customers that simply will not even consider buying a pattern that features them (and that isnt a good thing). So… for this reason I don’t think you’ll be seeing us add them to a design any time soon.

  8. Personally I like the buckles and I especially love the look of this bag! It’s beautiful. I’m intrigued that this wonderful fabric is home dec fabric! I hadn’t thought to look for purse fabric in the home dec department. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

    • I actually like using home dec fabric as long as its very pliable and without any loft. I generally dont use it for showbags however, because so many folks would want to know where i got it and it’s not as easy for them to find the very same thing. But in terms of durability, it holds up much better than cotton to wear and tear. (Not all patterns can support its usage, but this one can.)

  9. Muito lindo seus trabalhos. Estou aprendendo fazer bolsas e gostei muito dos modelos que você faz.
    Obrigada pela oportunidade de enriquecer meus conhecimentos.