PPC10- Testing, Testing, 1…2…3…4

Well… we must be in the homestretch now!

Because it’s that time again! It’s time to show you what our testers created in the process of testing our pattern instructions! Many of you know that one of my favorite parts of the pattern development process is the testing round. I just LOVE seeing what our testers are inspired to create, especially since each one of our testers has their own individual style and several have a real flair for the dramatic!


Let’s see what our testers whipped up for this cycle of Purse Pattern Chronicles!

(And don’t forget, if you’d like a closer look- you can click on each individual picture to see a larger image)

Let’s kick it off with a look at the HipBag Hybrids created by Diane Rhodes (of Monroeville, PA). That’s right… Diane actually made TWO test bags and said she loves the design so much that she’s making plans to make two more as gifts for special friends! And as usual, I would’ve know that EITHER of these bags were “Rhodes Originals” at first glance, because if there’s two things Diane loves including in her projects and that would be intricate piecing across the color spectrum!


DianeHybrid1First off, Diane pieced a flower into her bag front AND flap. The bud is closed when the bag is open, yet open when the flap is closed. DianeHybrid3This exterior reminds me a lot of  stained glass and I love the surprise pink interior and the polka-dot zipper lends a touch of whimsy to this bag!

Diane got a lot more adventurous with the exterior for her next HipBag Hybrid and I must say that this very well might be my all-time favorite bag Diane’s ever made up with our patterns!



DianeHybrid7Is this piecing incredible or what? This picture also shows off Diane’s matching Card Cozy, which she made just for fun!  Diane reported that she absolutely loves this bag and is making plans to create MORE! DianeHybrid5

Next up is this delightful study in polka-dots by Lori Gates of West Henrietta, NY.  I really like the color palette Lori chose for her test sample. If this picture had been shot in some other location that the staircase when Lori usually takes her pictures, then I might not have been able to guess that she had made this bag!


LoriHybrid2Here’s a peek at the back side. LoriHybrid3And don’t our new tan & white striped zippers with gold flourish compliment this look perfectly?

And even though the fabrics that Beth Revere of Council Grove, KS chose for her testing sample are NOT part of a collection, they look like they were destined to be together! Beth said that the focus fabric is called “Big Poppy” from “Poppy Collection” by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller. She fell in love with it at first sight then shopped high and low to find complimentary fabric for it. The black print is “Interplay” by Nancy Heffron for P&B Textiles and the binding and lining is from the “Painted Solid” collection by Carrie Bloodstone for Such Designs.


BethHybrid2 BethHybrid3Beth said she was very excited about how her bag turned out! Her daughter was the proud recipient!

And our last tester to report in was Shannon Maciejewski of Almont, MI. The exterior fabric she used for her tester bag was actually 2×4 rectangle scraps from quilts she made for her two boys and since these are all black & white prints, this exterior is one that I’m very drawn to!


ShannonHybrid2Shannon commented that she really loves her finished bag and… ShannonHybrid3 that this was the 1st ever time that she’s made her own bias tape! ShannonHybrid4 I especially love this pop-of-red lining that Shannon chose!

So that’s how the testing rounds played out for this cycle of Purse Pattern Chronicles and aren’t these bags fantastic? Our testers really outdid themselves this time and I couldn’t be happier with their work!

And now it’s YOUR turn!

Our testers perform a great service for us (and in turn for YOU) in the process of making their test bags. I can’t imagine publishing a new pattern without their input, and if you’d like to leave them some love in the “Comments” section” below I’m sure they’d appreciate it. And if you have any questions about the testing process in general or this new design in particular, I’ll do my best to answer them!

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  1. I have loved this pattern since the first time I saw it in its “drawing” stage – these fabulous examples have just pushed me over the edge!!! Absolutely AMAZING bags! Would love if some of the creators of the pieced projects would offer instructions/tutorials for us non-quilters :). All of the bags are just phenomenal!

    • Thanks for saying so Sonja! Diane always does some of the most impressive piecework. She’s been working on just such a tutorial for the rainbow checkerboard exterior posted on this page. She’s a busy woman though, so it may be some time before we can post it. 🙂

  2. Love these! I can’t wait for the pattern release. I’m looking forward to making two from Disney fabrics for our trips to the parks. 🙂

    • We’re going to Orlando on Saturday for a fun week at Disney with our daughter’s family. I wish I had thought to do that! 🙂 Do take a picture of you sporting your bag in the park? I love to have pictures of our “bags” traveling to FUN places!

  3. I can not wait for this pattern to be released. Every time you post someone’s test I fall in love!! I have several fabrics of my own in mind. I really love the pieced rainbow. Kudos to all the testers!!

  4. Hi,
    Love your bags!!!! do you provide tutorials for any of your beautiful bags? I think they would be so beneficial for those of us that are a little “purse construction” challenged. Thanks for listening!

    • Hi Gladys

      Thanks for writing. We’ve made color downloadable pdf helps for certain steps for many of our bags. You can see these on each bag’s individual web page. 🙂

  5. So anxious for the new pattern release. I plan on making one for me for my two shop hop friends

  6. i am so looking forward to the release of this pattern so I can put my spin on it! I love all your patterns and have made many, but is is definitely one ofy favorites.

  7. I can’t wait for the release, either! As usual, all of these bags are fabulous, and your pattern is obviously tops as well. I love your patterns, and this one is going to be one of the very best (I travel a lot!)

  8. Linda Livingston

    Please keep up your great work.

  9. How fun! To even think to make a flower in both bud and open stages..oh my! And that rainbow pieced bag is gorgeous! Then we have a very spring/summery bag followed by another beautiful flower! And I, too, like that pop of red in the black/white number! Your testers are so creative!!!!! It’s getting my juices flowing……

  10. I’m in love with the bag that Beth Revere did…..I absolutely LOVE the fabric choices…..I think I will make one of these when I find just the “right” fabric….I also like the one that Lori Gates made….Wow! fabric makes so much difference. The striped zipper is terrific……Oh Heck! I like them all….LOL!

    • Yep! I love seeing what they make too and i really appreciate being able to show off these beauties because they look so different than the ones I create.

  11. i have waited so long it seems for this pattern to be released. Can’t wait!!!! Already have 2 sets of fabrics ready and in zipbags just waiting for the pattern. Wish we could pre order this pattern and the card caddy!

  12. Loving all these tested items. Just not able to pick my favorite but I think its the purple bargello or close to bargello. But I’m liking all of them a lot.

  13. What awesome bags, love the designs and fabrics used. Seriously, I can’t say that one of them is my favorite, I just love all of them.

  14. I am Beth’s daughter and can’t wait to be able to carry the purse! (I’ve been waiting for the pattern release.) It is a fabulous purse design, so versatile. While I’ve been waiting I’ve had it hanging off my hall mirror. All the purses are beautiful but I love the stain glass look of Diane’s first purse!

  15. which to choose, which to choose. OK, all of them! Fantastic job guys!!